Saturday, August 29, 2009

Q & A: Will our session be a conversation with spirit loved ones?

Q: What happens during a mediumship reading? Will it be a conversation between me and my spirit loved ones?

A: Each reading is unique, so I never know what to expect during a reading. As a medium, I open myself with the highest and best intention to receive information from your spirit loved ones.

Once we establish contact with a spirit loved one and have established their identity, we can engage them in conversation and ask them questions.

Many times, a reading is an opportunity to chat with your family and extended family and maybe a few of your closest friends. It can be a special time for reunion and a sharing of memories. It can be a chance to say "hello" or "I'll see you again" or "I love you". Perhaps it will be a time for making amends and apologies. Or it can be an opportunity for closure and explanation. Or it can a time to receive guidance and opinions from those you trust in Spirit. Or it can be a confirmation of your own experiences with spirit contact and listening to your own soul.

Sometimes you know the people who gather very well, sometimes you are getting to know them or getting to know them better.

Depending on the personality dynamics of the members of your family and others, you could have quite a discussion. Conversation may be stilted or it may launch into a debate or it may flow beautifully.

Usually one of the spirits becomes what I call the Primary Spirit Communicator. This spirit loved one will be in charge of the discussion, or may help/allow other spirits to communicate, or may be the only spirit communicator.

Ultimately, my focus is to bring through the essence of a spirit loved one and their messages. My goal is to help my clients connect with their loved ones in spirit for healing and for evidential spirit contact.

I truly enjoy my work as a medium and every day I give thanks for my connection with Spirit.


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