Monday, December 23, 2013

Photos commemorate husband's love

I love stories like this one! I read it online here:  "Mom's memory lives on in sweet dad, daughter photos" by


The day before Ben and Ali married, they closed on their house so they did wedding photos in the empty house.  Ali's sister Melanie (a professional photographer) took the pictures.

Then, in 2011 Ali passed away from cancer, leaving behind her husband Ben and a 1 year old daughter named Olivia.  Eventually, he and Olivia were ready to move out of the house they had shared with Ali.  He asked Melanie to once again take pictures in the house - this time of him and Olivia.  In a moving series of photos, Ben and 3 year old Olivia are captured in similar poses as a way of saying goodbye to the house he and Ali lived in.

In her blog the Nunerys, Melanie describes feeling her sister Ali frequently and the signs she uses to communicate.  During the photo session, she received one of these special signs and felt "nudges" of guidance from Ali.

In his blog Rock Pink 4 Ali, Ben explains what he was feeling during the photo shoot and what he continues to feel for Ali.

I especially connect with Ben's quote, toward the end of Ramisetti's article:

"I hope that people can see it as evidence of a love that Ali and I shared
that is still very deep, [and] that love carries on, and it doesn't die," he said.
"People who don't know us personally but may have
experience with losing a loved one can see that as an example of healing and life moving on.
It doesn't mean that we forget our loved ones,
but find ways to remember them and keep that memory going."
What a beautiful way to say "I love you" to his wife and their life together and what a creative and inspirational way to say "goodbye" to their home.  When a loved one dies, photos are a wonderful way to honor a LOVE that NEVER DIES.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lessons from a Child: Pray

Every school day, I bundle my two children and walk/drive/run to the school bus stop in order to get my kindergartner to school.  Sometimes we are hurrying to the meet the bus.  Yesterday morning was such a morning...

After some delay, we arrive - whew!  While I chat with another mother, my son is playing in the snow.  He didn't want to put his gloves on at home and now he hands are freezing.  We put he gloves on, but they are still cold.  He bursts into tears just as the bus pulls up.  "I don't want to gooooooo!" he wails and refuses to get on the bus.

A very human part of me wants to yell, "get on the bus!  It took us a lot of effort to get ready and get here in time. The roads are snowy and icy, I need to nurse the baby, and I don't want to drive you to school." 

But I refrain from such a speech of monster proportions, and instead I say "let's talk about it in the car", and bustle him back into the heated vehicle.

"I don't want to go to school," he sniffles.  "Why? What's going on?" I ask.

"I want to play at home.  My friends knocked my building of blocks down.  We had a substitute [teacher] yesterday.  And my hands are cold," he explains.

So we discuss each issue in turn.  We resolve them and then he says he feels sick.  I asked him, "where?"  "In the middle of me," he replies.  All of the sudden I get a flash of inspiration.  "Is this physical or spiritual?"  He responds, "Both."  I ask him if he wants to pray about it.  He says "yes", so we pray.  When we are done praying, he feels better and he hands are warm. 

"What do you want to do now?" I ask.

"I want to go to school," he says resolutely.  Okay, I say.  I have just enough time to get him to the school before he's considered tardy.

During the drive, I ask him: "When you are school, if you feel overwhelmed what are you going to do?"  I thought he would tell me he would speak with his teacher or use his words to talk.  After all, we had discussed those as solutions.

"Pray.  I am going to pray," he responds definitively.

I am blown away.  We talked about solutions, but it was the activity of prayer that altered the energy for him.

Prayer is powerful.  Never forget the important role of prayer in your life and in the lives of others.  By reaffirming our connection with the Divine, we set our fears, doubts, and issues aside as well as place our faith and trust in God's hands.  As is well.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


While driving to Fredonia on the back roads, I spotted a large bird flying down the middle of the road straight toward me.  When it was 100 feet in front of me, I recognized it as an Bald Eagle.  Although I haven't seen an Eagle in years, the white head and brown body were unmistakable.  And so was the spiritual message for me.

Moments before, I had just been asking the Divine about an aspect of my spiritual journey.  And here was the answer!

Those of you who are familiar with the Eagle as a symbol know already what I am about to write.  Eagle symbolizes connection with the Divine.  It is associated with the ability to live in the realm of Spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced on the Earth plane. 

