Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mind Focus Exercise 1: The Rose

As I have mentioned before, mind focus and concentration techniques are extremely helpful when training the mind.

By training the mind to focus at will, you will be able to meditate more effectively and connect with your Divine self more readily. In fact, I feel that one should practice mind focus before embarking on a meditation routine.

When the mind has been trained in this way, you nullify extraneous mental chatter and shift into conscious awareness of your soul's power. I usually refer to this 'chatter' as Monkey Mind - your mind jumps around like a monkey, bouncing from 'the car needs an oil change' to 'must buy milk at store' to 'my pants have a piece of lint on them' to 'my elbow itches' and so on.

Meditating with an untrained mind is like trying to stop a ricocheting bullet!

So here is a great first exercise . . . Visualize a rose. It can be in any state of bloom:
  • a sweet tender bud

  • a rose just beginning to open

  • a rose in full bloom
Also, pick any color rose you wish (in future posts, I will have info about interpreting color).

Now that you have chosen your rose, hold that image in your mind exclusively. Each time your mind wanders, bring it back to the rose.

This rose becomes a focal point for you in your mind. Practice this. If and when the mental chatter encroaches, keep it at bay by visualizing the rose.

Advanced tip: After you have the rose firmly in your mind's eye, you can also expand this exercise to your other senses. Smell the beautiful fragrance, touch the soft petals. And you can also change out the rose for another flower - become your own florist!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The 5 Cs

Now, a few terms for those who are not acquainted with them. We perceive spirit or other information through our intuitive senses. Here are the standard 5 Cs:
  • Clairvoyance---clear seeing

  • Clairaudience---clear hearing

  • Clairsentience---clear feeling

  • Clairscent---clear smelling

  • Clairgustance---clear tasting
This mimics the five senses obviously, but it's usually more of an internal experience.

You may see a person, object, or place in your mind's eye. You may hear a voice, word, or phrase. Either internally, or externally.

You may experience certain sensations in a part of your body. For example, as a medium, I may feel (temporarily) a heart attack, stroke, amputation, etc. to indicate a physical condition. Or a touch or tingling indicating healing in a certain place.

You may smell banana bread baking when there is none in sight, or your grandmother's favorite perfume. You may taste peppermint or thanksgiving turkey. These experiences add up to a total impression.

However you experience spirit or intuitive information can usually be placed into those categories of perception. You may be really good at one particular method, but you can learn to enhance all of them.

Down the road, I will be posting more about how to develop each of the 5 Cs.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trusting Your First Response

Now that you have a foundation of the method of feeling (see Yes/No Intuitive Response post) ... I want you to join me in the next exercise.

This is about TRUSTING your FIRST response.

At one time or another you probably played a word association game. A person would say a word and you would respond immediately with the first word that popped into your head. Some people need to rekindle that feeling of trusting their first response. This eliminates fear because INTUITION takes over.

So play along with me in this next exercise. Speed is everything. ABSOLUTELY NO THINKING ALLOWED!!!

You are to just blurt out your word. And you better blurt one fast because the next word will be coming soon. (Please blurt this word to yourself for now. hahaha)

Okay, ready, set, go... on your toes!

(Scroll down slowly - one word at time.)









Okay, don't worry if you blanked, this all takes practice. Some of you probably had an immediate response. No thinking involved. When you are working intuitively... you must not let your left brain (that logical place that talks you out of things) take over.

With the above exercises, you are learning to access your intuitive mind... and bypassing the part of you that thinks you are making it all up. Believe me when you practice, you will understand that your fear is being released.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yes/No Intuitive Response

Today, I ask you open your mind to the part of your being which is constantly in touch with your highest expression.

Some of us have consciously accessed our intuition most of our lives, some are just starting. The principles are the same. The most important one being that we have a "yes/no" response.

In fact, we use the “yes/no” response ALL of the time... when making decisions, when determining our purpose and course of action, when defining who we are. I'm going to introduce the first exercise in order to encourage you to TRUST yourself.

I want you to know that there is no wrong way to experience this.

I also want you to remember WHERE you experienced the responses. Where in your body. Remember you will be responding "yes" or "no" and remember WHERE you feel the response. It may be in different places or "feel" different. Okay, here we go!!!
  • Are you male?
  • Are you female?
  • Is your name "James"?
  • Are reading a blog right now?
Okay...now you probably felt something. Some people feel "yes" in a specific place. Some people feel "no" in a specific place. Some feel it in their gut. Some feel it in their head. Some feel it in their heart... and so on.

Another important element to point out is MAYBE. You may have a response to some questions that is "maybe." Or "I don't know." Let's try a few more questions:
  • Do you live in New York State?
  • Do you have intuition?
  • Are you a gorilla?
  • Are you a purple pig?
Okay...you get the point. Sometimes the more ridiculous you make the question, the more you laugh, and open yourself to your intuitive self.

You may need to practice on your own with more questions. But it is a fun way to determine your "yes/no" response.

Friday, March 27, 2009

We are all connected

Yesterday, while I was booking a client, something along the lines of sychronicity happened. This particular client (I soon learned) runs a shop in a tiny town more than three hours away.

While we were on the phone finalizing the details, my client said my name and a voice in her shop piped up, "Willa? Willa White?"

This voice belonged to an acquaintance of mine and I had managed to call at the exact moment that she had just happened to stop at this shop to browse. She had never been there before and was on her way home from a month-long trip abroad.

My client was so excited she put my acquaintance on the phone!

(This has happened a few times to me when scheduling. I recall one client was on her cell phone on a beach 14 hours away and a passerby (another client) heard my name and just had to say 'hi!')

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peace that Passes Understanding

Last night as I was holding my little joy of a baby boy, I became peace. He was sleeping, nestled against me and breathing softly. The night was quiet and I was unwinding from the day.

How do I describe to you that moment? I realized that I was in the “now”. The place where the physical and spiritual planes merge and time stands still. The place I have reached in meditations and in my conversations with Spirit. The place.

The demands of new motherhood - balancing family, work, and diapers - sometimes feel overwhelming. Now, each day I will affirm: “I am peace.” And I am in the place of peace more and more. I’ll see you there.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mind Focus

Concentration: (definition) giving one’s full attention and focus to one point, one object, one condition; directing the mind to one common center

It is important to be able to focus the mind on the highest and best in mediumship to ensure quality message work. With a focused mind, the medium can reach high vibration levels easily and readily.

Also, it is of the upmost importance that the medium practice focus to also be able to direct with precision to areas of desired information --- for example, asking to tune in on a specific area of concern for yourself or someone else or reach the vibration of a specific loved one or to access divine guidance.

Practice is the key to focus at will a.k.a. using the strength of the free will.

I will be posting mind focus and concentration techniques soon, as well as some intuitive practice exercises. Many of these exercises are from the classes and workshops I have taught. Over the years, several students have given me feedback about them, so I know they work.

Everyone is Intuitive

Everyone is intuitive. Yes, everyone. If we choose to, we can each develop our intuition and reach high levels of awareness. Why do I believe this?

I liken expressing intuition to playing the piano. There are varying levels of skill, dexterity, practice, etc.

You have various options when playing the piano --- you can:

  • plink
  • bang
  • quietly play
  • occasionally play
  • regularly play
  • play complex and spiritual-moving original compositions for others

So it is with mediumship and intuitive abilities. You can move up or down this scale as you desire. Ultimately, it comes down to intention and practice.

Your spirit gifts are for goodness and healing. No matter what those gifts are or to what extent you choose to develop them, they are your link to an energy that is much larger than you are.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Topics

Some blog topics I have been considering (listed in no particular order):
  • Launching Your Intuition
  • How to Gain Awareness of Your Inner Guide
  • How to See and Feel Auras
  • How to Clear Energy
  • Spirit Guides
  • How to turn it ON/OFF
  • Being in the Now
  • Lessons from a Child
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Using Affirmations
  • How to write an effective Affirmation
  • The Language of Spirit
  • The 5 Cs
  • Developing Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, etc.
  • Symbols
  • Spiritual Natural Laws - and how to use them
  • Listening to your soul
  • Overcoming guilt, blame, and fear
  • How to Receive Info from Spirit Quickly
  • Parts of the Soul
  • Books, Movies, and Media

I am really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and thoughts with you. So stay tuned!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Mediumship Background

My parents have always encouraged the development of my mediumship and spiritual growth. In fact, their active spiritual search has molded mine. I grew up with meditation and development circles, discussions about Spirit, and stories of the mediumship and healing abilities of my grandparents and extended family.

During college, I read every mediumship book I could get my hands on, I attended several workshops and weekly development circles, and I became a certified medium and spiritual healer with my church. I was absorbing a lot of spiritual information and intuitive experience, and I was progressing at a rapid rate.

Fast forward to today: I am a medium, teacher, and writer. For over seven years, I have maintained a full-time private practice as a medium. I lecture and teach mediumship and intuition classes for colleges and churches. And I love what I do.

Currently, I am the youngest Registered Medium in Lily Dale (a Spiritualist community with many mediums and healers). People look at me and marvel at how young I am to be doing this work, but I guess I am on the fast track.

What I know is that age doesn’t matter; intent does. Several mediums report having knowledge of their abilities at an early age, but few act on their spiritual impressions at that tender age. I have. And then you have mediums like the 18th century scientist Emmanuel Swedenborg that wait until the latter half to even have a glimpse of the spiritual plane. He was 55 before he explored his spirituality. Just know that whenever YOU decide to fine tune your Spirit gifts, it is all in divine right timing and divine right order.

About This Blog - My Spiritual Conversation with You

Welcome! This blog will be a record of my personal and spiritual insights, as well as a teaching forum for my clients.

My intention is that this blog becomes my spiritual conversation with you --- a way for you to develop your mediumship and intuitive abilities, gain inspiration, practice intuitive exercises, find spiritual resources, and much more.

I will be sharing my knowledge, techniques, and philosophies with you, however, the content of this blog is subject to your own interpretation. Information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice.

This blog provides educational information on personal and spiritual development, but you're still 100% responsible for what you do (or don't do) with it. Choices and/or actions based on the content of this blog are your responsibility.

In addition, I will endeavor to make the material on this blog accurate, but I cannot guarantee that this information is free of typographical or content errors. Furthermore, each piece of content contains educational information only up to its original publication date.

If you don't wish to be bound by the above, you should leave the blog.

You may visit my website at http://www.willawhite.com/:
  • for rates and info on how to schedule a mediumship reading or a teaching consultation with me.
  • for a schedule of my classes, workshops, lectures, and message events.
  • to learn more about me.