Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon - New Year

I just found out that New Year's Eve is on a "Blue Moon"!

A blue moon is the second full moon in any month. According to a friend, it doesn't happen too often. And the second full moon in December is the 31st! Not only that, but it is a lunar eclipse day too. AND it is the beginning of a new decade.

I'm not sure how often a blue moon with an eclipse would occur on New Year's eve, but I'm sure it most likely won't happen again in our lifetime. Seems very, very special to me.

So I was thinking... let's embrace the 'once in a blue moon' opportunity, using Spiritual Natural Law and positive affirmations!

For many people, the beginning of a new year is traditionally a time of taking stock of life and committing to a lifestyle change in the form of a New Year's resolution. These resolutions usually are a topic of great interest and declaration on New Year's Eve and normally go into effect on New Year's Day.

A resolution is basically an affirmation (a statement of intention), so it seems to me that we can apply some of the same suggestions for crafting good positive affirmations to manifesting effective New Year's resolutions.

So here are some of my suggestions:

  • Read my Positive Affirmations 1-4 blogposts (this link starts you with the first one).
  • Take time to reflect on what you really want to achieve thru Spiritual Natural Law.
  • Make only ONE resolution, so you can channel your energy into successfully achieving it.
    If appropriate, make some mini-goals.
  • Write the resolution down and place it somewhere prominent in your home.
  • Be persistent. New habits take time to learn. Be kind to yourself.
  • Practice and intention are important.

With the amazing energy of the Blue Moon, this is going to be an incredible time!

So whether you are making a spiritual resolution (meditation, mediumship development, ministering to others, etc) or a standard resolution (lose weight, be better with money, take a trip), the MOST important suggestion I have for you is:

Trust in yourself, trust in the journey, and allow events to unfold in Divine right timing and Divine right order.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year and New Decade! And embrace the opportunity of the Blue Moon!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blessings of the Holiday Season

Just a quick blog to wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

This is a busy time of year for most people. And like many other bloggers, I won't be blogging for a week or so.

I hope that you are:
Enjoy the spirit of the season!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Glee

Laughter in large quantities is good for you. Everyone knows this. But children seem to know it best.

As my son explores the world, he is discovering joy in all the pockets, folds, and ripples of life. Each new object and place is fascinating.

When he is especially delighted, he gets this extra special tone in his laugh that I love hearing. I call it GLEE. The glee burbles up from inside of his soul and spills like sunshine into the room. I can't help smiling when I hear it and laughing with glee myself.

His eyes meet mine and we feel the connection. We witness each other's joy and our joy doubles exponentially. He is beyond excited to be in this moment with me. And I with him.

I feel so very blessed to have this experience with my son. And I am fortunate to have felt this kind of shared glee with many others. It's wonderful and special and a flash of beauty in the day.

I believe that when we recognize shared glee moments with others we are expressing Divine consciousness. I encourage you all to witness those moments of profound glee with others. And listen for that amazing joy in laughter. It will enrich your life.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Climbing

My little boy is going through the CLIMBING phase. Many of you may know what this means, but let me tell you what it means to me --- constant fear for his life and limbs.

We've done our best to babyproof the house, but he still manages to find ways to put himself into peril.

He is climbing onto chairs and standing precariously on their edge to reach for tabletop contents, light switches, and the computer. Like a curious monkey, he wants food, salt shakers, napkins, pencils, envelopes, the computer mouse, the candle, and my water glass. And he will reach for them with no thought to physics, gravity, or support.

He is climbling on bookshelves. [Mostly his favorite bookshelf that has (thankfully) only two shelves, three if you count the very top.] As he scales the shelves, he clears away any books or toys in his path with quick pushes of his feet and hands. He wants to reach the top of his Everest and survey the landscape below and NOTHING and NO ONE will stop him. Obviously, he doesn't know about not standing on the top step of a ladder and he doesn't think about the possibility of falling.

I'm thinking about it.

Admonishing him with words like 'NO!', 'Be Careful', ''You could Fall', and 'You could get Hurt' seem to have zero effect on his desire to climb. Hypervigilance doesn't help. It just makes him want to climb even more. If I prevent his climbing then I'm a mean cruel mommy who doesn't understand and I've thwarted the next great mountain climber.

It doesn't help that many times my fears of him falling are unfounded. And he climbs up and down bookcases and chairs with amazing agility. No falls, perfect dismounts, and scores a 10 from my [imaginary] Olympic judge.

But sometimes he falls. Those are the times that I hate being right.

When he bonks his head and it hurts, he cries. And I feel like the worst parent ever. I run for the frosty bear and hold it to his head to prevent pain and swelling, but he pushes it away. All he wants is to be held. And in a few short minutes he isn't crying, he's off and running (sometimes climbling) again. Like it never happened.


If I fell like he does, I would probably still be blubbering about it and too scared to go near a chair or bookcase for at least a month. You know what happened when I had my eye poked. For those of you who need to catch up, see this post. But back to the case at hand.

Everytime I see him teetering even a fraction of an iota, my mommy heart screams NOOOOOO! And here comes my internal struggle . . . I don't want to program my son to be afraid --- to be afraid of heights or to be afraid of climbing or to be afraid of falling.

I don't want him to not climb for other goals in his life. If I tell him 'no' now, will he be scarred for life? I know this may seem silly, but this is what has been going through my mommy mind.

I've talked to other parents (those currently with toddlers and those whose toddlers are now grown ups) and they tell me, "I don't know how children survive this stage of growth, but it's perfectly normal." Then, they share their own horror stories of their toddlers climbing and falling.

One parent said, "I thought if I cleared away most of the furniture my daughter would be safe. We were living with only the most necessary and softest pieces of furniture imaginable. Boy, was I wrong! She managed to climb on the overstuffed couch and swan-dive off of it, landing on one of her plastic toys. Her face looked bruised and battered for a few weeks."

Another parent said, "I even started putting the chairs on top of the table, but my son reached up and pulled the chair onto himself. Kids find a way. And don't get me started about the bookshelf."

Even my own mother told me about how she caught me climbing a floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelf and I was almost to the very top. She was shocked!

I suppose this means I should take comfort in the fact that this is somewhat of a rite of passage --- for my son as a climbling toddler and for me as a parent learning to parent.

Until I find a version of peace about his climbing, I will try to remember that we are spiritual beings experiencing the physical plane. Even though there seem to be physical limitations, they are either temporary or something to be overcome. I will remain watchful of his climbing and MY behavior toward it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Weather prediction 2

At this time of year, weather is the hot topic (um, COLD topic). We're talking snow, sleet, rain, and the many other weather conditions that Old Man Winter can pile upon us poor souls in western New York State. Throw extremely high winds into the mix and you've got yourself one heck of a storm.

And now, a 'Big Storm' has been making it way across the country, hitting people from Arizona, the Mid-West and others, and heading to my place in the world. Friends and family kept calling and giving weather updates. "Over two feet of snow coming our way starting Wednesday night into Thursday morning." [Yes, I wrote two feet.]

I had somewhere to go first thing yesterday morning, so I was being extra vigilant about the weather. As my husband kissed me goodbye, he cautioned me to drive carefully.

As I drove, I kept thinking, "what a beautiful day!" The roads were clear and sunshine was beaming all around me. I started allowing my imagination to play and I began calling it 'Sunshine Snow'. This must be how it is for those folks in Florida, aka the Sunshine State. I found myself thinking, "Where is the storm that everyone is talking about?"

And I admit that I started to mock the weather guys, again. Just a little bit. I love making fun of weather prediction. People get so excited about it.

Let's face it --- as human beings, we love future prediction. We like to be able to control and prepare for events. Special radar technology that tracks storms will tell us the path. No one is right 100% of the time, but we still expect them to be.

People think that I'm going to tell them the future. This is not what I do. I am a medium. And sessions with mediums are NOT for future-telling or fortune-telling. Mediumship readings are for spirit contact with those who have crossed over. As to what comments your spirit loved ones may make on your present circumstances and future, see this post Spirit loves ones & the future.

There are higher probabilities of outcome based on past history and the energy of the present moment, however, nothing is 100% certain. We should not give into the idea of a bygone conclusion.

We each have free will to choose our reactions to events, people, and situations. Our reactions create our reality (past, present, AND future). This is part of living in accordance with Spiritual Natural Law. We create our future. We contribute to the weather, the world, and to each other.

Update on the storm: It spent extra time visiting in Buffalo NY before making its way to my town. By that evening, snow had begun falling from the sky in great swooshes.

While the veil of snow obscured the sky, I slept. And this morning, I shoveled snow 13 inches deep off the sidewalk and out of my driveway while more snowflakes poured from the sky. Blizzard conditions achieved. Just on a 24 hour delay. That's how future prediction can be sometimes.

As the storm continues to make its way across the United States, I am reminded of how dust from the Sahara Desert blows across Asia over the Himalayas (the rooftop of the world) and the breezes eventually carry it around the world to you and to me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Intense prolonged grief

In my profession, I see a lot of grieving people. Not everyone is in a state of intense grief, but many clients are dealing with the loss of a spouse, parent, child, sibling, pet, and/or friend.

