Monday, March 23, 2015

The robins are singing!

It has been a long, brutal winter.

Lily Dale usually gets more than its' fair share of snow, but this year takes the cake.  This winter has been especially fierce. 

The snow is higher than average and the temperature colder.  On the nicer days, my older son enjoys climbing the highest snow banks created by the snowplows --- some over 10 feet tall.  Bitterly cold temperatures have frozen water & heat pipes, along with noses and toes. 

Thus far, our lowest temperature during the day has been -24 degrees F and windchill has made it -40.  Ice and snow damage have effected many in Lily Dale.  Large pieces of ice have fallen on roofs, vehicles, windows, and more.  Ice damming has produced leaks and discussions of where to put the bowls and buckets to capture drips. 

But today, after this avalanche of snow and ice, we have sunshine, blue skies, and sightings of red-breasted robins (the generally accepted harbingers of Spring).  It may be only 22 degrees F, but I am filled with gratitude and hope.  These are the moments I told myself would come again.

Folks are just as eager for the sunshine and lush greenness of Lily Dale as I am.  As each day progresses, more and more clients are calling to schedule their readings for the summer Season. 

Soon we will be repairing our houses, washing the final coat of road salt off our vehicles, and taking bicycle rides.  We will see the swans gliding on the lake again with their newest batch of babies.  And we will dig in the gardens, planting our flowers and vegetables.

There is a promise in the air.  And her name is Spring!