For many Native American tribes, the Eagle represents a state of Grace achieved thru hard work and a completion of spiritual tests.  The feather of the Eagle is considered to be the most sacred of healing tools. 

When the Eagle flew into my life today, it was reminding me to take heart and gather my courage, for the universe is presenting me with an opportunity to soar above the mundane level of life in a new way.  So I shall pray and feed my soul with Spiritual Food and remember that the Light is always available to me.

When a "sign" presents itself clearly in my path, I pay attention.  I am grateful the Divine works with me in such obvious ways.  As the Eagle flew over my vehicle, I was uplifted and full of joy.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lily Dale Children's Acre

One of the organizations I am involved with in Lily Dale is the Children's Committee.  I thought I would share what we have been doing... especially because I am the chairperson of the committee *smile*

Early on in Lily Dale's history, this community understood the importance of children. Even before the Auditorium was built in 1881, a Lyceum was formed for the children. They felt that training of the young was important.

Then, in 1928, the Andrew Jackson Davis Lyceum Building was constructed and given to Lily Dale for the children's use by Mercy Cadwallader. The grounds of the "Children's Acre" featured the Lyceum Building and a beautiful garden with a playground adjacent to the building for the enjoyment of the children.

Today, the Children's Acre also features a basketball court, playground areas, a ball field, and more. All of these areas are in need of continual maintenance, repair, and/or improvement.

In autumn 2011, the Children's Committee formed to address these issues.  The mission of the Children's Committee is to improve the Children's Acre space for Lily Dale’s children and visitors and to make the Children’s Acre into a safe, attractive, and fun place for children and families.
Our committee continually discusses and researches ways to improve the Children’s Acre space, organizes Children’s Acre projects, and raises money for the Children’s Acre Fund.
In April 2012, we launched the Playground Refurbishment Project which included:
  • digging out the old woodchips, laying down commercial grade weed barrier, and putting down new woodchips to the correct safety depth.
  • Painting the old playground equipment
  • Replacing hardware, bolts, and swing chains
Many volunteer hours and months and months of planning went into this project. Manual labor was provided by many volunteers from the Lily Dale community and Cassadaga Job Corps, and the Lily Dale Maintenance Crew. Monetary donations from various individuals and the Children’s Acre Fund have gone toward purchase of new swing chains, new bouncy animals, new sports equipment, and other improvements at the Lily Dale playground and Children’s Acre.

In June 2012, we also made a low cost (virtually no cost) improvement to the Children’s Acre by creating a Natural Play Area with the climbing logs, stepping logs, and stump seats. Natural Play Areas are outdoor spaces designed for play that are made of natural components such as plants, logs, water, sand, mud, boulders, hills and trees. These components represent the larger wild environment in a way that feels safe and manageable to young visitors. A few man-made components might also be carefully integrated to support creative play, encourage confident exploration and help children develop a lasting affinity for the natural world. And we thank Cassadaga Job Corps for also helping us to create this special nature space for the children.

In late June 2012, we installed an official "Children's Acre" sign.  And in June 2012, we installed a new bench and 4-way spring rider.
Visitors to Lily Dale often remark about the wonderful improvements to the play spaces and the addition of the Natural Play area.

Last summer, the Children’s Committee organized a Victorian Ice Cream social fundraiser event to benefit the Children’s Acre Fund. The committee is organizing another Victorian Ice Cream Social for this coming summer 2014.

The LD Children’s Committee also organizes an annual playground clean-up day every spring.

The Lily Dale Children's Committee is currently researching ways to make improvements to the Children's Acre, especially ways to the restore the basketball court, the volleyball court, the ball field, and to add additional play elements for children in the 8-16 age range.

To make these improvements a reality, we are looking for donations of materials, resources, and time from individuals and organizations. 

To donate, feel free to contact me as I am the chairperson of the Children's Committee (and have been for the past three years).  Or send your monetary donation directly to the Lily Dale Assembly office, designating it for the "Children's Acre Fund".  Your generosity can provide the children with updated and safe equipment and repairs.

It is important that Lily Dale maintains kid-friendly spaces.  As a resident and mother, I appreciate having a playground to take my children to.  The houses are close together and personally I have a postage stamp for a yard.  *smile*  Also, I feel it is important that the many visitors to Lily Dale have a place for their children and grandchildren to play. 