Mourning for loved ones is a normal process, but occasionally I meet clients that are in a state of intense prolonged grief. For instance, with one client, it had been two years since her husband died and she was barely leaving the house. She was:

  • feeling emotionally numb
  • feeling that life was meaningless
  • bitter/angry over the loss
  • experiencing difficulty moving on with life
  • feeling that a part of her had died too

She was in deep and paralyzing grief. She was severely depressed and she kept saying "I want to be with him."

During our session, she was so grateful to be connecting with him. For the first time in over two years, she was hopeful and excited. Many of her questions and concerns were answered and addressed. She felt uplifted by the experience. In fact, she said that even though part of her still wanted to be with him, now she could see living out the rest of her days happily on the Earth plane. The comforting knowledge that he was okay, that he loved her still, and that she would see him on the other side helped her immensely.

I feel that mediumship assists in helping people cope with the death of loved ones in a healthy way. As I frequently explain to clients, I feel that grief is not something to get over --- it is something to move beyond. Many times spirit contact is the necessary catalyst for intensely grieving people to move forward in their lives.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homemade bread

Sometimes in life I set myself a challenge for fun. Sometimes it includes the process of making food from scratch. And recently, I've been learning the art of good bread making.

I LOVE BREAD! Fresh homemade bread, that is.

Call me the carbohydrate queen, I don't care. The taste and smell of fresh baked bread are mouthwatering. Add some real butter and I'm in bread heaven.

In my efforts to master the art of good bread making, I have experienced frustrations and joys. And along the way, I've studied the bread. It's a process of balance --- you must have just the right amount of movement, heat, and ingredients. Or else you end up with:
  • messing up the chemistry experiment of yeast multiplication (sugar is your friend, salt kills the process)
  • too much/too little flour
  • overworking the bread
  • bread not rising
  • bread sticking to the pan

Who knew there was so much that could go wrong with bread? I sure didn't.

As you 've no doubt noticed from some of my other blogposts, I enjoy finding the lesson in almost everything I do. So keeping that in mind during my breadmaking, I became aware of how 'hard knocks along the journey' make good bread.

Think about it --- bread takes a few punches and gets right back up. It is kneaded and squeezed. It has to endure the fire (heat, that is) --- a warm place for rising two or three times and a hot oven for baking.

These are necessary for making good bread.

When I experience 'failure' in my breadmaking and other efforts, I will do what bread does --- RISE AGAIN! I will use it as an opportunity to witness how some of the figurative 'punches', fire, and other events have shaped me into pretty good 'bread'.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Porcupine Effect (Poll Answer: Happy or Sad)

Recently, I posted a Poll Question and asked you to submit your answer and a few of you did. I also told you that I would be submitting my answer in about a week. As promised, here it is! *smile*

Q: Regarding spirit contact, are spirits more likely have effective and evidential communication with happy-joyful people or sad-depressed people? (Bonus question: And why?)

My answer: In my experience, spirits are more likely to have effective and evidential communication with happy-joyful people than with sad-depressed people.

Based on spiritual natural law and especially on vibrational frequency, JOY is the clear winner. When we raise our vibration and experience happiness and joy we are resonating in closer frequency to those in Spirit.

Typically, the aura of a sad-depressed person is closed off to energy (including love). Sometimes people are angry and this produces what I call the Porcupine Effect. Jagged spikes surround the person like a fortress. This keeps out energy and information from spirit loved ones. Situations are interpreted as negative, bad, and hopeless.

Typically, the aura of a balanced and happy person is open to energy (especially love). Conscious connection with the Divine and intuition are evident and spirit contact happens easily. These folks usually have more faith in their path and that things will work out for the Highest and Best.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunday speaker at UU church service

I am the Guest Speaker at the Unitarian Universalist Church tomorrow morning.

My lecture topic is Transcending Mystery thru Spiritual Connection. And I will be sharing my thoughts on the Web of Existence and ultimately the direct experience of transcending mystery through spiritual connection.

For more info, visit

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving thanks

As we gather with family and friends today, many of us will say a prayer of thanks. For some of us, it will be the only time all year that we recognize our blessings in a big way. For some of us, it will be a continuation of thankfulness we have felt for Life, Love, Family, and more.

I believe that giving thanks is healthy, not just today but EVERY day.

Gratitude is a healthy expression of positive emotions. And by giving thanks each day, we are positively affirming the blessings in our lives and the blessings yet to come.

This is a natural and regular way to work with Spiritual Natural Laws ---the Law of Attraction, the Law of Personal Responsibility, the Law of Abundance --- to name a few.

When we give and receive, there is an energy exchange. It reminds me of the energy exchange we have with Trees. As we breath out carbon dioxide, the trees take it in and in return supply us with the oxygen we need for life. If at any point the cycle of energy exchange is interrupted, we become out of balance.

Giving thanks works the same way. The more we give thanks, the more good things come our way. This is a simplified explanation of how the Law of Abundance works.

So when you pray today, allow the prayer to come from your heart and soul with gratitude and thanksgiving. May your heart, your home, and your Life be filled with the Glory of the Divine. Blessings to All.

In the infinity of who I am, I feel gratitude for this day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's all fun & games

It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked!

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the Blog . . .

Three days ago, I was telling my family that I need to schedule my annual eye checkup. Two days ago, I was inspired to write my most recent blogpost Seeing Spirit with Clairvoyance. And that night as I was responding to my son's cries at 4:00 a.m. it happened.

In the near pitch darkness, I was bending down to pick my baby boy up when he put his hand up and his finger poked my eye. It was excruciatingly painful!!! And it still hurts! [I've had my eye poked before, but those were just glancing blows.]

I commandeered my son's Frosty Bear ice pack that I reserve for his bumps and bruises from walking and other adventures. And I stationed myself on the couch for a good couple of hours as I joined the League of the Temporarily Blind. That was yesterday.

My eye is recovering, but my point (ha ha) is that themes happen. I am noticing the pattern (eye doctor, spirit sight blog, eyepoke) and chuckling. Some people say that there are no accidents. Today is a day that I agree with them.

Perhaps I'll be able to see better (physically and spiritually) after I'm all healed up.

Now, where's that Frosty Bear?

Seeing Spirit with Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the mediumship term used for "seeing spirit" and is typically experienced in the mind's eye and rarely with the physical eye. Clairvoyance is one of the 5 Cs. Read more about the 5 Cs in this blogpost.

Sometimes when I 'see' spirit in readings, I get a quick glance at the spirit's face and/or body. I may see one or more of the following:
  • facial hair (mustache, beard, bushy eyebrows)
  • nose (big, small, average)
  • hair style
  • hair color
  • eye color
  • gender
  • smile
  • cheeks
  • body build
  • height
  • mobility issues
Usually, I notice the most prominent feature, but occasionally I notice a group of minor details that add up to the whole person. This helps with physical identification of the spirit loved one. When I describe what I see, clients often happily report, "that's my Mom" or "that's my son" and so on.

[Sometimes I feel like a witness trying to give a description to a police officer. I admit I don't always notice everything, but it's fascinating what I do notice.]

From time to time, spirit will also show me physical locations, objects, or other people still here on the earth plane. This is a visual way for them to relay information. Not all spirits provide information visually, so they communicate in other ways.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Poll: Happy or Sad?

Let's take a poll . . .

Regarding spirit contact, are spirits more likely to have effective and evidential communication with happy-joyful people or sad-depressed people? (Bonus question: And why?)

Please submit your answer in the comment section. I will respond in about one week with my own answer.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flashes of light

I am a medium, so I 'see' things. *smile* Well, every now and then, I see a small light. (And I don't mean an orb or a light flying around the room like Tinkerbell.) I am talking about a small pinprick of light that remains stationary and lasts for 2-3 seconds. It resembles a star from the night sky, albeit a very miniature one.

This little 'flash of light' is a spirit.

Sometimes I see a 'flash of light' (or a miniature star) around clients during readings --- either near the client's chair or in another part of the room. Also, I remember seeing them in a museum, on the trail in the woods, here at home, and at church.

When I see that pinprick of light, I focus on asking the spirit to provide me with more information and to share their essence. Much like seeing spirit in side vision, it's a way that we can perceive those in spirit.

These flashes of light are just another way for spirit loved ones to communicate that they are with us. In fact, some of my clients have mentioned seeing them as well.

Have you seen spirit lights this way?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Stumbling

Because of his new found mobility, it is necessary for my toddler son to wear shoes occasionally. I prefer him to be barefoot, but if shoes must happen that he at least wear soft shoes that do not inhibit his foot growth, so he mainly wears moccasins.

However, due to the recent wet weather and resulting big puddles, I put thick-soled shoes on his feet. I might as well have hobbled him. It was worse than watching someone trying to walk in high heels for the first time.

Because he enjoys the momentum and the journey of walking so much, he keeps trying. And today I am proud to tell you that he exhibits ever-increasing dexterity, balance, and confidence when he walks in the thick-soled shoes. He stills trips up from time to time as he toddles along, but he doesn't let his stumbles dampen his adventuring spirit.

