Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guest on "Patricia Price Show" 4-5-2011

On Tuesday, I will be the Special Guest on "The Patricia Price Show"!

Patricia Price is one of my mediumship mentors and friends.  Her loving presence and sacred example are blessings in my life.  And I am excited to be a guest on her show. 

Patricia's radioshow focuses on various aspects of Spiritual Natural Law and hot spiritual topics.  And she also usually interviews the guest Medium (me, this week!) and then the Medium does brief mini-readings for people who call in.

Check it out by going to - here's the link!

The radioshow starts at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time USA (4:00 p.m. PST). 

Call-in Number: (877) 633-9454

Join us!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mother & child

"Look a mommy and a baby!"

My little guy loves to point out 'Mother and Child' instances whereever he observes them.  He can be talking about the mommy duck and the baby duck he sees on the lake, the mommy bear and the baby bear he sees in one of his books, or he can even be talking about his breakfast. 
Yes, just this morning, he held up a bite of wholewheat toast and said, "A baby!"  And he pointed to the big part of the toast on his plate and said, "a Mommy".  He says these words with tenderness and delight.  He says these words softly and reverently.
A big chair is a mommy chair, a little chair is a baby chair.
A big cloud is a mommy cloud, a little cloud is a baby cloud.
A big stone is a mommy stone, a little stone is a baby stone.
For my son, the mommy-baby duo is important to his life and understanding about life.  After all he's spent over two years in my vibrational frequency being nourished physically, emotionally, and spiritually by me.  And I am thrilled that he feels such love from me and for me, that he is modeling the behavior in his play, and that it is showing up in his observances of life.  What a special and precious time this is!
Update:  My son just tapped on my arm to show me a "baby tractor", immediately followed by the "Daddy tractor".  Hmmmmmmm.....

Monday, March 14, 2011

External confirmation

"No one checks with an expert outside themselves before saying 'I am happy' or 'I am in love.'  We rely on our ability to know ourselves from the inside out." --- Deepak Chopra

No one?  On the contrary, I know plenty of people who take a survey before deciding for themselves. They are swayed by others' opinions and pronouncements.  Sometimes this is quite evident in my conversations with them.  A barrage of questions and concerns cause panic about every life choice imaginable, such as:
  • Should I take this job?
  • Am I happy?  Will I be happy?
  • Is _____ my soul mate?
  • Am I really in love?
  • Should I stay married?
  • Can I trust my husband/wife/sister/brother/mother/father/child/friend/coworker/lawyer/doctor?
  • Am I going to have children?
  • Should I move to Arizona or New York?
  • Should I worry about my children's life choices about education, career, finances, spouses, and children?
They are seeking advice, the green light to go ahead. Many people are looking for the "burning bush" or the "lightning from God" (otherwise known as external confirmation). Why is this? I believe this is because they don't trust themselves to make good decisions.  "Just tell me what to do!" they say.

Personal responsibility can be a bit daunting sometimes and assigning blame and accountability seems easier.  However, choosing the doorway to happiness is up to you, up to each person.

Outer knowledge is objective and inner knowledge is intuitive.  Yes, there is a tug of war between Reason and Intuition from time to time, however you must depend on your connection with GOD thru your own Soul for discernment. 

We each have FREE WILL. By going inside of ourselves and LISTENING we can gain awareness of our inner guide (that space within where God talks to).  Here is the link to Part One of my "Listening to Your Inner Guide" series of five posts that I wrote a couple of years ago.

Refresh yourself with practice and knowledge of these key concepts. Take Deepak Chopra's statement to heart. And more importantly, become a person who is consistently "happy" and "in love" with Life by knowing yourself!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Radiance of the Soul

During my sessions with clients, I frequently notice their Inner Light.  I also call this the Radiance of the Soul.  I see this at other times as well, but quite noticably when I am in the "zone".

This goes beyond seeing the smile in a person's eyes or mouth. The soul radiates light outward and the person has a "glow".  Regardless of the person's level of physical beauty, the inner beauty of the soul shines through.

The brightness of the glow seems to correspond with:
  • level of spiritual enlightenment
  • positive nature of the person
  • happiness
  • wisdom
Sometimes I notice the glow for the entire duration of the session.  And sometimes I see just a quick glimpse, a flash of soul light.

For you see, there is a sacred energy that flows through each one of us.  And a person's etheric light flows from the inner spaces of the spiritual body (soul) and shines through the physical body (matter). 

When I see the Inner Light of a person, I relate to them in terms of the divineness that is flowing through them.  My higher self experiences the manifestations of the divine energy supporting the physical world, and I view the spiritual truth of a person (even if they have forgotten it themselves). 

We are all Beings of Light and Love!