Thursday, September 30, 2010

A starting place

For many months now, my toddler son has exhibited word recognition in several ways.

He reacts to my verbal directives and responds with his own.

  • Time to go outside. He collects his shoes and mine from the mat by the door, brings them to me, and says "shoosh".
  • Would you like a banana? He goes to the fruit bowl, hands the banana to me for peeling, and says "baaa-na" excitedly.
  • Grandma is going to be here soon. He stations himself at the window in anticipation looking for "Gaw-ma".
  • Let's water the flowers. He makes a beeline for the watering can while repeating "flour-rs".
  • Time to wash the dishes. He pulls a chair over to help with the "deeshes".
  • Let's go brush teeth. He makes a brushing motion toward his mouth along with a brushing noise.

He is learning word recognition, visual recognition, and other cues. This got me thinking about how novice mediums also go through a similar learning stage to toddlers.

By paying attention, a medium begins to receive impressions and learn how spirit works with them. The way in which a beginning medium labels and notices impressions during spirit contact is similar to way a toddler labels and notices objects, people, and places.

Beginning mediumship can be as simple as stringing together impressions from Spirit, in much the same way that a toddler begins to string together words to create sentences. "Moon [in the] sky." "Truck [loads] dirt."

As a medium, I take note of Spirit's directives and pass along these impressions in order to convey the essence of a spirit loved one. For example, in a reading recently, I received the following impressions:

  • man hooked up to oxygen
  • flag - my symbol for military service
  • father
  • bowtie
The client confirmed the information: "Yes, my father had emphysema so he was on oxygen, he served in the military, and I'm pretty sure that the bowtie is because he volunteered as a clown at the Children's Hospital."

As you learn to understand the ways in which Spirit works with you, remember to honor the information being given to you and to enjoy exploring the world of Spirit the way a child explores the physical world.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lily Dale Experience Class 10-6-10

Would you like to visit the Lily Dale Assembly, the world‘s largest center for the science, philosophy, and religion of Spiritualism?

Now is your opportunity! On Wednesday October 6th, I will be facilitating the:
"Lily Dale Experience"

This class is sponsored by the Jamestown Community College Continuing Education Department & the Chautauqua County Visitor's Bureau.

Learn about spirit communication, spiritual healing, Spiritualism, Lily Dale, and more. This fun informative class will be followed by the experience of attending a public demonstration of mediumship and spiritual healing, with a brief Q & A afterward. This is an excellent opportunity to explore facets of mediumship and healing and to visit historic Lily Dale, now celebrating its 131st year.

For more detailed class descriptions, see my website's Coming Events page at:

I strongly suggest that your REGISTER EARLY for these classes. Call JCC at 716-338-1005. Hope to see you in class!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

24 butterflies

Q: Hello, Willa! I really want to know your opinion on butterflies! I do believe my family and friends that have crossed over do come to me as butterflies. Would you believe this to be true? Sincerely, A.G.

A: The short answer is YES. I do believe that spirit loved ones can convey messages using any method at their disposal, including butterflies. Not everything is a message from Spirit, so you have to use some discernment.

Case in point, the day I read your email I also [synchronistically] did a reading for a client who was felt a spirit loved one was communicating with her via butterflies.

After I brought through evidential information that established we were in fact communicating with her daughter who has passed almost a year ago, this client told me about seeing butterflies in the backyard. She explained that she later dismissed this as spirit contact because she found out a neighbor has a butterfly tree. So this caused her to doubt things.

Well, on a particularly bad day of grieving for her daughter, she was frustrated and desiring some real confirmation of her daughter's presence, so she asked for it. She was in the car driving to pick up her grandson. As she drove the three miles to his location, she noticed butterflies swooping down into her path, narrowly missing her windshield. Each one of them was yellow and she counted 24 yellow butterflies in all. Most importantly, she felt this was her beloved daughter's way of offering real evidence of her presence.

I said to the client, "The number 24 is significant. Your daughter doesn't want you to miss that point too. How old---"

"Oh, my!" the client gasped. "My daughter was 24 when she passed. She would have turned 25 the very next day."

So there you have it, folks! Those in Spirit will utilize what is available to them --- including butterflies!!!


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Affirmation of peace

"I ask, receive, and gratefully accept the power and miracle of peace. I release my need for control over this moment and flow into now. I breathe in peace. I experience peace fully and joyously. I am peace."

This is my version of 'Serenity Now'. This is my positive affirmation --- a mantra that reminds me of my purpose, encourages me to let go, and creates my experience in this present moment and the moments to come. It is an Infinite Blessing.

Blessings of Peace to You All!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 2010 JCC Class - sign up now!

This month, I will be teaching a spiritual development class at the JCC Jamestown NY campus:

"Symbols - Methods for Interpretation & Guidance" - Thursday September 30th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Symbols can provide a deeply personal look into self-discovery and one’s search for individual and spiritual meaning. Benefits of the exploration of symbols include problem solving, creativity, dream interpretation, spirit communication, and most importantly, personal awareness. Come and learn how to interpret and work with the symbols, images, and messages of your soul.

For more detailed class descriptions, see my website's Coming Events page at:

I strongly suggest that your REGISTER EARLY for these classes. Call JCC at 716-338-1005. See you in class!