Somehow he knows that minor spills are no big deal and any major spills [complete with heartbreaking *gulp* tears and ice when necessary] are temporary as well. And while he appreciates his mommy comforting him, he eventually is bored with being in pain or miserable, pulls himself back to standing, and moves quickly into a confident gait again.

My son is one of my mentors. He is teaching me to shake off situations in which I have 'stumbled'. Before him, I used to make myself unnecessarily unhappy for slight trip-ups on my life path by reviewing them in my mind over and over. Now, I affirm that I release the past easily and gracefully.

When we try something new for the first time, we may stumble, much like my son. As we gain confidence and experience, we learn to walk our path with greater ease. Occasionally, we have temporary set-backs. When new experiences are presented, look at them as opportunities for growth. My son gets back up and tries again and so can you and I!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walking in autumn leaves

Walking in the autumn time is a wonderful opportunity to watch the trees don their brilliant colors of red, orange, and yellow. Like peacocks on display, the trees celebrate in fine style with dancing and chatting.

Yes, I said chatting. As the leaves on the trees dry, they rustle in the wind, commenting on the glorious sky, the birds on the fly, and the passerby.

In a few short weeks, the leaves fall and the splendor begins to carpet the ground.

Depending on the strength of the wind at a given moment, the leaves can swirl and dance outrageously or softly float downward like exhausted dancers.

As I shuffle through the ankle deep leaves, I savor the swooshing sound around my shoes. For me, the crunchy remnants of the glories of autumn create the perfect opportunity for white noise, facilitating a light meditative state.

I am in the moment of Now.

I feel the hum in my body as I resonate with the sounds and feel of Mother Nature. The autumn leaves whisper their secrets.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Growing our children

Right now, because I am busy growing up this child of mine, I am fascinated by the shaping of young minds/bodies/souls. I look at my one-year-old son and other children and wonder who they will be as adults.

Will they be strong, loyal, compassionate, and adaptable people? Will they feel wounded by life events, especially social interactions, and stagnant in misery? Or will they feel grateful for the lessons, courageously become their own person, and give thanks for this Divine experience?

Because of my young son, I have the opportunity to interact with various children's groups. And I have the opportunity to observe the budding social behavior of children ages 6 months to 4 years. It would seem that there are four main kinds of behavior exhibited:

  • the child who sits quietly in his mother's lap, shyly taking in the world, rarely smiling, and stiffly going through the motions
  • the child who jumps or climbs off out of his mother's arms to explore the room, interact with people, and play independently too --- creatively dodging (and sometimes just barely) the label of mischief maker
  • the child who dutifully and joyfully does exactly as the teacher and mother suggest--- returns to the lap when told and plays nicely with the toys or instruments
  • the child who arches his back and cries out plaintively, he wants to play longer with an instrument or doesn't want to share at that moment, or he's overwhelmed or tired or just plain moody.

Depending on the day (or moment for some), ANY child can exhibit ANY of the above behaviors. Some possible factors responsible for the behavior shift may include:

  • newness to the group
  • age, developmental stage (babe in arms, crawling, walking, running), and/or level or ability
  • parental cues
  • hunger, tiredness, or mild sickness (such as teething)
Of course these are just the behaviors and factors I've noticed. There could be others. However, I've noticed that MOST of the children predominantly stick with ONE behavior type, regardless of the above factors.

I read somewhere that personality is mostly formed in the first three years of life. That is such a small window of time! Three years to create the foundation of a person and help to get it right, wrong, or otherwise.

[In fact, personality becomes so entrenched from that young age that I have witnessed it beyond 'the grave'. During readings, those in Spirit share their essence, especially their personality and behaviors while they were on the Earth plane.]

Personality and behavorial tendencies seem to have bearing on a child's reaction to events, so as I experience these children's groups I am witnessing history and future in the making.

What does the future hold for these beings of Light living a human experience? The adventure of Life.

As parents and loving elders, we have the important task [and joy] of modeling compassionate, strong, loyal, and adaptable behavior. We are helping to write our children's life stories and shape their experience as souls. We are growing our children.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day of the Dead

On this day, family and friends gather to pray for and remember loved ones in Spirit. Even though this holiday is celebrated in many countries of the world (including the United States and Mexico), it is not a holiday that I am familiar with personally.

I am very interested in what I have read about this holiday, especially because it revolves around one of my favorite topics: Spirit Communication.

This holiday actually takes place on two days. On November 1, deceased children and infants are honored on what is called the "Day of the Innocents" (or Day of the Little Angels). And on November 2, the adults are honored on the "Day of the Dead".

What I find most interesting about this holiday is that many people believe that during the Day of the Dead it is easier for the souls of the departed to visit with the living. People actually flock to cemetaries to communicate with their Spirit loved ones. [Spirit communication on a grand scale - awesome!]

On this one day (or two days, depending on how you look at it), people believe that their loved ones in Spirit will hear the prayers, requests, and comments directed to them. To facilitate the discussion, they build private altars stocked with candles and the favorite foods and drinks of the departed, as well as photos and special objects of their loved ones ---all in the hopes of encouraging Spirit Communication.

Many celebrants recall funny events and share stores about their loved ones. Some have picnics at the gravesites. Some spend all night beside the graves of their loved ones --- and may even bring extra pillows and blankets for the deceased so they can rest after their long journey.

The Catholic church and some other Christian churches have a similar observance of these holidays (All Saints Day and All Souls Day), but without the same kinds of devotions of the Day of the Dead.

It would be interesting to speak with someone who celebrates the Day of the Dead. If you have personal experience with celebrating the Day of the Dead and have experienced spirit communication because of it, I would be interested in your story.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Costumes, shapeshifting, and the truth

My mother stopped by to visit with us today. While we were talking, my little boy walked over to me and handed me his Halloween costume. As I accepted it, I said in that sweet-but-condescending-tone-that adults-use-on-children-they-love, "oooohhhh, yes you're going to be Tigger for Halloween." Then, I turned to my mother and said, "look Grandma, he's going to be a little tiger."

My son gently tugged the costume from my hands and deposited it on the floor. Then, he stepped on top of it and stood there patiently waiting for the costume to magically *pop* onto his little baby body. (I guess my little guy believes that things manifest because we wish them to be.) It was sooooooo cute!

Because it wasn't working, he looked down at the costume, then walked off of it. Convinced in the clothing's ability to jump onto his body, he picked it up again, repositioned it on the floor, and stepped onto the orange fabric for another try.

At this point, I assisted him into his Halloween garb. When he was finally zipped into his Tigger attire, he smiled a big smile at us. He knew he was in special clothes. Gleefully he pranced in his best tiger way as we laughed happily.

And I started thinking, "Someday he's going to be disappointed. Someday he's going to realize that clothes don't do that."

I believe in miracles and that 'magical' wonderful things happen every day, but I don't believe that clothes magically *pop* onto our bodies or that we can take on any physical form we wish at a moment's notice. My son does. He believes. He knows it is possible. Why shouldn't I BELIEVE and KNOW too?

How sad that I have convinced myself of this illusion (and many other illusions). I want to be part of my son's reality. It's more fun.

More importantly, I don't want him to feel limitation by the so-called "rules" of this physical universe. I imagine that every parent at some point along the way doesn't want their child to experience something, such as pain, loss, gravity (ouch!), fear, hunger, illness, and despair. But I'm going one step further, I don't want him to accept the false illusions and limits that exist in my mind and people's minds. I want him to be whoever and whatever he wants to BE.

How can I help him to continue to experience his Truth? I don't know. Yet. When I figure this out, maybe I'll let you know. But I think I'll start with helping myself to experience the Truth as he knows it.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Q: What happens to people who pass by suicide? I have read your blog and I am really interested in your thoughts. What is your opinion on suicide? What happens to individuals who commit suicide?

A: I shall share some of my understanding regarding those in Spirit who have committed suicide.

Everyone at sometime in their life experiences anxiety, pain, loss, and sadness. That’s normal for human beings. Life can be bitter-sweet, but the darkness that can lead to suicide is much deeper. It is a profound dark night of the soul --- an all-encompassing hopelessness.

Many of the suiciders I have connected with explain their circumstances (ranging from chemical imbalances to hypersensitivity to depression to drastic life changes and so on) with depression being the more common reason. They think they will escape their problems by ending their life, but they are wrong.

As I explained in my Where are they blogpost, every soul has to learn from, grow from, and overcome their issues. In fact, suiciders have just put yet another issue to be resolved in their own path. And more often than not, they have left behind a world of hurt for their family and friends who are stunned, shocked, grieving intensely, confused, and/or angry.

Usually those who choose suicide have turned their back on faith in the Divine, their faith in themselves or others, and/or their faith in their path as a learning path of evolution. This is a dark emotional and spiritual state of consciousness to be in. Whatever state of consciousness we have here on the earth plane, we take that same state of consciousness with us to the next plane. And we learn and grow from that place. So if a person was full of depression, anger, or fear and they choose to commit suicide they will NOT escape their spiritual lessons.

Thus far, most of the suiciders I have connected with have expressed regret for the extreme action of ending their own life, and state they are working diligently on their spiritual understanding of events and emotions leading up to the drastic decision. In the next plane, they are working toward Divine consciousness.