Also, please "LIKE" the Lily Dale Children's Acre page on Facebook at: 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Lessons from a Child: Room mother

I feel it is important to actively participate in my children's education. Once a week, I volunteer in my son's Kindergarten classroom for a couple hours. 

For me and my son, there are many benefits.  Once a week, I have the valuable opportunity to:
  • help the teacher by running learning centers and by being another helping hand in the classroom
  • get to know the other children in my son's class
  • understand the way the school functions
  • see what my son is learning and how he is learning it, so that I can reinforce the methods at home
Most of all, I get to be another positive presence in school.  I never thought of myself as a "kid magnet", but when the students sit on the rug for group learning I become the "human couch".  My son is usually on my lap and three or four other children are leaning on my legs and arms, eager to cuddle and learn.  The other children (even the shy ones) shift closer to me and smile big beautiful grins as they learn math, reading, writing, and songs.  Seeing a normally grumpy child or a painfully shy child smile at me is a wonderful reward!

During freeplay, children seek me out to show off their Lego creations, amazing wooden block structures, detailed pictures, and other creations.  "Come play with us!" they say as they tug me by the hand.  "See this picture!" another pipes up.  "Will you read this book with me?" Their beautiful souls are shining brightly.

It's like having 22 children for a couple of hours.  They are seeking approval and empathy, acknowledgement of their hard work and efforts, and help with their shoelaces.

What a gift I am being given!  I am blessed to be surrounded by the love, trust, and generosity of these incredible children.  I am rewarded by spontaneous hugs and smiles. 

I am happy to be a room mother.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Autumn clearing

While on a walk, I was admiring the beautiful autumn colors.  Splendid yellows, oranges, and reds are colors I associate with the bottom three chakras:
  • Red - root chakra (at base of spine) - roots, family, survival issues
  • Orange - sacral chakra (just below the navel) - sexual energy, identity as a mother/sister/daughter/wife or father/brother/son/husband
  • Yellow - solar plexus chakra (few inches above the navel) - place of personal power
Autumn is wonderful time to begin a "review and renewal" process internally.  Clearing those bottom three chakras is important for general energy housekeeping and also for a better spiritual understanding of our physical and emotional connections with ourselves and others. 

As I was thinking about these things, I observed a small brown leaf floating on the wind toward me and into my path. No other leaves were flying, so it was very noticeable. 

The wind blew it directly in front of me until it was three feet above my head and one foot directly in front of me.  Then, the leaf began spiraling downward in a tight 8 inch diameter spiral.  I stopped walking to absorb this magical moment and appreciate the synchronicity.  A sweet rush of energy flowed from my toes to my head as the leaf touched down on the street.

I have no doubt this leaf was a beautiful message of joy, release, and healing from the Divine.  This experience cleared me in a wonderful way, cleaning my energy, and preparing me for another step on my journey.

Happy autumn!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

10-9-2013 Meditation class

I enjoy teaching classes with plenty of hands-on activities that encourage the student to discover the answers of their own soul.  For the past seven years, I have taught spiritual development classes at the local college. There is the prepwork of putting the curriculum together, preparing the handouts and class exercises, and of course doing the teaching.   
On Wednesday October 9th, I will be teaching "Meditation", a non-credit course, sponsored by Jamestown Community College. The course meets from 6-8 p.m. at the Jamestown JCC Campus.
Class description:

Would you like to feel peace and transform your perception of yourself and the world?  Then this meditation class is for you!  Meditation has many benefits; it helps us regain our natural balance as well as it's simple and easy to do and the rewards are wonderful: relaxation, peace of mind, and insight into your inner self. 

In this interactive seminar, you will learn the various forms of meditation, practice relaxation, and creative visualization to gain insight into your inner self.  Additionally, participants will understand the mind/body/spirit connection and heal your life through personal transformation as well as discover ways to train the mind and quiet mind chatter during meditation.

TO REGISTER, call the JCC Continuing Education Department at 716-338-1005.
Hope to see you in class!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mommy mode

For the past 5 months I have been in Mommy mode.

My days have been so filled with taking care of our family, especially our new baby, that the summer has flown by in the blink of an eye. I am glad I chose to have a limited work schedule this summer.  Mostly, I am grateful I can devote time to the formative years of our children.  My clients this summer have been understanding about this and so excited for me.

