Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Energy Signature

Each soul has its own energy signature, much like a fingerprint. As my soul interacts with your soul, we are recognizing each others' energy signature and are more likely to recognize the energy signature again when we interact a second time, a third time, and so on.

I believe this is why we are able to recognize our loved ones in Spirit and they us.

During my opening prayer, I ask a client's spirit loved ones to join us for the duration of the session. When this request is made, spirits are usually drawn toward their earth plane family and friends like magnets. Consistently, contact is made and communication occurs.

Those in Spirit seem to recognize the energy signature and vibrational frequency of their loved ones here in the physical plane. Essentially, they resonant with the energy of those they biologically share DNA with, those they shared time with, and most especially those they love.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vibrational Frequency

It is scientifically understood that energy vibrates at different frequencies. For example, the vibrational frequencies of a chair, a human being, the light from a lamp, or a drop of water are completely different. Dense physical matter has a lower vibrational frequency. Less dense physical matter has a higher vibrational frequency.

This scientific principle can be applied to understanding the energy of Spirit, especially the energy of our spirit loved ones. Because we are on the physical plane, our energy vibrates at a lower vibrational frequency. Those on the spiritual planes vibrate at higher vibrational frequency.

As mediums, we raise our vibrational frequency to meet the vibrational frequency of those in Spirit. Sometimes it feels like trying to catch the right channel on the radio. Once you have find it, you utilize the highest intention and practice to achieve and maintain the connection with Spirit. This is another reason why it is important to be a clear channel.

It is easier to resonate with spirit loved ones when you are using spiritual awareness and when you raise your vibration.

Here are some ways to raise your vibration:
  • meditation
  • laughter
  • prayer
  • joy
  • peace
  • candles
  • bubbles
  • toning
  • and the list goes on...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Becoming a Master of Distraction

Because my little guy is crawling and getting into everything at the Speed of Baby, I have used the word NO repetitively.

No, don't touch that.
No, don't eat that.
No, don't pull Mommy's hair.
No, stop squirming while I am dressing you.
No, don't empty the box of spaghetti onto the floor.
No, don't balance precariously on top of pillows while tugging at the lampshade.
No, NO, nooooooooo!

I realize that the word "no" is important for him to hear sometimes, however, I don't want to overuse the word. (Phrases such as "not for baby", "yucky", and "drop it" also equate to NO and can be overused as well.) And more importantly, I do not want to stunt his natural exploratory urge to investigate this amazing world.

Therefore, in my effort to be a good parent, I am trying to come up with creative (preferrably nonverbal) ways to refocus his attention on an approved object or activity. As an added challenge, I am trying to handle the situation in such a way that he does not cry.

I am becoming a Master of Distraction.

When he is about to taste or touch something he shouldn't, I must use my persuasive Mommy powers to refocus him. As he heads toward peril, I have to pull out of my bag 0f distractions something wonderful and fascinating, such as:
  • using slight of hand to surreptitiously remove a dangerous object and replace it with a baby friendly toy
  • singing a song and making it up as I go along
  • picking him up, up, and away into birdflight, propelling him away frompower cords, computers, plants, open doors, etc.
  • quickly removing a book from his clutches and sharp teeth by flapping the pages like the wings a bird

As his mother and his entertainment, I must be ready to summon up my newly acquired distraction skills at a moment's notice. Plenty of times I have been rewarded with his smile of sunshine, his giggle of delight, or he hug of gratitude. And I try not to become disheartened if I have to say "no" because I am after all a Master of Distraction-in-Training.

As I learn to become a Master of Distraction with my child, I am reminded that I should use this same method on myself. More often than I care to admit I focus on worries, fears, and doubts. They peck at me, robbing me of joy and the sweet blessing of the moment. Then, someone or something helps me change my focus. A distraction occurs. I am relieved of my painful thoughts and I am once more allowing myself to feel the colours, tastes, and smells of the moment.

Some distractions are good and healthy such as the sky at sunset, a glass of refreshing water, a person's smile, and a song on the radio that gets you singing along. On the flip side, I certainly understand that we each are here to experience our life, that we should face what life brings, and that we can't live permanently in a world of distractions, especially ones that encourage unhealthy behaviors, such as excessive TV watching, consuming a whole batch of cookies, complaining bitterly, and becoming a zombie to your friends and family.

Occasionally when we are told NO by the people we love, the people we work with, and others, we feel lack. We feel out of harmony with the Law of Abundance. And sometimes we feel that something we want in our work, relationship, family, etc is yanked dramatically away and we cry out in perceived pain of separation (like a child who has their perceived toy of the moment taken away). We feel pain on deep levels until we focus on the good of the moment.

Perhaps we can learn from our children and recover quickly from pain. Perhaps we can release from the expectation of a certain outcome. Perhaps we can allow the good distractions to help us through the moment until we find peace, joy, and acceptance again. Perhaps we can find better ways to express NO to others. Perhaps we can become Masters of Distraction in our own lives and train ourselves that the next time we are told NO or we say NO to look for the distraction and to witness with childlike glee the enchantment of life.

Life has a way of meandering us through swamps, up hills, and through valleys --- enjoy the view.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Up & running!

As I mentioned in my Technical difficulties post, I was on a brief hiatus from blogging. Now, I'm back with a brand new computer. It's fantastic to have a computer that WORKS and that isn't as slow as molasses! So get ready for more blogs from me soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Technical difficulties

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. My computer is dying and I am in the process of acquiring a new one. Hope to be up and running with more blogposts next week. Love and joy to all !

