Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lessons from a Child: Floating in leaves

What a magnificent autumn!  This year, many Lily Dale visitors and locals alike have commented on the glorious weather and the spectacular colors of the trees.  Mother Nature has been particularly perfect in her "chemistry experiment" (as I am calling it).  It must have been the Divine Right blend of temperature and plant synergy.

And this formula also means:

autumn leaves = leaf piles are in great supply = FUN!

To their great delight, my children discovered an EXTRA large and EXTRA deep pile of dry leaves to play in.  While the older boy dove into the mound and practically swam in the leafy depths, the younger boy waded in up to the top of his head.  Both were smiling from ear to ear.

And of course, I joined them.  I dropped down into the pile and sprawled like I was lying on a bean bag.  I sank a few inches from the surface so I was mainly hidden from view, but I could still gaze at the sky above. 

The leaves were warm and insulating as they buoyantly floated me.  It felt like a "trust float" when someone gently supports your body in the water while you close your eyes and relax all your muscles.  While I "drifted in the Cosmos" of leaf-shaped stars, my children frolicked and their laughter infused the leaves with more Joy.

A lady walked by.  She smiled at the happy faces popping up and out of the huge mountain of leaves.  Nestled sweetly in my leaf burrow, I almost said to her..."Come on in! I highly recommend you try the leaves.  Best float I've had all Fall."  But I was enjoying my quiet comfort too much and didn't want break the spell by speaking.

May you also find and know the blessing of Floating .... trusting quietly the Divine flow in your life and allowing yourself to be buoyed up by the Inspiration of Spirit and comforted by these kinds of sweet Moments.