And as you've noticed, I haven't had time to write a blogpost in quite a while.  Now that our oldest child is in kindergarten I hope to have more time to compose blog posts.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding while I am in Mommy mode! *smile*

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

small Tall

Overheard at the playground

A group of children are playing "soccer".  I use this term loosely because half of the kids are goalies standing inside the goal and a few are milling around and a few others are actually chasing the ball that rarely makes it near the goal.

A 3 year-old girl  approached the kids guarding the goal and announces, "I want to be a goalie."  Another girl (a 4 year-old) rebukes her, "You are too small."

"I can too," she defends, pointing one finger straight up into the air.  "I am THIS tall."  Perhaps she is referring to her aura?

Monday, July 1, 2013

a Rainbow opens the Lily Dale season

Opening weekend in Lily Dale ... we had rain, rain, and more rain.  The outdoor events were moved inside and umbrellas were the accessory of choice.

During a break in the rain on Saturday evening, I went out onto the porch with the baby in my arms.  Taking deep breaths of the fresh air sweetened by the rain, I observed the light sprinkle of raindrops along with a parting in the clouds and a burst of sunshine and said to the baby, "this is the perfect recipe for a Rainbow!"  So I gathered up the kids and took a stroll. 

At the top of my street (North Street) we saw it - a fantastic Rainbow arcing across the sky above the tall trees of the Lily Dale woods behind the Picnic Pavilion and extending in a southerly direction.  As we followed the Rainbow, we walked along East Street.  Other people were also stopping to gaze at the beautiful phenomenon. 

As we arrived at the Lily Dale Children's Acre, we saw the Rainbow's other side flowing down in the vicinity of the Inspiration Stump.  The children played in the last rays of the evening on drippy slides and swings without complaint.  And the Rainbow lasted for over a half hour. 

There was a general consesus of oooohs and aaaahs over the Rainbow along with happy comments, "what a wonderful spiritual sign to have opening weekend of Lily Dale's season!"

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lessons from a Child: Indiana Jones

Are you familiar with the Indiana Jones' movie "Raider of the Lost Ark"? 

In the opening scene, our hero/archaelogist Jones confronts hordes of deadly tarantulas, dodges poison darts and light-sensitive impaling spikes, and swings across a deep chasm (with the help of Jones' trademark bullwhip), in order to reach a small golden idol on a booby-trapped altar.  After carefully replacing the priceless artifact with a small sack of dirt of what he estimates to be the same weight, Jones soon realizes that he has miscalculated. 

The switch triggers thundering tremors and the huge altar collapses.  Jones exit from the temple is even more dramatic as the scene climaxes with a huge boulder rolling down an overhead track on its way to seal the cave entrance, crushing all in its path.  Our hero narrowly escapes by leaping to safety outside the cave just ahead of the juggernaut.

This action-packed sequence replays in my mind as I finish coaxing my newborn to sleep.  I must time my next moves with precision.  My baby is asleep, but for how long? 

The goal is to lay him down without him waking up.  I must be stealthy and quiet.  One false move and he could awaken and my previous efforts will be in vain.  I must use every ounce of intuition to choose the exact right moment to put the baby down. 

And then there are additional forces at work:
  • Will my 4 year old shout "MOM!" at the inopportune moment?
  • Will the phone ring?
  • Will the baby detect that he is no longer nestled next to his mommy's beating heart?
  • Will he feel the lack of pressure and warmth as my arms unwrap from his tiny body? 
  • Will my 4 year old have the incredible urge to "be helpful" and check on his brother?
  • Will he hear the creak of the door or floor?
  • Will he wet his diaper and wake up?
Almost daily, I hear the theme song from the movie playing in my head.  "Dun dah dun daaaaa, dun dah daa, dun dah dun daaa, dun dah da da dunnn..."  Thankfully, my sense of humor is still intact, right?  *smile*

And today I have successfully put the baby down to sleep without incident, but the saga continues.  Each day has its' new challenges.  And the adventure never ends!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maternity Leave

The baby has arrived and I am now on Maternity Leave.  We have a wonderful baby boy!

Our family is "nesting in", so this means I am devoting my time exclusively to tending to my newborn and our family's needs.

Therefore, I am not available for readings at this time, as I am on a few months of Maternity Leave. And I will not be available for Mediumship Readings until Lily Dale's summer season. 

For the months of July and August, I will have a VERY limited work schedule for in-person readings only, as I ease into work after the maternity leave.  Phone readings will scheduled for September and beyond.

