Sunday, March 25, 2012

Usually: An Ode to Spring


No, I'm not describing the latest celebrity hottie or a new icecream flavor.  I'm talking about the weather.  It's spring!

Actually, it's a very summer-like spring.  We've had temperatures in the 70s --- an unheard of joy in this part of the world at this time of year. 

Usually we would be experiencing frost, snow, and freezing sleet.  So everybody is deliciously surprised and satisfied by the sunny turn of events. 

In fact, I can tell that some people are surprised that they don't have to complain about the weather because they are almost speechless.  And they have beautific and radiant smiles on their faces. 

After years about venting about the long horrendous winters and large amounts of snow that we usually experience, the frowns have been turned upside down. 

This got me thinking about the lessons of this unusual Spring, so here's a short list of what I'm learning about myself and my LIFE this spring:
  • 'Usually' doesn't apply anymore, so remove 'usually' from your weather vocabulary.
  • You really will reach the next space of light.
  • When things are good, don't focus on the past.
  • When people are happy because of the weather, let them enjoy their happiness and thereby encourage praise of blessings.
  • Plant a garden and grow with it.
  • Take time to watch:
    • the sun sparkle like diamonds on the lake
    • a robin tug a worm from the green lawn
    • the purple crocus flower bloom
  • Get the grill out of the shed.
  • Go barefoot more often.
  • When your 3-year-old wants to spend the entire day outside and find a way to accommodate this instinct as much as possible in the schedule.
  • Join him! 
Bottomline:  The external sunshine is nothing compared to the internal sunshine of your soul.  Spring is another way of helping us to remember we are Divine.  That after the darkness comes the Light.  You can discover yourself in the Sunlight of Today!

Sunny blessings to You All!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Forgiveness & Grace: Part Two

(continued from Part One)

As the Father forgives us freely—showering us with Grace—so we should forgive others (see the Lord's Prayer, Mt. 6:12). Forgiving others is often the most important thing we can "do unto them," but the least recognized.

And this makes sense to me because ….

Our souls are utterly devoid of jealousy, hatred, suspicion, and criticism. Retaliation and revenge are no part of the Cosmic Plan and Purpose (which is Love’s Infinite Forgiveness).

Our trespasses are forgiven as we forgive those who trespass against us. How can we expect forgiveness while we still hate someone? Forgiveness begins with me, you, us!

It is easy to forgive with the lips, but how truly divine to forgive with the whole heart. We have not really forgiven if we still remember the old hurts and still talk about it. Therefore, we know that we have not really forgiven until w have forgotten.

We must forgive with such complete abandon that we can never recall the incident again. That we entertain no inward sense of guilt, shame or condemnation about ourselves or others. Say with me: Gladly, gratefully, I forgive myself as I would another.

As J. Lowery Fendrich explains… “When we realize our oneness with God, with all men, then forgiveness is the natural expression of our love for all men.”

Forgiveness is the key to resurrection and ascension. Resenting anything or anybody only fills the system with poison, cuts off supply and blocks real progress. Resentment restricts, while Love releases.

Through Kindness and Forgiveness we embrace the Golden Rule and move into a space of Grace.

According to Hindu devotional literature available throughout India, GRACE is the ultimate key required for spiritual self-realization. The ancient sage Vasistha, in his classical work Yoga Vasistha, considered GRACE to be the only way to transcend the bondage of lifetimes of karma. 

And Vasistha is absolutely correct!  Spiritual Natural Law states that the Law of Grace transcends the Law of Karma.  Isn't that incredibly wonderful?

Grace is a gift from God and grace and forgiveness are gifts we can give each other. We have been given the opportunity to know and love the Divine - to experience a lifetime of growth and celebration.

Bottomline:  Allow the magnificence of Divine Grace to penetrate into your awareness, transcending all --- for as we learn and grow we reach a state of supreme grace.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Forgiveness & Grace: Part One

“Forgiveness,” said William Blake, “is the greatest of all the virtues, because it humbly puts up with ALL vices.”

Few impulses are higher on the scale of human qualities than forgiveness, and few virtues are more important for us to learn.  “Why, if God can forgive each person his or her nine thousand and ninety-nine sins every minute,” asks the Christian mystic William Law, “can we not forgive other persons just one of theirs?” (That hits home.)

And I love the following anecdote because it illustrates this point so beautifully:
A certain general once said to the Protestant reformer John Wesley, “Sir, I never forgive.” “Then, I hope, sir,” replied Wesley, “you never do anything wrong.”
Many of us aren’t even aware of it, but we live a life of reactions rather than responses. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

Someone gets mad at you and you reply with an intense level of madness. This is called a reaction. In reacting to anger, you are only perpetuating more anger. A response, in this case, would be to constructively understand the criticism and reply with a calm mind.

Let’s say you get five compliments in the morning, you smile all day. And if your boss gives you negative feedback that morning, then you are doomed all day. You keep reacting to other people’s actions toward you. This simply means that you need to develop self-mastery … develop control over your attitude and behavior… cultivate an attitude of forgiveness…

(continued in Part Two)

Monday, March 5, 2012

VanPraagh chat event 3-13-2012

Via his website, well-known medium James Van Praagh offers teaching seminars via online chats on Tuesdays evenings. During JVP Chat Events, a variety of authors, speakers and practitioners share seminar-type chats on interesting and diverse topics. Chat Events include a text-only seminar from the guest speaker as well as an interactive question and answer session.

Over the years, this has been a fun and educational way for student mediums to explore and learn online! Chat events are free and they last about one hour. And next week, I will be returning as the special guest for James' chat seminar to teach and inspire.

Tuesday March 13th
Special event with Medium Willa White
9:00 pm Eastern Time

The chat event will be begin at 9:00 p.m. in the JVP Chat Special Events Room! To join me at the chat event, you must first register as a JVP member (click the link and follow the instructions), then you will be allowed access to the Chat Room.