Saturday, July 11, 2009

When songs get stuck

In my last blogpost Falling Off the Ice Cream Wagon, I asked you:

"Have you ever heard a song and the tune gets stuck in your head all day? The lyrics roll over and over until you burst out into song, sometimes passing the problem onto family and friends."

Supposedly 98% of people have experienced this and it is an actual phenomenon that has been studied at length by scientists, psychologists, and those who market products with those catchy jingles. Some terms used to define, explain, and understand this phenomenon are:
  • Earworm
  • Haunting melody
  • Involuntary musical imagery
  • Repetune
  • Aneurhythm
  • Humbug
  • Stuck song syndrome
  • Melodymania
Well, whatever you want to call it --- I guess I invoked it in full force with the ice cream blog because it happened. Story time...

My husband was attempting to spoonfeed our baby son. I say 'attempting' because our little guy was squirming and craning his head around to see me working away in the kitchen. "Come on, turn around," my husband urged him. I smiled and added my own encouragement, "Turn around, bright eyes." We broke out into song and continued to have it chant in our heads to burst forth at various hilarious moments. Thus began day-long stint of a 'song' taking over our family life. At home, in the car, on our walk, in our phone calls, virtually everywhere.

It finally culminated in my entering the Hallmark card shop in search of three greeting cards: a just-because-I-love-you card for my hubby and two birthday cards for family members. And what should asail my ears? THE SONG!!!!!

I immediately called my husband and all I had to ask him was, "Guess what song I'm listening to right now in the store?"

You may noticed that I have not told you what song got stuck in our heads. This is deliberate. I am trying to prevent what I shall term "song contagion".

However, to make this fun (especially for those who always wanted to call into the radio station with their answer but chickened), you may submit your guess in the comment section of this blogpost. And/or share your own experience with getting a song stuck in your head.

I can't wait to hear your responses! *smile*

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Falling off the ice cream wagon

It all started a few days ago during a mediumship reading. I was with a client and we had connected with various family members who had passed to Spirit and then her mother in particular was being very communicative.

Then, it happened. Clairgustance. Tasting something. It's not a primary way that I interact with those in Spirit, but I've experienced clairgustance before during spirit contact --- peanut butter, garlic, orange juice, chocolate, lasagna, rhubarb bread, blueberry muffins, peppermint, burnt biscuits (not so nice), swedish meatballs, cherry pie, coffee, and the list goes on.

Usually, I can overcome the mouth-watering tastes and impressions that flood me on those occasions. But there I was giving proof to my client that her mother is still loving and connecting with her when she hit me with ice cream. I could taste the mother-in-Spirit's intense desire for ice cream. Yummy, wonderful and refreshing ice cream!

I didn't think much of it at first, but that's when the temptation began. And the momentum grew. It doesn't help that this IS icecream season, but I guess that the point I am trying to make is this.

For three days, the Universe saw fit to put me into the path of temptation in the form of ice cream shops galore. "Let's stop at the Big Dipper, Tasty Corners, the Sugar Shack, the Country Cow" my husband or friends would say. It's like we were on a tour of almost every ice cream joint in a 15-20 mile radius. Before this summer, ice cream suggestions were not made with such salivating need from them (in fact, I was lucky if I went out for ice cream once or twice a year).

Have you ever heard a song and the tune gets stuck in your head all day? The lyrics roll over and over until you burst out into song, sometimes passing the problem onto family and friends. Well, that little ice cream taste from Spirit followed the same pattern.

I have since overcome the temptation and I am now working in harmony with the Universe and Spiritual Natural Law. More importantly, I have unstuck the 'song' for ice cream from my head.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lessons from a Child: The Speed of Baby

I am sure you've heard of the Speed of Light. It's one of the fastest things in our universe, along with the Speed of Spirit. Well, I have discovered a close second: the Speed of Baby.

Prior to this, if someone had asked me about the speed of baby I would have compared it the speed of a tortoise. Slllloooooooooooowwwwwww. I have since learned not to underestimate babies.

In the past month, my baby son has become increasingly mobile. He has figured out how to crawl and pull up to standing. Along with his new found mobility comes a new found independence.

Quicker than a jackrabbit, he finds his way into the kitchen cabinets, my reading room, and the laundry basket. He is an avid explorer of his world, delighted by textures, sounds, sights, and tastes.

Mother Nature/God/The Creator has seen fit to equip the human baby with almost superhuman abilities.
- His baby fingers and drool have crinkled and smeared some of my important papers. When removal is attempted, his baby fist closes on the papers like a steel trap.
- His teeth have chewed and partially consumed some of his books. When this removal is attempted, his tongue hides things with the skill of a magician.
- His hands have flashed in a blur onto the table to grab at my plate and utensils. Other people have commented about how he is so fast that if they hadn't been paying close attention they wouldn't have seen it either.

Sometimes it feels like having a cross between a puppy and a martial arts instructor.

However, he is not always moving at the Speed of Baby. He still fumbles with toys and eating. He still stops to make sure I'm in the room. He still needs me for his survival and snuggling and kissing boo-boos.

As I watch my son move through, taste, and babble about the world with joyful abandon, I am reminded that each phase of life is to be honored, each crawl and step of the journey to be treasured, and as my husband reminds me we have many, many milestones to go with our son. Soon enough, we'll be experiencing the Speed of Toddler.

So wherever you are in your own spiritual journey, enjoy the crawl --- sometimes it can be surprisely fast.