During the months of May and June, I plan to check my phone messages and emails every few days, so please be patient as it may take up to a week (or even two) for me to get back to you

Also, I will be taking a hiatus from by Blog until further notice, however I hope to have time to share a blogpost by late May.

Thank you for all of your excitement and support!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Signs of Spring: Lessons from a Child

Throughout the long winter, my son (in his excitement about the impending arrival of the baby) would ask almost daily when the baby would be here.  It is difficult for a four year old to understand the concept of months when he is still learning the days of the week.

Eventually, I hit upon a way for him to know when the baby would be here.  I said, "the baby will be here in the Springtime".  I further explained that we would look for signs of Spring, such as when the snow melts, the flowers start blooming, the birds return, and the weather is warmer. 

So then it turned into "is it Spring yet, Mommy?"  And we would reviews the signs and my sweet boy would be say "I wish it was Spring now so the baby could come".

Now, the signs of Spring are in full force.  And he is noticing them!
  • While we are taking a walk: "Look, Mommy!  The flowers are blooming.  That is a sign of Spring and the baby is almost here!"
  • While he is playing in the front yard: "Mommy, the snow is melted now and the baby will be here soon!"
  • While we are driving in the car:  "It's a warm day.  It doesn't feel like winter anymore.  Where is the baby?"
His joyful enthusiasm is wonderful to behold.  His face is radiant and smiling, and he says the word "baby" with such sweet tenderness.  In fact, it is a tender form of his natural glee. He wants to be a good Big Brother, a good helper, and a good teacher to the Baby.

The signs of Spring are popping up all over now, so it won't be long...  How wonderful to be looking forward to a new life and seeing signs of renewal and freshness everywhere!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prenatal Exercise for the Spiritual Mama

Just in case any of my blog readers are interested in how I am preparing for Baby #2, I am (of course) reading birthing books, staying active, and getting the hodgepodge of baby items ready. 

This time around I have been fortunate to find some great Prenatal Exercises resources.  Thought I would share them with you in case you (or someone you know) could benefit. 

1) The New Method: Baby & Mom Prenatal Yoga DVD (with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa) - a Kundalini yoga workout excellent for birth preparation. I especially enjoy the stretches for "making space" for baby, birthing squats, and endurance exercises. The instructor also talks about intuitively birthing the baby and encourages you to do many of the exercises with your eyes closed so that you can internalize the experience and draw upon this strength in labor. I notice a big difference in how I feel after this workout - I feel lighter, looser, and freer. 

2) You Having a Baby Workout DVD (with Tracy Hafen & Joel Harper) - has a workout for each of the trimesters plus a post-pregnancy workout, uses light weights for some exercises.  Okay, this one is pretty mainstream and you won't find any meditations or intuitive talk, but it's a good workout. :)

3) Yoga for Pregnancy book (by Francoise Barbira Freedman & Doriel Hall) - wonderful exercises to prepare the body for birth - I especially value the "Open Position" for prestretching the birth muscles, "Knee Circles" for stretching and toning the perineal muscles, and "Upside Down" to achieve awareness and control of various muscles. The book also has many useful labor breathing and birthing positions, as well as meditations.

I really feel that I am in training for the birth and these exercise materials are helping me.  Winter snow and ice can be difficult for a pregnant woman to navigate so most days my daily walk gets 'cancelled'.  Thank goodness I found these resources to keep me active and prepare me for the birth (physically and intuitively).

Hope you find this info helpful too!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chinese Medicine and the baby

One of the things I have always been fascinated with is Chinese Medicine's understanding of Energetic Anatomy as it pertains to growing a baby.

The sequence of embryologicial development was first presented by the Chinese Medical Qigong expert Dr Chao Yuan Fang during the Sui Dynasty, around 610 A.D. I am amazed by the accuracy by which Chinese Medicine experts delinated the various monthly changes in the fetus physically, as they strongly correlate with what 'modern science' tells us today.

In fact, when I look at the Chinese Medicine chapter on the prenatal months of Creation, I see a very strong resemblance to the well-known mainstream book that most pregnant woman read, "What to Expect when You are Expecting", with a whole lot more spiritual knowledge thrown in.  Chinese Medicine tells you from a spiritual-physical standpoint WHY and WHAT various fetal developments are happening.  The other book tells you WHAT but not why.

