Friday, October 26, 2012

Spook and boo

Tis the season for spook and boo.

With Halloween right around the corner, folks across America are decorating their homes with scary jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, the occasional fake cobweb, and monsters galore.  Many are flocking to haunted houses, corn mazes, and stocking up on horror movies and candy. 

Because of the intensity on the macabre at this time year, I thought it appropriate to differentiate between "spook and boo" scare tactics and true-blue spirit communication.

Several people inappropriately pigeon-hole spirit communication (aka Mediumship) in the "spook and boo" category.  Horror movies and books seem to focus on scary touches, poltergeists, hauntings, ghostly forms that bully, and lots of screaming.  This is what I mean by "spook and boo".  This is NOT mediumship, and this is most definitely not spirit communication as I know it. 

Spirit communication via Mediumship is a gentle, wonderful, and sacred process that connects us in beautiful and fulfulling ways with our loved ones in Spirit.  It is important to set boundaries for spirit contact.  And here are some of my past blogposts on a variety of subjects that explain spirit contact further, so enjoy the read!

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Please note that NONE of these techniques and/or experiences are "scary" nor do they fall into the "spook and boo" category.  I encourage everyone to move from mere reaction about events to a greater understanding of spirit communication and the vast opportunities to explore their Higher Self and spiritual journey.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Autumn splendor in the woods

This morning, my feet took me into the Leolyn Woods and its' autumn splendor. 

Orange and yellow carpeted the ground.  Dark brown, gray, and mossy green surrounded me to the sides and blue sky peeked at me from above.  The crisp leaves crunched underfoot and the morning sun glinted through the trees. 

I felt a hush within me and a happy sense of human solitude yet communion with Nature.  In this space, there are no demands.  And I noticed the difference in my own energy.  My aura didn't feel oversensitized by interactions with others and I could feel it clearing and getting bigger in this safe space.  With only the trees as company, I relaxed.

Eventually, I arrived at Inspiration Stump and sat down on the front bench.  I looked up at the cathedral of tall trees overhead, remembering their green leaves of summer.  Now, the ancient trees were releasing those leaves. 

With the help of the breezy autumn winds, yellow leaves danced downward, spinning and twirling lazily, and angling toward me along the morning sunbeams. Like golden messages, they wafted my way.

I imagined notes written on the leaves in tiny little script, just for me  --- notes of love, support, renewal, and healing from the Divine.  And then I realized that it wasn't my imagination.  The notes were real and decipherable by the Rosetta Stone in my possession (my Soul) as gifts from Spirit.

Messages are all around us, especially during this season.  In your own journeys, I hope you take the time to enjoy this beautiful autumn and the messages of Peace and Healing for yourself. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

A taste of Lily Dale

We had a great class on Wednesday night.  The vast majority of the attendees had never been to Lily Dale before and the handful of people who had been before only came in for a reading or a walk around the Dale, so the entire group had never attended a public message service or a healing service before. 

I welcomed them to Lily Dale and to the "Lily Dale Experience".  Then, I proceeded to explain about Spiritualism, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, and a little of Lily Dale's background, what happens during the Season and the off-Season, and what opportunities are available to them here at Lily Dale.

We then attended the Community Healing Service at the Healing Temple here in Lily Dale.  The service consists of a healing portion, a spirit message portion, and some hymns and prayers.  I served as both a healer and a medium that night. 

After the service, our class stayed behind for Q&A.  My students were very curious about various aspects of mediumship.  Some shared about their own experiences with spirit communication.  Others asked about how mediumship works, how messages are received, dream visitations from spirit loved ones, and more.

One lady I gave a message to asked me "How did you DO that?"  Prior to this evening, she had been a non-believer and now she knew that spirit communication was real.  Her father came through from spirit and gave identifiers of physical condition and personality.  He also mentioned what she is doing with her mother right now and encouraged her.  She truly needed this confirmation of his presence around her.

With another lady, I brought through her grandparents and they presented with physical characteristics, personality traits, and completely in line with her experience with them.  The grandparents also mentioned an important date right around Halloween, but not Halloween (such as 10/30 or 11/1).  She confirmed that her birthday is October 30th, the day before Halloween.  This was spirit's way of acknowledging her birthday.  Her sister was attending the class with her and was a bit envious that the grandparents didn't speak with her too, but she was delighted for her sister. *smile*

Another attendee asked me why she felt an intense heat coming from the healer's hand and saw a beautiful white light during her time on the healing bench.  I explained that this was her way of perceiving the healing energy as it came in contact with her body and spirit.  She was amazed!

Thank you to all who attended the class.  I enjoyed meeting you and some of your loved ones in Spirit.  And I am happy that I could be part of your spiritual journey!

The class was sponsored by JCC Continuing Education Department and the Chautauqua Visitors Bureau.

Monday, October 1, 2012

My life as a turkey

I just watched a great PBS documentary titled "My Life as a Turkey".  Based on a true story, this hour-long film recounts the experiences of Joe Hutto as he raises a group of wild turkey hatchlings to adulthood.  It was amazing!

As a wild turkey "parent", Joe gained special access to a whole world of wildlife interaction and a rare glimpse into the animal kingdom.  Throughout the course of raising the imprinted turkeys, he did not have human contact because he needed to be on hand for his brood.  And he kept a thorough journal of his experiences which was published as the book "Illumination in the Flatwoods" and later recreated in the PBS film "My Life as a Turkey". 

I don't want to spoil the movie for you, but I wish to mention some main points of interest for me. 

Joe mentions that the wild turkeys chicks "know" what bugs to eat, what predators to stay away from, and what animals are friendly.  I feel that these chicks intuitively know these things on a genetic level but also as intuitive level.  Perhaps they feel the vibrational frequency of the predators and other animals and understand their intent.

He also notices that the turkeys are "disturbed" on their daily walks when they notice a newly fallen branch of a tree and especially disturbed when they discover the stump of tree that has been cut 15-20 years before.  The turkeys spend an extraordinary amount of time clucking over the stumps and branches (thankfully edited down for the movie).  Again, perhaps they are reading the residual energy of those spaces.

Along the way, those turkeys taught Joe (and all of us who were along for the journey vicariously) about being in the moment. 

I highly recommend this movie.  I checked the movie out from the local library and watched it with my husband and son. We were mesmerized by the story and gorgeous filming.  The hour flew by.  Watching those turkey hatchlings interact with their world and mature into fully fledged turkeys was educational and fun. 

Here is a link to the PBS website so you can watch the movie online: