Thursday, January 16, 2014

Don't dread the path

Today I was driving home and I had the choice of two possible paths that would take me there. So I asked my soul which path to take - what path is the highest and best for me.  I immediately felt drawn in one direction.

With that decision now made, I eased out of the store parking lot. I trundled along happily until I spotted up ahead the distinctive orange sign indicating men working. Ugh, I thought. Now I will delayed.

I immediately cancelled that thought, replacing it with "My journey will not be interrupted for long and there is a reason that this path was chosen. I shall have the opportunity for another blessing in my life."

The cars ahead of me began to slow and I noticed two more orange signs "Single lane" and "Road closed on the left". But I refused to be upset, I was calm.

And I was right not to dread the path. Our lane was open and the cars flowed without stopping.  Barely a pause on the trip. A tree was being cut and removed. As I passed by, I smelled the delicious aroma of pine from the tree and its feathery branches. There was another blessing.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the place called Perfect Health

Deepak Chopra shares in his book "Perfect Health": "There exists in every person a place that is free from disease, that never feels pain, that cannot age or die. When you go to this place, limitations which all of us accept cease to exist. They are not even entertained as a possibility. This is the place called perfect health."

As a Spiritualist, I believe in personal responsibility and that individuals create their own reality according to Spiritual Natural Law. This also means that suffering is a choice. Suffering in our relationships, our finances, and our lives is a choice.

When I first read about this concept, I was blown out of the water, especially in terms of Health. For when personal responsibility and spiritual natural law are applied to health, this means that suffering with sickness is a choice.

On top of that, when one examines the cause of disease, it seems to involve a mysterious factor called "control by the host", meaning that we as the host of germs somehow open or close the gate to them.  I suppose this would be a combination of Spiritual Natural Laws.

As one of my favorite metaphysical writers Florence Shinn explains: "Germs do NOT exist in superconsciousness or Divine Mind, therefore they are the product of man's 'vain imagination'." One can only contract germs while vibrating at the same rate as the germ.  According to Shinn, fear drags men down to the level of the germ. The disease-laden germ is the product of the carnal-mortal mind, because all thoughts objectify.  This leads to the spiritual understanding that one can be fearless and undisturbed in a germ-laden situation, and he will be immune. 

And this is reiterated in Wayne Dyer's book "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" ... "Suffering with illness just isn't an option when one lives in harmony with the Divine".

I believe each of us can overcome adversity in our lives.  In fact, I hear stories firsthand and in the news about people who are overcoming physical, mental, and emotional challenges every week. Their amazing examples encourage me to dig deeper to find resources within myself to overcome the perceived challenges in my life (health and otherwise) and to remember suffering is a choice.

In his book "Living with the Himalayan Masters", Swami Rami (founder of the Himalayan Institute) writes: "The power of self-healing is buried in the tomb of every human life. By uncovering the potentials of that power one can heal oneself."

So how do we achieve and/or maintain Great Amazing Perfect Divine Health?

Metaphysical teachers seem to agree that having a positive outlook is key:

    - Refuse to anticipate that things will get worse
    - Perceive any discomfort, fatigue, ache, or sniffle as a message to follow the body's signals back to a natural state of well-being
    - Know that the body is capable of healing infirmities because it knows it isn't a human creation, but a product of the Divine
    - Trust in the capacity of the body to live without sickness or suffering.

Also, examine your habits. Don't be weakened by destructive pursuits. And really listen to and trust the messages from your body - then listen to what your soul tells you about those signals. Cultivate a happy mindset which will not entertain sickness thoughts. 

Affirm with me: I choose to be healthy and live from the place called Perfect Health.

Here is the Prayer for Spiritual Healing used in Spiritualist Churches:
I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force
to Remove All Obstructions from my Mind and Body
And to Restore Me to Perfect Health.
I ask this in All Sincerity and Honesty and I will Do My Part.
I ask this Great Unseen Healing Force to
Help both Present and Absent Ones who are in Need of Help
and to Restore Them to Perfect Health.
I put my Trust in the Love and Power of God.