Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Recently, a client emailed me with a thank you and an explanation for specific information that came through during her Mediumship Reading with me.

This is such a wonderful example of how our spirit loved ones pay attention to our lives... and laugh with us!  I am sharing the story and her name with her permission below....

"Recently during opening weekend I had a reading with you and you asked me a question that I never did answer. I was so shocked by the question and insistence of my loved one to have you ask that I was speechless.

When we walked in to your room and sat down I saw a shadow walk past me towards you and hoped it was my father or my aunt, turns out it was my father. Towards the end you said, "What this about an Armadillo, you have to tell me what that means" and then the monks came and we were interrupted. Here is the back story.

On my there while driving through Allegheny National Forest there was a dead animal on the side of the road. I immediately said to my nieces, was that an Armadillo to which they laughed and said we don't have them here. We laughed about it the rest of the way there and any time someone saw something on the road they would said look another Armadillo.

So, when you asked me that question I was shock and a little embarrassed that my father heard me, after all we chased an Armadillo in Oklahoma when I was a little girl and I know what they look like.

Thank you for a great reading and conformation that he is well and happy on his next leg of his journey, can't wait to see him again. Who knows maybe he will tease me about the misstep.

Feel free to share in any way you choose and use my name as well. If this helps people in any way that is the true blessing. --- Debbie H."