Saturday, November 1, 2014

I love to teach!

The past couple of weeks, I have had so much fun teaching the Aura classes.  And as usual at JCC, the students were wonderful! 

In part One 'Understanding the Aura', the students learned about the chakras, the layers of the aura, and how the aura related to its' environment and other people.  They also had the opportunity to see and feel their own aura, and well as see the auras of other students.  And my healing chakra-cleansing meditation blissed everyone out.

In part Two 'Advanced Auras', the students measured and sensed the aura using various techniques, practiced opening the chakras and cleansing the aura of unwanted energy, and seeing a partner's energy on a deeper level.  Many of them remarked how much they enjoyed measuring the aura with the pendulum.

Students came away with the knowledge that they each have an aura and a soul.  They recognize they are on spiritual paths and are excited to practice what they have learned.

I love my work!!  And I truly enjoy helping others realize their intuitive abilities.