Friday, November 15, 2013

Lessons from a Child: Room mother

I feel it is important to actively participate in my children's education. Once a week, I volunteer in my son's Kindergarten classroom for a couple hours. 

For me and my son, there are many benefits.  Once a week, I have the valuable opportunity to:
  • help the teacher by running learning centers and by being another helping hand in the classroom
  • get to know the other children in my son's class
  • understand the way the school functions
  • see what my son is learning and how he is learning it, so that I can reinforce the methods at home
Most of all, I get to be another positive presence in school.  I never thought of myself as a "kid magnet", but when the students sit on the rug for group learning I become the "human couch".  My son is usually on my lap and three or four other children are leaning on my legs and arms, eager to cuddle and learn.  The other children (even the shy ones) shift closer to me and smile big beautiful grins as they learn math, reading, writing, and songs.  Seeing a normally grumpy child or a painfully shy child smile at me is a wonderful reward!

During freeplay, children seek me out to show off their Lego creations, amazing wooden block structures, detailed pictures, and other creations.  "Come play with us!" they say as they tug me by the hand.  "See this picture!" another pipes up.  "Will you read this book with me?" Their beautiful souls are shining brightly.

It's like having 22 children for a couple of hours.  They are seeking approval and empathy, acknowledgement of their hard work and efforts, and help with their shoelaces.

What a gift I am being given!  I am blessed to be surrounded by the love, trust, and generosity of these incredible children.  I am rewarded by spontaneous hugs and smiles. 

I am happy to be a room mother.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Autumn clearing

While on a walk, I was admiring the beautiful autumn colors.  Splendid yellows, oranges, and reds are colors I associate with the bottom three chakras:
  • Red - root chakra (at base of spine) - roots, family, survival issues
  • Orange - sacral chakra (just below the navel) - sexual energy, identity as a mother/sister/daughter/wife or father/brother/son/husband
  • Yellow - solar plexus chakra (few inches above the navel) - place of personal power
Autumn is wonderful time to begin a "review and renewal" process internally.  Clearing those bottom three chakras is important for general energy housekeeping and also for a better spiritual understanding of our physical and emotional connections with ourselves and others. 

As I was thinking about these things, I observed a small brown leaf floating on the wind toward me and into my path. No other leaves were flying, so it was very noticeable. 

The wind blew it directly in front of me until it was three feet above my head and one foot directly in front of me.  Then, the leaf began spiraling downward in a tight 8 inch diameter spiral.  I stopped walking to absorb this magical moment and appreciate the synchronicity.  A sweet rush of energy flowed from my toes to my head as the leaf touched down on the street.

I have no doubt this leaf was a beautiful message of joy, release, and healing from the Divine.  This experience cleared me in a wonderful way, cleaning my energy, and preparing me for another step on my journey.

Happy autumn!