Monday, August 10, 2009

Spirit loved ones & the future

Q: Can my spirit loved ones tell you what will happen in my future?

A: Because I am a medium, the focus of a session is always on spirit contact --- connecting with a client's loved ones who have passed. A mediumship session is not for fortune telling or future telling.

That said, spirit loved ones occasionally share their opinions about people and situations around a client. After all, they care about us and love does not die.

Sometimes they will offer what they view as the highest probability of outcome --- the highest probability of how a person will react or how a situation will resolve. This is based on past patterns and the energy at this moment in time.

Ultimately, we each have free will to manifest our own future, so nothing is ever 100% certain.

Occasionally, those in Spirit can be quite verbal about what they feel is the right thing. But, remember all your dad, mom, brother, grandmother, etc can offer you is an OPINION.

You are in charge of your life and your decisions. So listen to your own soul.


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