Now, let's take this discussion into the realm of numbers. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the statitistics on suicide --- that ONE MILLION people commit suicide each year. That's more than those killed by murder or war. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, suicide is a leading cause of death worldwide.* Here is some more info to consider . . .
  • It is estimated that each suicide in the United States leaves an average of six people intimately affected by the death, either as a spouse, parent, significant other, sibling, or child of the deceased person. These people are referred to as survivors.**

Some of these "survivors" are my clients. Many times, they are grieving deeply and feel an immense guilt. These survivors are doing the best they can to understand their loved one's actions.

  • It is estimated that 80% of all in home suicide scenes are cleaned up by a close friend, significant other, or a family member. Those that clean up a suicide scene of a close friend, significant other, or a family member are 75% more likely to commit suicide later on in life.***

Case in point: One of my clients lost his mother to illness at a young age and at the tender age of 13 his brother was the one to discover his father's body hanging in the living room. Their father had committed suicide. Three years ago, his brother attempted a suicide of his own. This heartache lives with my client everyday. At times he has contemplated a suicide of his own. And EVERY DAY, he consciously works to remember his Divine connection and to live joyously with his wife and children.

Death is inevitable, but of all deaths suicide is the most difficult to comprehend. All of us should try to understand it -- and prevent it. Whenever we can, we should help guide our loved ones and ourselves out of that deep darkness which leads far too many to end their lives.

After considering the above info, I hope you better understand the consequences of suicide for you and your loved ones. Not just the numbers, but the spiritual components of progression.

If you feel you or a loved one need IMMEDIATE help with suicide or suicide prevention, please call: 1-800-273-8255. This is a loving, caring, professional helpline with information, referrals and crisis intervention.

It is understandable if some of us are feeling overwhelmed during this transitional time. The winds of change blow through our life, sometimes gently, sometimes like a hurricane. As you know, hard times are not all there is to life, but they are part of life, growth, and moving forward. What we do with hard times, or hard energy, is our choice. We can use it to fine-tune our skills and our spirituality.

Remember: A new energy is coming. A new feeling is on its way. Each day is an opportunity for growth and renewal.

Footnotes for info:
* From article "WHO: Suicide Leading Cause of Death Worldwide" by Lisa Schlein 9/10/09
** From, numbers from 2001
***From "When a Suicide Happens" on the International Suicide Prevention website

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Barbershop quartets

I love music! Pretty much all types of music speak to me. And I recently went to a concert of a local chapter of Barbershoppers.

This particular group has almost 40 members so it is essentially a men's choir with some highlights on quartets. They sing acapella (without musical instruments) and create a unique sound of vocal harmony.

It was impressive to see the range of voices in complete harmony --- the high, the low, the in-between. Each individual voice is important because it adds a special quality to the group dynamic. Singing in a quartet or a choir offers the opportunity to flow with the energy of a group, to feel in harmony with a team, and still take responsibility for your individual part.

In a standard barbershop quartet, there are four essential roles:
  • the lead guy sings the melody
  • the tenor harmonizes above the melody
  • the bass sings the lowest harmonizing notes
  • the baritone completes the chord
Somehow along the way in the history of music-making, people discovered this formula. When all members are in sync, a wonderful harmony is produced. This takes practice and the intention to attain perfect pitch and timing. The dedication of these men to a common goal was obvious that night.

At some moments during the concert, I was swept up in the incredible hummmmm of male voices. "How beautiful," I thought. "I can feel my soul responding to the tonal vibrations. And a little later came the thought that I should write a blogpost about Toning, so look for this in a future blog.

Then I thought "Barbershop quartets --- that's a good experience to file away as a possible spirit identification symbol." After all, someone in Spirit may have belonged to a barbershop group at one time.

After the show, I mentioned this point to a friend. He said that his father had been a barbershopper before he died. So there you go, folks! Every experience helps to advance mediumship and intuitive skills.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Q: Are my loved ones in Spirit at peace?

Q: Are my loved ones in Spirit at peace?

A: This is a frequent question from clients. They are asking in order to make sure their loved ones are finding some happiness in the next life, and also probably checking on whether they might have Peace as an option when it is their turn to cross over.

In fact, one of the most common phrases that appears on headstones is "RIP" or "R.I.P.", an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "Requiescat in pace". In English, this translates into "Rest in Peace".

Through my work as a medium and as a human-being sharing this plane of existence with a vast multitude of people and their personalities, I have found that Peace is a subjective term. After all, peace is different for different people.

For some, peace means being quiet and restful. The image of an angel floating on a cloud, having the occasional harp concert, and basically enjoying oblivion comes to mind. A little cliched, if you ask me. But let's not underestimate the benefits of restful peace. Some hectic days we all yearn for it, right? For most, that kind of peace is too boring to have all of the time. [too much like vegging out in front of the television for the next eon.]

The vast majority of souls want a little bit of excitement to keep it interesting. They want to progress, to think, to do. These folks find Peace is learning and doing, so they grab hold of the educational opportunities of the next plane. And they usually pay attention to the events in the lives of their loves ones on the Earth plane. They might even be better at being a parent, spouse, child, or friend now.

For yet another group, they are still in Life Review. And they may be having a difficult time understanding any kind of peace. But I have faith in spiritual evolution, and I know they will achieve more and more Peace as they move forward.

The door to reformation is never closed. Whatever stage or version of Peace our loved ones are in, please know that they are experiencing Divine consciousness directly proportional to their desire to vibrate at higher frequencies.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life Review

During a lifetime, we may go through periodic reviews of our life. We may take stock our progress, witnessing where we need to course correct to be more in harmony with Spiritual Natural Law and thereby the Divine. When so-called death occurs, we are given opportunities for further soul growth and reflection.

After crossing over, the soul goes through Life Review. This is when the soul takes an extensive look at his/her life from birth to death --- the good, the bad, and the otherwise. We're talking extreme detail.

Some common themes during life review are:

  • How did I treat my family, friends, and other people?
  • What did I learn from these interactions?
  • Understanding the roles of archetypes in our life and soul contracts with other souls
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • What can I learn now from my spiritual lessons while on Earth plane that I did not see/accept/process when I was there?

Each soul progresses through Life Review at their own rate. Some progress rapidly, others take a while. [It's not like you have only six months to graduate or they kick you out.] Spiritual progression is eternal and infinite, so it takes however long it takes.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


A year ago, I fell. It was a simple matter of a misstep. Long story short, I was going down a three-step stair and I stumbled a bit, tensed up and tried to catch myself, and ended up pulling a muscle. Funny how in one moment the way you feel can change. My back was tight for many days and weeks and months after. In fact, if I think about it, I can almost feel where it hurt. [gosh, I sound like a big baby pointing out my boo-boo.]

And exactly one year later to the very day, I found myself up on a ladder outside painting the second story of the house. As I carefully manuvered my way up with a paint brush and can of paint, I was VERY aware of gravity and I kept thinking ... "I don't like heights, I fell one year ago today, ugh, this is high, the ladder is shaking, yikes!" Fear, fear, fear.

In between the fear thoughts, I also kept thinking ... "this needs to get done, the house needs to be painted, I'm going to be fine, so what if I fell one year ago today." Stiff upper lip and all that. I also called upon my spiritual reasonings ... "If I fall," I told myself, "I'm okay, if I plummet to my death I'm okay, my people know I love them, I'm a soul and I am eternal, and I like to fly and being on this ladder is like flying really still." Started getting a little desperate at the very end there, I suppose.

Then, I remembered a friend telling me a story. When she was a girl, she wanted to learn how to ride a horse, but she was very afraid that she would fall off. So she practiced falling off that horse again and again and again. And she would get right back on the horse again and again and again. The result: she learned how to fall off a horse safely and she conquered her fear.

Well, I eventually got to the place that the Universe was giving me the opportunity to go with this ladder work. I started to truly release my pain, my body memory, and my anger at myself for falling. The failure, the misstep, and the tension melted away. My mind was relaxed and focused and I was listening to my soul again. A consciousness of new physics (almost zero gravity) was created to zen me out enough to finish painting for the day.

It is useful to respect heights; it is not useful to be scared of heights. We all fall at one time or another. And we get right back up.

Now, get me off this ladder! ;)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Many lives, many masters - Synchronicity

I was speaking with a friend yesterday and he mentioned a certain book to me: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss [which I read four years ago]. We discussed some of the topics of the book and then our conversation progressed to other things.

When I got home, I saw a book on the floor. Imagine my surprise when I bent down to pick it up and saw the exact book mentioned earlier. My little boy strikes again!

While I was away, he had extracted this one book from the bookshelf and left it conspiciously in my path. He usually goes for other books. See my blogpost My baby can read for more info. Pair that with the fact that I didn't even think this book was on that particular bookshelf and it's even more synchronistic.

I decided to flip the book open to whatever page would present itself. Imagine my non-surprise when I found myself on the page where Dr. Weiss describes doing regression work with a patient who began channeling specific information from Weiss' father in Spirit (there are probably only one or two references in the book that directly relate to spirit contact).