In the Chinese Medicine book, you will see words such as "Yuan Jing" (Original Essence), "Shen" (Spirit), "Yuan Qi" (Original Energy), and "Hun" (the body's Eternal Soul) interspersed witih what muscles, bones, and organs are forming in the fetus. And phrases such as "this purifying action transforms into Heat, causing the fetus' Yang Qi to arouse the Hun into life" are used to describe the energetic functioning.

It is important to remember that the human soul was not created at the time of birth. Being part of the Divine, all souls have existed since the beginning of time.  According to Chinese Medicine,
the human soul is enveloped by and composed of three bodies.  While in the mother's uterus, the human soul is initially enveloped in a spiritual body.  Then an energetic body is formed within the spiritual body.  Finally, the physical body is constructed within the energetic and spiritual bodies.  This allows the individual to live within the lower levels of creation.  All three bodies have substance, yet they exist at different levels of vibration.
Each month of gestation, a different energetic channel is opened in the mother allowing for energetic activity to occur within the developing fetus.  Basically, each month a new energy is generated for the baby and helping to merge the soul with the flesh.

There is a very in-depth explanation for each lunar month's tissue and energetic formation, as well as biorhythym influences on Prenatal Jing, Qi, and Shen formation.  For example, in month two, the mother's Gall Bladder channels are responsible for the development of the mesenteric membrane sac and the Gall Bladder channels also saturate the embryo, Uterus, and placenta with Jing, causing the embryonic Qi to become denser until it transforms into a thick liquid (amniotic fluid).

Chinese medicine also states that any faltering in energy during gestation may be linked with physical, mental, and/or emotional disturbances in the baby following birth.  Additionally, the prenatal energetic patterns of the body are determined at the time and place of conception by establishing the "inherent strength or weakness of the individual's spiritual constitution as well as his or her ancestral traits (food, preferences, manner of dress, preferences of art, spiritual beliefs, affinity for certain culture, and so on)."

Sometimes these concepts of prenatal energetic composition are so complex that I find myself having to read the chapters slowly and several times to understand.  For me, it was worth the read because I enjoy how every particle, atom, and cell of physical body has its energetic and spiritual counterpart. 

If you are interested in reading about the above topic too, there is a Chinese Medicine Qigong Therapy book series by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson.  The section on prenatal formation is in Volume One.  Be forewarned that this series is not cheap (I borrowed it from a friend) and each volume is quite thick but the whole series has wonderful in-depth information about soul development, spiritual understanding of the chakras and other energetic fields, and health.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy News!

If you've visited my website recently, you will no doubt have noticed my Happy News - my husband and I are expecting another baby this spring! 

Once the baby arrives (due in April), I will be on a couple months of maternity leave and will not be available until June (most likely late-June), just in time for the beginning of Lily Dale's summer season. 

To balance work and family, my summer schedule will be VERY limited.  Motherhood is very important to me (and they are babies for such a short time!) so I will be slowly easing back into seeing clients in order to give my family (and our newborn) the attention each member deserves.

My work as a Medium is also very important to me.  Those of you who have had readings with me know that I believe in creating 'sacred space' for the duration of the session where my focus is centered on the spirit(s) and information we are connecting with.

This means that I will only be available for readings a few days a week for only about an hour and a half on those days. As the summer progresses (and the baby gets a little older), I may take on more.

As I feel the baby move now at this moment, I feel so blessed to be "full of Life".  What a special connection we mothers are blessed to experience!  We are co-creators with the Universe with the Divine joy and responsibility to nurture our children, nurture ourselves, and affirm the cycle of Life.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Popcorn science at the PreK

My son is in PreK now, so I am a regular parent volunteer in his classroom.  Under the heading of "parent participation", I enjoy a morning among preschoolers reading books, singing songs, learning ABCs and letter sounds, reviewing geometric shapes, doing craft projects, putting together puzzles, playing, helping with coats and bookbags, and (of course) snacktime. 

In my efforts to provide them with healthy snacks on the days I am visiting, I bring clementine oranges, baby carrots, and sugar snap peas.  Yesterday, with the approval and encouragement of the teacher, I brought my popcorn air popper and demonstrated this method of preparing popcorn.

