Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the Nudge & Synchronicity

The other day, a client came for a reading.  During the course of the session, the client's loved ones in Spirit explained how they were witnessing her life, the ways they noticed she was feeling overwhelmed, and they offered their loving support and encouragement.  And then I got the "nudge".

Frequently, spirit loved ones offer their "two cents" about situations and sometimes they nudge me to share something I have learned about, read about, or experienced directly.  These are things they feel are helpful to the client.  And every time this happens, clients are very grateful to have the validation and discussion. 

Because I prefer to be a clean slate for the reading and also because I need and deserve my down-time to live my own life, I make it a rule to NOT receive spirit information in advance of a session. 
However, I still make room for Spiritual Natural Law.

This means that I allow the Divine to work with me through the Law of Synchronicity which is a close cousin to the Law of Attraction.  Occasionally before a session, I will be drawn to learn about or read about a topic, technique, or information that ends up being helpful to a client.  Sometimes a random discussion with a person a few days prior prepares me for the topic that becomes the focus of the session. 

However it comes about, receiving the occasional "nudge" is a wonderful and normal phenomenon of working with Spirit as a Medium.  I am happy to be guided, directed, and encouraged in these helpful ways.  And I give thanks for my connection with Spirit everyday.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

3/7 & 3/14 Mediumship classes

Next month, I will be teaching two classes: 

"The Language of Spirit"
Friday March 7, 2014


"Mediumship Exercises to Enhance Awareness"
Friday March 14, 2014

These classes are part of a 15 week series hosted by the Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale NY.  Each week, an experienced Medium will share their unique version and insights into spirit communication.

Students may attend all, or one, or any number of Fridays  they choose. Those attending 8 of the 15 classes will receive a certificate of completion. This class gives the aspiring medium the benefit of our most experienced teachers and is for everyone interested in greater spirit connection. Wisdom of what lies within enhances our own lives and the lives of those around us. The expression of that wisdom through mediumship is the gift of this class. 

A discounted price for attendance at all classes paid in advance will be $250.  Singular classes will be $20 each.    

Please contact COLS president Emmy Chetkin 716 595 2697 if you wish more information or to pay in advance. 

For more information and to see the topic titles and teachers for each week, visit

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter, winter

In honor Groundhog's Day and because I am wrapping my mind around his prediction of six more weeks of winter (SIX MORE WEEKS!), I am writing a diatribe about winter.  Maybe another time I will be able to write an account of the glories of winter, but today is not that day.

Very often, clients ask me about the winters here at Lily Dale.  Even in the heat of summer, I can still shiver as I recall winter.  My standard reply is: "We get a LOT of snow!"  When I say it, I don't feel they truly comprehend what I mean or maybe it's because I haven't found the right way to convey it through words.  Add in this year's "polar vortex" and I'm ready to move to sunny Florida.

So here we go...
  1. We live in a zone called the Chautauqua Ridge.  We consistently get loads of lake-effect snow dumped on us because of our close proximity to Lake Erie and our higher elevation. 
  2. On Route 60 (the major road that runs from Dunkirk NY to Jamestown NY), there is practically a line of demarcation of the snow band on the road.  I have been tempted to get out of my car at that point in the road and take a picture with one foot in snow and one foot on green grass.  It frequently can be snowing here in Lily Dale and sunny in Fredonia or Jamestown. 
  3. We get so much snow we don't know where to put it.  Some winters the snow pile in front of our house has been up to the porch roof.  To that end, my ingenious husband custom-made plastic and wood barriers for our porch to keep the snow at bay.
  4. Humungous icicles form on many of the houses.  They are more aptly termed ice pillars.  Like running streams frozen in time, they slide down the roof valleys and root themselves to the ground.
  5. I call my husband the "Snow Conqueror".  He loves snow.  He snowblows, shovels, scrapes, salts, knocks icicles off the house, and sweeps the porch.  Without him, it would be tempting to stay inside the house and hibernate until winter is all over.
  6. It has been so cold this year already we have used five out of five allotted snow days (versus many other school districts in the county who have only used two snow days thus far).  Turtlenecks, sweaters, longjohns, heavy wool socks, slippers, and a lap blanket are part of my winter uniform.
Today we received another foot of snow.  Enough said.