And I thought to myself, of course! I opened to that particular page because I share vibrational frequency with mediumship. Also, because I realize the role Spiritual Natural Law of Attraction plays in my life, I recognize that I attract to me that which I bring my attention to, namely spirit contact.

So today I am [again] acknowledging the synchronicity of life. The universe is listening to me and I am listening to it. Paying attention to these cues often assists in spiritual development. I affirm my receptivity for spiritual messages and soul growth.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Dancing the S-pirit Way

My little boy is dancing! Not long ago, my baby son started walking and now he has progressed to dancing. [soooo cute!]

He has always expressed a strong affinity for music. Keeping the beat with his hand, banging pots and pans and any other objects he can find, happy smiles when he listens and creates music, and singing "ba-ba-ba" with songs are great evidence of his love of music. But seriously, a dancing one year old?

For the past few days, when he hears music he stomps his feet in a quick clogging style reminiscent of tap dancing or perhaps a flamenco style. Then he spins in a slow circle. His body masterfully completes the circle and returns to clogging. And then he sways. Although his movements are slower and more deliberate, my husband and I almost miss it because we're busy chuckling about our "riverdancing" son.

When I watch my son, I see some of the activities of indigenous cultures. And his dancing cements it for me. So natural and freeing, dancing is a wonderful expression of unity with one's physical body, of the story of life, and of the joy of the moment.

And then I recall, ecstatic dancing! Ecstatic dancing is a wonderful way to commune with your own soul for it offers the opportunity to experience amazing grace. My understanding of ecstatic dancing is as follows:
  • No talking
  • Close your eyes and begin swaying
  • Flow in the inner journey
  • Let go of thoughts that may be impeding your awareness of your soul or Divine path
  • Move as you feel moved
As I think more on this, ecstatic dance most likely shifts your state of mental consciousness. My best guess is from beta (alert/working) to alpha (relaxed/reflecting). Some people might even go into theta (drowsy/daydreaming).

This could be used as a meditation with music and movement. As you are dancing, you can visualize healing light surrounding you, deepen your intuitive senses, develop a practice of spirit contact, etc. Mainly, just sway and be.

I suppose another way to look at the word "sway" is the S-pirit Way. Swaying is such natural, wonderful way to experience gentleness and peace. Peace like the way I felt as a mother-to-be as I danced from side to side with my baby in my belly. And now, my husband hypnotically sways our baby to sleep and most days I baby-dance with him in my arms.

I'm so glad that our son has reminded me of this outlet. So turn on some rhythmic music and enjoy the S-pirit Way sway.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Where are they?

"When people die, where do their souls go?" This is a frequent question from clients. Over the years, I have developed a sense of this from my conversations with those in Spirit and from my own spiritual unfoldment. Here are some of my thoughts about it.

As a person's soul releases from the physical body, it continues existence in the next spiritual plane. Rather than Heaven and Hell being physical places with exact physical locations (such as up & down), I believe these are states of consciousness.

Whatever state of spiritual consciousness a person had when they were on the earth plane, they take with them. And they learn and grow from that consciousness.

I also believe that the door to reformation is never closed. Spiritual progression is eternal and infinite, so it takes however long it needs to take. [It's not as if they only have six months to graduate or they get kicked out. *smile*] They go through life review and they take a good look at what they did when they were on the earth plane (the good, the bad, the otherwise). For some, life review takes a while. For others, life review is fast.

Souls also learn more about their connection with the Divine and gain spiritual understanding. Some folks learn about healing; some learn to let go of resentments and fears. They 'recover' from physical, emotional, and mental illness by consciously evolving spiritually.

Most souls learn to communicate with their loved ones on the earth plane. They recognize the energy signatures of their family and friends and shift their vibrational frequency to achieve spirit contact in readings and visitations.

Although they are evolving, those in Spirit usually keep a lot of their personality, many of their opinions, and their love for their family and friends. They share that in mediumship readings with me when I focus on connecting with what I call the Essence of a Spirit. Occasionally, clients report visitations from their spirit loved ones, either in dreams or during their waking hours. Visitations and/or readings can be healing experiences to make amends and assist them in their spiritual evolution.

Many spirits experience reunion with their loved ones who have already crossed. This is achieved by resonating at the same vibrational frequency. And this is usually dependent on both parties mutually desiring reconnection.

One of the best descriptions of progression after passing and example of the states of consciousness of the spiritual plane (that I have found so far) is presented in the movie 'What Dreams May Come'. In this film, a family deals with death and meeting with/recognizing each other after crossing. Each person creates their own reality and space. They pursue their own spiritual paths and activities with the help of guides, angels, and loved ones.

In fact, those in spirit are engaged in so many pursuits, that the list seems infinite. I get lost in the endless quantum physics of it all. Suffice it to say, I have met many spirits who are quite happily probing the secrets of the earth plane and investigating those of the spirit world.

By now I'm sure you realize, "Where are they?" is a multi-faceted question with many answers. As you expand your spiritual awareness, you may have confirmation of that written above. Or you may have other experiences. As always, seek the answers with your own soul. Perhaps we need to answer this question first "Where are we?"

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Roof of the Mind

If you live in a Northern clime like I do, autumn is the time to shore up the shelter and batten down the hatches before the snow arrives. Similar to squirrels selecting, collecting, and storing nuts for the winter months, my husband and I are rushing to accomplish a long list of outdoor home renovation projects. Roofing is a top priority.

Last winter we endured ice jams on the roof that caused leaks in one section. [It's funny before this I thought of a "leak" as a small drip drip of water, perhaps a small trickle, and very minor. I have since learned that a "leak" can involve a steady rush of water, a vertical stream that might be able to sustain aquatic life. Quite alarming!] So roofing repairs are a must.

To prepare that small section of roof for the brutal onslaught of ice and snow of winter, it was necessary to start from scratch. This involved removing the existing roof of shingles, a large quantity of stubborn nails, and plywood. Ah, the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you are scraped clean of the old!

Then, the new [and improved] roofing layers could be put down. Our stack of roofing materials consisted of new plywood, new and wellplaced nails, iceguard, new shingles, drip edge, and flashing. With these ingredients, we feel more secure for the coming weather.

As with roofing, every couple of decades [or more frequently depending on the severity of the weather] we must sometimes remove old false beliefs from our minds.

Perhaps you have unnecessary doubts and fears regarding your situation. These false beliefs may be allowing "leaks" to occur in the Roof of your Mind, undermining your best efforts. These false growths cause hurt and erode your happiness. Rip them up! Positively affirm that you are releasing the past easily and gracefully. Feel the clearing and the clarity of thought that seeking with your heart and soul bring you. Choose your new thoughts wisely and lay them down with intention and practice.

Acknowledging the leaks and doing something positive about them can restore hope and faith in your connection with the Universe. The powerful and awesome experience of walking on the Roof of your Mind gives you respect for gravity and God, restoring faith in spiritual heights and your Divine path.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weather prediction

My husband and I were out and about running errands through a good portion of a 20 mile radius of our home this morning. Weather was the hot topic of the day.

All morning, most people we encountered were talking about the Big Storm that would be passing through today. "It's going to be a biggie," many warned. "60 mile per hour winds," others said in awed tones. Everywhere we went people were preparing for the Big Storm. And the weather reports on the radio were full of wind and flood advisories.

My husband and I looked at the sky and felt safe. It had rained at our house earlier (and it was a good soak) and the wind was the normal blustery blow of autumn. [Our area gets a wonderful show of all four seasons (from the deep snows of winter to the lush and green summertime), and our autumn usually means some wind and rain on trees changing into vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows highlighted by beautiful moments of sunshine.] But the weather anywhere can be fickle at times.

As we journeyed, the clouds were hovering gray above us and the wind was picking up. At one of our stops, a friend glued to the TV weather channel rushed out of the house to tell us, "the storm is coming in 30 minutes. The sky is going to open up with rain. You better hurry." Again, my husband and I looked up at the sky and felt safe.

At the tail end of our errands, rain began to sputter hesitantly in sharp staccato on the windshield. "Is this the Big Storm?" we asked ourselves. "Should we rush home to avoid potential damage and destruction?" We were puzzled about what all the fuss was about and frankly very underwhelmed. Just as we were discussing faulty weather prediction, the clouds cleared and the sun shone radiantly upon us, confirming our faith.

Throughout the remainder of the day, the wind blustered now and again mildly. And in between the occasional splatter of raindrops, I thought about various forms of weather predication/divination that I have read about:

  • Aeromancy - Divination using the formation of clouds and other patterns in the skies and predicting events by wind direction - ie. "Red skies at night, sailors delight. Red skies in the morning sailors take warning" indicates that clouds in the morning could herald a storm's arrival.
  • Alectromancy - Forecasting the future through atmospheric or celestial conditions - ie. "Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight" as many people recite when wishing on a falling star is a form of alectromancy.
  • Austromancy - Divination by listening to the sound of the wind and interpreting the messages - ie. William Arthur Ward interpreted the wind thusly, "A pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." Some folks use austromancy when holding a shell to the ear and listening to the windy whoosh of waves crash on the shore.