I took a survey among the children and none of them (except for my son) had seen a popcorn air popper before.  They thought popcorn came from a microwave bag.  They were very excited to see the popcorn suddenly burst over and funnel into the bowl.  Their giggles and enthusiasm were wonderful!  The preschoolers could barely wait for me to put melted butter and salt on the popcorn.  Their little fingers itched to snitch a handful.  And they clamoured for me to fill their cups a second time. 

The teacher was delighted with their response and said she planned to bring in her air popper to make popcorn for the children this way again.  With a smile, I reminded her that making popcorn falls under the heading of science.  Her eyes lit up.  And now she plans to explain how corn "pops".

Being with children is a joyful experience. They are curious, eager to learn, and true explorers.  Their awe in the world is wonderful and they are examples to us all.

As stated in the Bible, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 18:3

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the Eye of God

On a day when the snow was melting in the early February sun, my son and I were walking and enjoying the thaw.  We admired the rare blue of the sky and the sunshine on our faces (at least the parts not covered by hats and scarves). 

Glancing up, I saw a group of clouds with a small opening where the sun was bursting through.  I immediately turned to my son, pointed to that part of the sky and said, "Look, the eye of God!" 

I'm not quite sure why I have always considered that phenomenon in the sky His Eye, but I have.  On those rare days that I see it, I feel calm and joyful and protected.  God is watching over us through that heavenly aperture.

He said, "The eye of God?"  "Yes, do you see that hole in the clouds with the sun beaming through?" I responded.  "When Daddy and I got married, we saw the Eye of God in the sky watching us at that very moment,"  I told him.

As soon as he saw it, he gave a joyful greeting "Hello, God!  Hello, sky!"  My son felt a similar friendliness and peace with God's presence. 

Have you ever seen "the Eye of God" in the sky?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Audio from 1-13-2013 Lecture

For those of you who were unable to attend my lecture on Sunday January 13th in Lily Dale, you can access an audio recording of the lecture here at the Church of the Living Spirit website. Click on my name, turn up the volume, and have a good listen!

The subject of my lecture is "Living a Life of Faith thru Prayer" and I focus on the life experiences and journals of George Müller, a 19th century Christian evangelist from England.  His life of prayer is an inspiration and I recommend reading his autobiography.

He opened 5 orphanage houses in England and he was well known for providing an education to the children under his care, to the point where he was accused of raising the poor above their natural station in life. He also established 117 schools which offered Christian education to over 120,000 children, many of them being orphans.

Through all this, Müller never made requests for financial support, nor did he go into debt, even though the five homes cost over £100,000 to build. Many times, he received unsolicited food donations only hours before they were needed to feed the children, further strengthening his faith in God.

For example, on one well-documented occasion, they gave thanks for breakfast when all the children were sitting at the table, even though there was nothing to eat in the house. As they finished praying, the baker knocked on the door with sufficient fresh bread to feed everyone, and the milkman gave them plenty of fresh milk because his cart broke down in front of the orphanage.
This way of living brings the Lord remarkably near. Morning by morning, He inspects our supplies that He may send help as it is needed.
I have never had a greater awareness of the Lord's presence than when after breakfast nothing is left for dinner, and then the Lord provided the dinner for more than one hundred people; or when, after dinner, there was nothing for the tea, and yet the Lord provided the tea --- all this without one single human being having been informed about our need.
One thing is certain --- we are not tired of doing the Lord's work this way. page 130
Although he never asked any person (only God) for anything, Müller asked those who did support his work to give a name and address in order that a receipt might be given. After all, "true Spirituality is proving God as your supply, daily - not just once in a while."

Müller prayed about EVERYTHING and EXPECTED each prayer to be answered, which he documented in his journals.  He knew that God would provide:
When sight ceases, it is the time for faith to work.  The greater the difficulties, the easier it is for faith.  As long as human possibilities for success remain, faith does not accomplish things as easily as when all natural prospects fail.  page 187
Müller's faith in God strengthened day by day and he spent hours in daily prayer and Bible reading. When he eventually passed in his 90s (which an incredible age to reach in the 1800s), he had lived an amazing life of prayer.  He is truly an inspiration of intuitive faith and utilization of Spiritual Natural Law.

God bless!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Children's Lyceum

I am thrilled to say that the Lyceum program is up and running again in Lily Dale. 

What is Lyceum?  Lyceum is the Spiritualist's version of Sunday school. 

