Friday, August 14, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Telephone Game

I attended a birthday party recently. The event was for a friend turning 34, but with all of the children in attendance you would have thought it was a party for a little girl.

The celebration was a huge success. Children and adults fought goodnaturedly over paper plates depicting Disney princesses such as Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle. After much consideration, I ended up with my own princess plate with a generous portion of funfetti cake.

With girlie squeals and pink heart pendants containing grape flavored lip gloss, the little girls were having a blast getting the adults to play the Telephone Game.

Do you remember that game?
The Telephone Game is also known in various parts of the world as broken telephone, whisper down the lane, gossip, silent mail, and telephone without wires.

You lean over to your neighbor and whisper a phrase such as "My purple shirt has pizza on it."

Your neighbor leans over to their neighbor and passes the phrase on. The whisper chain continues around the table until it reaches you again. The last person calls out aloud the message they have received.

And after it has passed through ten people, the phrase ends up being something like "A purple monster ate the dishwasher." The original phrase has been distorted either intentionally or by mistake until it is virtually unrecognizable.

It's a wonderful lesson in listening and understanding that the truth can sometimes to be lost in the retelling. If you don't pass it on exactly as stated, the fish gets bigger, the adventure more daring, the terror more compelling, and the message more garbled. Most telephone gamers understand this and giggle in wonderful abandon while others seriously intone the phrase and carefully pass it along word for word.

This game got me thinking about spirit messages.

During spirit communication, we receive a message or information from a spirit loved one and pass it onto a client. This is basically a much smaller version of the Telephone Game.

It is essential that we carefully and correctly pass the message on. We all have different filters (attitude, life experience, levels of fear vs joy, etc) and we need to be aware of how those filters positively and negatively effect the content of a message. I encourage you to keep this in mind in your own spirit communications.

Apply spirit communication with right intention and practice. Be truthful. Listen to and feel messages carefully and pass them on with correct tone and words or else you could end up "eating a purple pizza". *smile* [do pizzas come in grape flavor?]

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Rose said...

I love this post, Willa!

In our Mediumship Training Program at our church here in Cincinnati, we actually play The Telephone Game with our beginning students. We use it as a way to show them how distorted a message can get when it's passed on and to encourage the students to give the information as closely to the way it was received as possible. :-)

I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks for sharing all of this wisdom!