Thursday, September 8, 2016

Living in the Now

The summer Season flew by sooooo fast!   Those ten weeks felt like two!!

My life seems to go by at the speed of light because it is full of family, clients, and various commitments.  And my life is full of many blessings and moments I cherish.

I find myself studying my childrens' hands, faces, voices, and more because they are growing and changing each passing day.  Later on, when they are older, I want to remember the delicious moments of holding them in my arms, helping them with their shoes and homework, laughing at silly things, exploring in the woods, floating in the lake, taking walks and splashing in puddles...

And when I am with clients, time blinks by so fast.  We become so involved in our conversation with their spirit loved ones that we frequently lose track of time.  To me, a half hour feels like five minutes and an hour feels like 15 minutes. 

I believe this is because when I am serving as a Medium I am completely in the present moment (in the Now).  We go in deep because I practically immerse myself in what I refer to as the Essence of Spirit.  When I serve as a medium, I feel the immense energy of Spirit channeling through me and the circle of energy grows beyond all comprehension when I know that the person I am reading for feels it too. 

Together, we are living in the Now.