The formation of Lyceums in the United States and the United Kingdom was inspired by Andrew Jackson Davis, an American visionary and lecturer who, in 1863, spoke of the benefit of training youngsters in both worldly and spiritual matters.  Not long after his lecture, some inspired members of the audience established the first 'Children's Progressive Lyceum.'

The word 'Lyceum' comes from the garden in ancient Athens where Aristotle taught philosophy to his followers. And in America, during the 1800's the word 'lyceum' meant a "literary institution, lecture hall or teaching place."

Children's Lyceum classes are designed to create healthy-minded "free thinkers" and include lessons in Spiritual Natural Law, the Golden Rule as well as many others.

The purpose of the Lyceum is to guide children to explore aspects of themselves, values of being a healthy member of community, and Spiritualism.

Activities such as discussion, story telling, creative expression, music appreciation, movement, healthy snack time, and play are offered as ways for children to explore, discover, and make choices for themselves as unique individuals and members of community. Spiritualism is a religion of conviction not conversion. Therefore young people are introduced to aspects of Spiritualism and encouraged to have discussions with their parents as part of their exploration.

Young people (4 years to teens) are welcome to attend the Children's Lyceum program at the Andrew Jackson Davis Lyceum building in Lily Dale on Sunday mornings.  Interested parents can attend the session with their children OR they can attend one of the Sunday morning church services in Lily Dale and pick up their child immediately after the service.

Lyceum sessions are facilitated within a caring, harmonious, fun loving space that encourages mutual respect and understanding of boys and girls of all ages who wish to learn together.  As Andrew Jackson Davis stated “...a child is the repository of infinite possibilities”. 

FYI:  Many other Spiritualist churches offer Children's Lyceum on Sunday mornings - check with your local Spiritualist church for more information. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday Speaker at COLS church service 1-13-2013

This Sunday, I will be the Featured Speaker and Medium at the Church of the Living Spirit. Church services are held at the Assembly Hall in Lily Dale, NY at 10:30 a.m.

For those of you who are not familiar with a Spiritualist church service, here is a basic outline of events:

•Lecture from the featured speaker (me, this Sunday)
•Healing time - opportunity to receive beautiful, channeled energy from one of the healers
•Messages from Spirit - demonstrations of mediumship are presented by the medium (me, again!) giving short messages to those in the audience
•Music - songs with live music accompaniment

So there you go - if you are coming to church, you will see me!

For more info, visit and

Friday, January 4, 2013

'Weird' beliefs are world-wide

Recently, I attended a beautiful wedding in a Christian church.  During the service, the officiating minister stated, "Other people may think we are 'weird' for our beliefs, but we feel we are following the dictates of God."

This particular comment got me thinking about how people of EVERY religion out there feel that others think they are 'weird' for their religious and/or spiritual beliefs. 

Sometimes this is expressed in statements of victimhood or defensiveness by the religious group or individual.  Sometimes these perceived 'weirdnesses' are made the subject of jokes.  Misunderstandings and generalities abound.  Whole groups get assigned a catch-phrase or pigeon-hole category that may or may not fit.

Other times, there can be a 'spiritual superiority' that emerges... almost like children showing off, my 'religion' is better than yours.  Cases of "I've got it all figured out and you are clueless" emerge.  Throughout history, religious superiority has been used as a reason to prevent or allow actions, bend the will of the people, and reshape cultures.

Many people are not encouraged by their spiritual communities to explore the ideas of other religions.  They are told essentially, "This information (or religious group) has already been examined and found lacking.  Don't look at it."  In some communities, comparative religious study is prevented by their doctrine and policies.  The religious authorities demand "You must only read or experience these prescribed books, translations, and approved interpretations."

Personally, I enjoy comparative religious study and seeing the differences and, more often than not, similiarities between religions.  I find it fascinating to study the evolution of religious history, the growth of polytheism to monotheism within cultures, the influx of various races into an area and the effect on spiritual beliefs, and the list goes on. 

Occasionally, there are individuals that have a good grasp on their religion and still maintain an openness of religious discussion.  Those are some of the conversations and discoveries I enjoy the most and learn the most from. 

There is always something more to learn and explore when it comes to understanding aspects of the Divine.  I hope that I never stop exploring and never stop learning.  Thankfully, (as we Spiritualists say) spiritual progression is eternal and infinite.  Hope that doesn't make me 'weird'.  *smile*