Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Launching intuition is so much fun!

What a great class! 

In the last two weeks, my students in my Launching Your Intuition class have had the opportunity to learn where they see, hear, and feel extrasensory information.  Having awareness of their intuitive receptive sites is key to awakening and launching their intuition.

We had lots of hand-on exercises and the students paired up with someone they didn't know to practice sensing.  With many students, I encouraged them strongly to not think [and overanalyze] and just give out any impressions they were receiving.  It is very validating to have a complete stranger confirm the information you are receiving intuitively. And it is always a delight to watch my students accomplish something they didn't think they could do. 

I really appreciate the wonderful feedback from my students and the unexpected applause they gave me in gratitude for their experiences in class. 

Keep growing your understanding!  There is always something more to learn and grow and be!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Magical Journey Inward 5/3 class at JCC

I have another Spring classes scheduled at Jamestown Community College!  

"Magical Journey Inward"

Tuesday May 3rd
at the Jamestown NY campus

Learn to be master of your body, to promote self healing, and to relax at a moment's notice.  Join us on an inner voyage of sensing your body and focusing awareness in the area you want to affect. 

Through a process of direct sensory experience, guided meditation, and class exercises, you will have the opportunity to gain greater appreciation of your Self, explore deeper dimensions of the human spirit, and increase clairvoyance.

To register, contact the JCC Continuing Education Department at 716-338-1005.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Launching Your Intuition class 4/19 & 26 at JCC

It's time for my Spring classes at Jamestown Community College!  I will be teaching:

"Launching Your Intuition"

Tuesday April 19th & 26th
at the Jamestown NY campus

We are all intuitive - it is only a matter of degree and development. If you would like to learn more about your intuition and start exercising those intuitive muscles, then take this class!

You will be given the opportunity to learn where you intuitively see, hear, or feel. Through a series of exercises, discover how to quickly connect with information and answers through linking as well as learn how you can use it for direction, insight, clarity, and wisdom on a daily basis.

This course is excellent for beginners and/or those seeking traction with their already-developed abilities. Let this class be your launching pad to greater understanding of your intuitive gifts!

To register, contact the JCC Continuing Education Department at 716-338-1005.