I have no real personal experience or success with these forms of divination, but they are certainly interesting to contemplate. Given our fascination with weather prediction and weather reports as a species, we have yet to find a scientific tool or scientific method to accurately and exactly predict the weather. Could divination be the method?

Other than standing outside in the sun and/or precipitation to get the current weather and temperature, the only prognosticating tool that I know that works is listening clearly to our own souls. When the peanut gallery offers their opinion (and sometimes fear), ask yourself what the truth is. Practice the presence of God if you must, but listen to your inner guide.

Friday, September 25, 2009

EVP in readings

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronically captured sounds that resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings. Common sources include static, stray radio transmissions and background noise. Some people claim these sounds are spirit contact.

Over the years, some clients have contacted me after their reading to let me know of EVP on their recording. Sometimes clients have heard a name or words on the recording from a voice that is not mine or theirs and they often recognize the name as a family member.

One client reported that during a particularly sensitive part of the reading she had been thinking that she didn't want her mother to hear that section. When she got home to listen to it, that 10 minute section (and only that section) was gone! Spirit must have helped it along.

Another client told me that she didn't want her sister to hear the recording of her private reading. When they got in the car, her sister grabbed her tape and popped it in. The tape refused to work and my client was relieved! Perhaps this was another case of Spirit helping.

Other clients tell me they have experienced EVP in the following ways:

  • they hear a certain song on the radio and know it is from their spirit loved ones
  • they pick up the phone (usually a landline) and hear a voice say their name over the dialtone
  • the phone rings at the exact time of a person's death and the client finds out hours or days later that is when their loved one passed
  • when they are in the car the radio keeps going to static (white noise facilitates EVP)
Sometimes people receive EVP through a direct request to receive it. I know people who have gone out onto the battlefields of Gettysburg with a recorder and come back with EVP. They turn the recorder on and ask, "Is anyone here who would like to communicate? What is your name? Do you have a message?" They pause in between the questions in order to give the spirits an opportunity to reply. When they play the recording later on they hear a voice or voices (not their own) responding. Interesting to note, they did not hear the spirits at the original time of recording --- it is only on playback that the voices are heard.

It is my strong suggestion that if you want to work with EVP that you do this with right intention and practice. Remember that spirit contact is not for thrills and chills or spook and boo, so say a prayer, ask for the highest and best, and respect the process.

For those of you who want to know more about EVP, the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP) is a nonprofit educational association that is dedicated to the support of people who are interested in or who are studying Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and other forms of Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). This website offers examples, techniques and concepts concerning these phenomena.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Panic Tree

I have a new phrase that I would like to share with you. And who knows --- maybe it will catch on.

Have you ever been so rattled and panicked that you feel like you are a cat stuck up in a tree? You climbed the tree and now you cannot even contemplate how to get down again. You are petrified. HELP! Where is the friendly neighborhood firefighter with his handy-dandy ladder when you need him? You are "up the Panic Tree".

Maybe the Panic Tree happened because of financial hardship, a job issue, a strained relationship, a health scare, fear of making a mistake, or hurt feelings. However, it happens it has taken you and your happiness hostage. Temporarily.

I acknowledge The Panic Tree because I've been up there a few times in my life. It's a scary place. You think that you just might be stuck in that misery of uncertainty for eternity. And then, somehow someway the phase passes and the panic fades.

I met someone the other day and I recognized that she was "up the Panic Tree". It took a few tries, but she finally realized that she could get back down the tree on her own. It was a nervewracking yet glorious moment for her. And I celebrate with her and for her because I have a pretty good idea what it took mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to climb down off the Panic Tree.

Sometimes it requires looking at the various branches with a clear mind. Sometimes we have to climb all the way to the top and look out over the emotional landscape to gain perspective. Trees teach us not to be afraid of heights but to respect them. They show us the connection between our physical world (rooted in the earth) and the spiritual world (as they reach for the sky). Trees are wonderful symbols of growth and strength as well.

Eventually, we listen to our soul and leave the fear behind. And hopefully, find a graceful way to return to consciousness. So if you find yourself on the Panic Tree, remember you will find a way off it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Walking

My little boy is learning to walk.

From a few hesistant steps, he has progessed to walking from one end of the room to another. He's pretty smooth, but he occasionally takes rests to hold onto a door frame, a chair, and a person's leg. Having that temporary oasis to cling to before adventuring again is crucial to his exploring. Many times, he will crouch down to rebalance or pick up a toy and then he's off again. Sometimes he returns to speed crawling when he wants to get somewhere fast.

You know what this means, right? My son is not a BABY anymore --- he is officially a toddler now! He has grown from a small sleeping infant nestled in my arms, to crawling, to standing and cruising, to taking a few hesitant steps, to becoming a walker (a toddler).

Perhaps you have experienced this natural and progressive force in your own life in the form of an idea, a child, or an awakening into awareness.

First, we birth an idea previously only part of the ethers (cosmic consciousness). Then, our creation begins to take form and take on action of its own. It gathers momentum slowly and deliberately (crawling). Then it pulls up to standing testing its strength, perhaps wobbling a bit. Gaining confidence and balance until one day it moves into an easy rhythm (walking). The joy of this momentum brings a smile to you and those around you --- a celebration of creation!

Nurture your spirit, your awareness, and your "children" --- and enjoy watching them grow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Practice & Intention

Practice and intention --- these are the two main ingredients to developing good mediumship abilities. As I tell my clients and students frequently, without those key concepts the tires will just spin in the mud. I will explain further what practice and intention mean to me ...

Intention: This means asking for the Highest and Best in your mediumship. When you are connecting with those in Spirit, you want the highest vibrational frequency possible. Purity of intention is vastly important in spirit contact. You want to receive uplifting and healing messages (and sometimes guidance) from Spirit. Raising the vibration is another way of insuring right intention. Also, recognize that it is important you are not what I call a "leaky faucet", someone who pushes your intuition expressions onto others [more about this in future blogs]

Practice: This means absorbing and applying the techniques of right intention and spirit contact on a regular basis. Books and personal meditation can take you a bit down the road, but having real hands-on opportunities to practice your mediumship are most important. Here are some ways to have regular practice:

  • Commit yourself to your spiritual growth, even and especially on the days where you feel you have reached a plateau.
  • Develop mind focus through concentration techniques. This prepares your mind to assist you with spirit contact.
  • Attend a weekly development circle. My preference is a circle that offers weekly lessons (auras, spirit guides, messagework, readings, symbols, etc) followed by a brief meditation that leads into an exchange of spirit messages from and to your peers. Many Spiritualist churches offer these opportunities for mediumship development.
  • Attend mediumship workshops, classes, and seminars taught by instructors who exhibit right intention. For the beginner, intermediate, and advanced mediumship students, some of these classes will provide much-needed opportunities for guinea pigs as you fine-tune your gifts.

As you engage yourself in intention and practice, you will find your spiritual growth assists in the process.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lily Dale: Off-Season

Lily Dale is now considered off-season, so there are no daily events, no gate entrance fee, and many of the public buildings are closed. Having made their happy pilgrimage to Lily Dale, many of the summer visitors have returned to their homes in other towns, other states, and other countries. But our little town is not empty.

Some of the mediums and residents stay on through the winter. A few of the gift shops may be open for browsing. Many of the guest houses are still open for boarders.

The churches offer their own Sunday services, workshops, and classes. The Church of the Living Spirit meets in the Assembly Hall. And the Lily Dale Spiritualist Church meets in the Healing Temple. Check their websites for more info.

If you are interested in having a reading, mediums are still available for readings in the off-season. At present, there are approximately 40 Registered Mediums. They have each been tested and approved by the Lily Dale Assembly. Each medium has their own distinct personality, has their own way of connecting with those in spirit, and keeps their own schedule. [This means: during the off-season some mediums live in Lily Dale year-round and are available for in-person readings in Lily Dale; some mediums are traveling or wintering in other climes. Therefore, appointments are strongly suggested.] You may see the list of Registered Mediums by visiting

Although the main hotels in Lily Dale are closed off-season, many of the guest houses are open and available for booking rooms. Most of the public buildings are closed, but visitors often remark on the wonderful peace and hush as they walk along the streets. In fact, some visitors deliberately schedule their time in Lily Dale for the off-season for some rest and relaxation.

If you want to visit the world's largest center for the religion of Spiritualism during "The Season" or the Off-Season, check out for more info.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lily Dale: The Season

"The Season". *** To those of you are not familiar with Lily Dale, this phrase may seem to indicate the time of year (winter, spring, summer, fall). But for those who know and love Lily Dale, it's so much more. And I shall attempt to describe some of "The Season" to you now.

Running from usually the last weekend of June until the day before Labor Day, "The Season" takes place during the summer months in a spiritual community called Lily Dale.

Whether summer visitors come for a day, a week, a month, or a season, they mention that they feel "an amazing peace when I enter the gate". For many, "The Season" has been a time for spiritual pilgrimage and renewal, education and fellowship, evidence of spirit contact, and healing.

During "The Season", there is plenty to do every minute of the day. The schedule is abundant with healing services, spirit message services, thought exchanges, lectures, circles, seminars, and classes. In my opinion, Lily Dale offers a wealth of educational opportunities for the student/developing medium.

Many visitors during "The Season" are seeking contact with their loved ones in spirit. This is done usually in a session (aka reading) with a Registered Lily Dale Medium [like me]. Currently, there are approximately 40 Registered Mediums at Lily Dale. They have each been tested and approved by the Lily Dale Assembly. Each medium has their own distinct personality, has their own way of connecting with those in spirit, and keeps their own schedule. Appointments are strongly suggested. You may see the list of Registered Mediums by visiting

Visitors may also hear from their spirit loved ones in the form of brief greetings at the message services (Inspiration Stump & Forest Temple) or in the form of mini-readings at other events (Monday Nite Circles).

If you are looking to connect with some of the ancient ones, Lily Dale has a beautiful old growth forest full of some of the oldest species of trees in this region. Some of the message services are held under the canopy of tall trees in a sort of outdoor cathedral. Their green majesty adds to the uplifting experience of feeling at one with the world.

There are also places to eat and stay in Lily Dale --- there are hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and gift shops. Or you can enjoy walking the trails, swimming at the beach, or sitting on a bench. Lily Dale is situated on beautiful Cassadaga Lake and many times the lake is like glass mirroring the trees, hills, and the gorgeous sky above.

As you can tell, there are plenty of opportunities at Lily Dale to seek the truth within your soul and see the reflections of your heart.

If you want to visit the world's largest center for the religion of Spiritualism during "The Season" or the Off-Season, check out for more info.

*** = I am capitalizing the first letters of the words 'the' and 'season' to emphasize the phrase's importance to me.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mediums Recognition Day

Today is Mediums Recognition Day. What does this mean?

The Mediums League of Lily Dale is sponsoring a day to recognize the work and dedication of the Registered Mediums. This includes:
  • a special lecture at the afternoon church service in the Auditorium educating people about mediumship
  • expressing gratitude to the Registered Mediums of Lily Dale [I am proud to be one]
  • spirit messages from the Executive Board of Directors of the Mediums League [I am a board member, so you will see me on the platform today!]
  • a reception at the Mediums League Building in the evening [fellowship and fun!]

I think this is a wonderful way for mediums and visitors alike to join together and acknowledge mediumship and express gratitude for the wonderful mediums at Lily Dale.

I hope you can join us! [if not inperson, at least in spirit] *smile*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lessons from a Child: 'Let me stand where you stand'

My adventurous little boy is enjoying exploring his world. He is also enjoying MY world.

There I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink (minding my own business) when he decided that he wanted to know what it was like to stand exactly where I was standing.

Hanging onto the kitchen cabinets for assistance, he walked his way toward the cabinet under the sink. He then squeezed his little-baby-boy body in between my legs and that cabinet door. Having gained his objective, he stood there quietly nestled in my legs. With his energy and his actions, he was saying, 'Let me stand where you stand.' I could feel his energy reaching out to me, blending with my energy.

Moments passed until I looked down at him. At that same moment, he looked up me. Those adorable blue eyes scanned my face and then he smiled. 'Show me what you see,' he babbled in babyspeak.

With soapy wet hands, I picked him up, helping him grow taller so he could see over the sink edge. Together we looked into the sudsy water. 'Ooooooooooo,' he toned seriously. 'Oooooooooo,' I said back.

So often he expresses delight at being a part of my activities. Whether I am unloading laundry from the dryer, making the bed, cooking a meal, or typing on the computer, his curiousity and sense of togetherness insist that he be included. He is saying:

  • Let me help remove the clothes from this echo chamber. Aaaaaaa! Take a few more shirts out, now the acoustics are better. AAAAAAAAAAA!
  • Let me wiggle and giggle under the sheet while you attempt to straighten it 17 times.
  • Let me stand in the open refrigerator door while you remove the veggies, meat, and other food supplies. I'll take out all the salad dressings, ketchup, mustard, and other containers I can find.
  • Let me squeak open the cabinet doors and take out the bags and boxes of flour, sugar, and rice. Oh, and you want this spaghetti on the floor, right?
  • Let me sit here on your lap while I reach for the computer keyboard, hunting and pecking my very own baby babble message to world.

I hope he never loses that delight and appetite for the world. He is an example of openness and receptivity. He is a reminder to dive deeper into life.

By allowing him to take part in my activities, he is learning about this world, absorbing my reactions to events and situations, and experiencing the energetic ways of connecting with people. I have the very important job [and fabulous joy] of sharing my life [and sharing where I stand] with my child.

I hope you share your life with others. I hope you look with compassion upon others and take a moment to stand where they stand. It's a wonderful lesson in empathy and compassion. And it may help you with your own intuitive abilities too.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Q & A: Will our session be a conversation with spirit loved ones?

Q: What happens during a mediumship reading? Will it be a conversation between me and my spirit loved ones?

A: Each reading is unique, so I never know what to expect during a reading. As a medium, I open myself with the highest and best intention to receive information from your spirit loved ones.

Once we establish contact with a spirit loved one and have established their identity, we can engage them in conversation and ask them questions.

Many times, a reading is an opportunity to chat with your family and extended family and maybe a few of your closest friends. It can be a special time for reunion and a sharing of memories. It can be a chance to say "hello" or "I'll see you again" or "I love you". Perhaps it will be a time for making amends and apologies. Or it can be an opportunity for closure and explanation. Or it can a time to receive guidance and opinions from those you trust in Spirit. Or it can be a confirmation of your own experiences with spirit contact and listening to your own soul.

Sometimes you know the people who gather very well, sometimes you are getting to know them or getting to know them better.

Depending on the personality dynamics of the members of your family and others, you could have quite a discussion. Conversation may be stilted or it may launch into a debate or it may flow beautifully.

Usually one of the spirits becomes what I call the Primary Spirit Communicator. This spirit loved one will be in charge of the discussion, or may help/allow other spirits to communicate, or may be the only spirit communicator.

Ultimately, my focus is to bring through the essence of a spirit loved one and their messages. My goal is to help my clients connect with their loved ones in spirit for healing and for evidential spirit contact.

I truly enjoy my work as a medium and every day I give thanks for my connection with Spirit.


If you have a general question whose answer would benefit many people, you may submit a question any time and watch for the answer in this Blog. Email me at

I am unable to answer emails that involve requests for feedback or personal advice about a situation. If you would like guidance in your spiritual or intuitive development, please book a consultation with me, and if you need to connect with a loved one in Spirit, please book a reading.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Balance can be virtually effortless

My baby son is fast approaching the stage of walking. He has mastered the Speed of Crawl and now he has learned to hang onto furniture and people in order to keep his balance while walking. With this assisted form of walking, he can travel with amazing agility from the couch to the chair, from the kitchen cabinets to the refrigerator, and from the wall to the door.

And I have something exciting to share with you (proud parent moment) . . . I have witnessed him standing on the strength of his own two baby legs without holding onto anything or anyone!

I'm sure many of you may be thinking . . . so what? After all, babies go through this developmental stage as a precursor to walking unassisted. *yawn*

What I find so fascinating about this particular moment is the following:

Because he is focused on the toy, his balance is virtually effortless. Like a little yogi at peace in the Tree yoga pose, he is completely in the 'now moment'. His balance lasts for half a minute or more while he concentrates on the toy before he reachs out to rebalance.

And he doesn't seem to notice that he was standing without aid from anyone or anything as a prop.

[Here comes the lightbulb moment . . .]

It has made me aware of something about my own life. It sometimes takes me a while to realize that I am standing on my own without assistance from others. My independence sneaks up on me!

For my baby son, all it takes is a toy block. What objects, emotions, and/or events does it take for you and me to achieve this?

Perhaps like all those in training to become a Master of Distraction, we need a focal point (or distraction) to achieve balance, independence, and success. Wonderful things can happen when we are not analyzing --- children grow, the sun rises and sets, and we live our dreams. When we know this and flow with this, balance is virtually effortless.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Primary Spirit Communicator

During a reading, usually one of the spirits becomes what I call the Primary Spirit Communicator. This spirit loved one will be in charge of the discussion, or may help/allow other spirits to communicate, or may be the only spirit communicator.

I say "only spirit communicator" because sometimes one spirit gets on their soapbox and hogs the reading. People roll their eyes or listen gratefully or interject their comments.

Usually the Primary Spirit Communicator is a family member (but can sometimes be a close friend). I have noticed that they may possess one or more of the following attributes:

  • strong desire to connect
  • spiritual awareness
  • a forceful personality
  • a guiding influence
  • great love for my client

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby 'Mirror Neurons'

I just read a fascinating article about how babies' brains work titled Babies' brains 'reach' for toys. This is an occasion when science supports what we already know intuitively and spiritually: we are all connected.

Here's the gist of the article . . .

Scientists measured the brain activity of 9-month-old babies. The same area of a baby's brain lights up whether the baby reaches for a toy or watchs an adult reach for a toy. The same space. This ability is due to mirror neurons, which fire when we do an action ourselves and when we watch others do a similar action.

Let me say that another way. When babies watch people reach for objects, the motor region in their brains gets activated, as if the babies were doing the reaching themselves!

[But wait! It gets better.]

Scientists also noticed that once babies got used to observing an adult grab the toy, their brain activity occurred prior to the action. I hope you realize why I am excited about this, but allow me to continue with more info directly from the article:

"The fact that the brain activity in babies is 'predictive' — it occurs when the baby can predict that someone will reach for an object — suggests that babies (and probably adults too) use their own motor system in order to figure out how someone else's action will unfold," Southgate told LiveScience. "That is, by accessing your own motor plan for how you would, for example, achieve the goal of picking up an object, you can make a good prediction about how someone else would also do that." That information would help you to respond to the other person's action, say, to intercept their movements and take the object yourself, Southgate added.

The scientists used the word "predict" and state that babies use their motor system to figure out how someone will react. Being strongly clairsentient myself, I believe this makes sense. After all, during spirit contact my motor skills are engaged, so I often 'feel' the essence of the spirit and what it was like to be them physically and emotionally. Their reactions and impressions translate temporarily within my body.

One of the things I am absorbing from this research article is that as human beings we are hardwired to be intuitive and predict events in a clairsentient way using our brain and body responses. Could this be one of the reasons we are able to do healing and mediumship work?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Telephone Game

I attended a birthday party recently. The event was for a friend turning 34, but with all of the children in attendance you would have thought it was a party for a little girl.

The celebration was a huge success. Children and adults fought goodnaturedly over paper plates depicting Disney princesses such as Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle. After much consideration, I ended up with my own princess plate with a generous portion of funfetti cake.

With girlie squeals and pink heart pendants containing grape flavored lip gloss, the little girls were having a blast getting the adults to play the Telephone Game.

Do you remember that game?
The Telephone Game is also known in various parts of the world as broken telephone, whisper down the lane, gossip, silent mail, and telephone without wires.

You lean over to your neighbor and whisper a phrase such as "My purple shirt has pizza on it."

Your neighbor leans over to their neighbor and passes the phrase on. The whisper chain continues around the table until it reaches you again. The last person calls out aloud the message they have received.

And after it has passed through ten people, the phrase ends up being something like "A purple monster ate the dishwasher." The original phrase has been distorted either intentionally or by mistake until it is virtually unrecognizable.

It's a wonderful lesson in listening and understanding that the truth can sometimes to be lost in the retelling. If you don't pass it on exactly as stated, the fish gets bigger, the adventure more daring, the terror more compelling, and the message more garbled. Most telephone gamers understand this and giggle in wonderful abandon while others seriously intone the phrase and carefully pass it along word for word.

This game got me thinking about spirit messages.

During spirit communication, we receive a message or information from a spirit loved one and pass it onto a client. This is basically a much smaller version of the Telephone Game.

It is essential that we carefully and correctly pass the message on. We all have different filters (attitude, life experience, levels of fear vs joy, etc) and we need to be aware of how those filters positively and negatively effect the content of a message. I encourage you to keep this in mind in your own spirit communications.

Apply spirit communication with right intention and practice. Be truthful. Listen to and feel messages carefully and pass them on with correct tone and words or else you could end up "eating a purple pizza". *smile* [do pizzas come in grape flavor?]

Monday, August 10, 2009

Spirit loved ones & the future

Q: Can my spirit loved ones tell you what will happen in my future?

A: Because I am a medium, the focus of a session is always on spirit contact --- connecting with a client's loved ones who have passed. A mediumship session is not for fortune telling or future telling.

That said, spirit loved ones occasionally share their opinions about people and situations around a client. After all, they care about us and love does not die.

Sometimes they will offer what they view as the highest probability of outcome --- the highest probability of how a person will react or how a situation will resolve. This is based on past patterns and the energy at this moment in time.

Ultimately, we each have free will to manifest our own future, so nothing is ever 100% certain.

Occasionally, those in Spirit can be quite verbal about what they feel is the right thing. But, remember all your dad, mom, brother, grandmother, etc can offer you is an OPINION.

You are in charge of your life and your decisions. So listen to your own soul.


If you have a general question whose answer would benefit many people, you may submit a question any time and watch for the answer in this Blog. Email me at

I am unable to answer emails that involve requests for feedback or personal advice about a situation. If you would like guidance in your spiritual or intuitive development, please book a consultation with me, and if you need to connect with a loved one in Spirit, please book a reading.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Here's a funny tid-bit for you . . . this happened during a reading recently.

After I had brought thru spirit loved ones and they were talking about the people and situations around the client, I sensed and tasted olives. [More fun with clairgustance. Yay!]

So I told my client of the impression and asked her, "Who is the olive fanatic?"

My client looked at me quizzically for a minute, then said slowly, "I have a very good friend who loves olives." I said, "She LOVES olives and spirit is teasing about how she has to have olives. The olive bar is one of her favorite places."

Then my client suddenly exclaimed, "YES! We even went on an Olive Tasting Tour together recently! And I had forgotten about this, she just got a dog and she named the dog Olive!"

"Well, now you know what to get her for a gift," I joked. "Olives!" she laughed back.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

States of Mental Consciousness

Speaking of vibrational frequency . . .

Electrical activity emanating from the brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves. These brainwave states range from deep dreamless sleep to high mental action. The same four brainwave states are common to the human species. Men, women and children of all ages experience the same characteristic brainwaves. They are consistent across cultures and country boundaries.

There are four categories of these brainwaves, ranging from the most activity to the least activity. You will probably recognize yourself in some of the examples below and how they relate to spiritual awareness. The accepted states of mental consciousness are as follows:

Beta: Alert/Working --- When the brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta waves. Beta waves are characteristics of a strongly engaged mind. A person in active conversation would be in beta. A debater would be in high beta. A person making a speech, or a teacher, or a talk show host would all be in beta when they are engaged in their work.

Alpha: Relaxed/Reflecting --- A person who has completed a task and sits down to rest is often in an alpha state. Taking time out to reflect or meditate usually produces alpha waves. When you take a break from a conference and walk in the garden, you would most likely be in an alpha state.

Theta: Drowsy/Daydreaming --- A person who has taken time off from a task and begins to daydream is often in a theta brainwave state. For instance, if you are driving on a highway and discover that you can't recall the last five miles, this is probably theta state--induced by the process of long-distance driving. The repetitious nature of that form of driving compared to a country road would differentiate a theta state and a beta state in order to perform the driving task safely.

Individuals who do a lot of long-distance driving often get good ideas during those periods when they are in theta. People who run outdoors often are in the state of mental relaxation that is slower than alpha and when in theta, they are prone to a flow of ideas. This can also occur in the shower or tub or even while shaving or brushing your hair. It is a state where tasks become so automatic that you can mentally disengage from them. The ideas and thoughts that take place during the theta state are freeflowing and occur without censorship or guilt. This is typically a very positive mental state.

Delta: Sleep/Dreaming --- The final brainwave state is delta. Here the brainwaves are of the greatest amplitude and slowest frequency. Deep dreamless sleep takes you down to the lowest frequency (but never all the way down to zero because that would mean that you were brain dead.

It is a well known fact that humans dream in cycles. When the delta brainwave frequencies increase into the frequency of theta brainwaves, active dreaming takes place and often becomes more experiential to the person. Typically, when this occurs there is rapid eye movement, which is characteristic of active dreaming. This is called REM, and is a well known phenomenon.

Moving through the States of Consciousness

Basically, the four brainwave states of mental consciousness range from the high amplitude, low frequency delta to the low amplitude, high frequency beta.

Research has shown that although one brainwave state may predominate at any given time, depending on the activity level of the individual, the remaining three brain states are present in the mix of brainwaves at all times. In other words, while somebody is an aroused state and exhibiting a beta brainwave pattern, there also exists in that person's brain a component of the other brainwaves.

I believe this is another way spirit contact is facilitated.

When we go to bed and read for a few minutes before attempting sleep, we are likely to be in low beta. When we put the book down, turn off the lights and close our eyes, our brainwaves will descend from beta, to alpha, to theta and finally, when we fall asleep, to delta.

When an individual awakes from a deep sleep in preparation for getting up, their brainwave frequencies will increase through the different specific stages of brainwave activity. That is, they will increase from delta to theta and then to alpha and finally (when the alarm goes off) into beta. If that individual hits the snooze alarm button they will drop in frequency to a non-aroused state, or even into theta, or sometimes fall back to sleep in delta.

During this awakening cycle it is possible for individuals to stay in the theta state for an extended period of say, five to 15 minutes--which would allow them to have a free flow of ideas about yesterday's events or to contemplate the activities of the forthcoming day. This time can be an extremely productive and can be a period of very meaningful and creative mental activity. This is also a GREAT TIME for SPIRIT CONTACT.

Long-time meditators seem to be able to produce a similar experience to the awakening cycle. From my own experience, I would say that it is a weaving together of the various states of consciousness and our mind-body-spirit syncing with the vibrational frequency of those in Spirit that facilitates spirit contact. This can then be verified bythe scientific instruments that measure and quantify brainwaves.

I hope that by recognizing the states of consciousness we can understand our opportunities to connect with Divine consciousness, our spirit loved ones, and our own souls.