Monday, June 13, 2016

June update

June is the month for 'getting things done'.  As usual, we are Singing the Tune of June.  We are buzzing to get outdoor projects completed before the start of the summer Season here at Lily Dale.  Thought I would give you a quick update...

This is another paint-the-house year for us, so the porch has been cleared temporarily to repaint the porch floor.  I have to keep reminding my 3 year old not to walk on the porch!  And very soon, we will be done scraping the exterior walls so they can get a refresh as well.

Along with house work, our family is tending our vegetable garden plot.  The snap peas are growing nicely and the most of the other plant seeds are in the soil.  This weekend, we were blessed with a mound of seaweed from Cassadaga Lake, so we spread it as mulch between the rows to put more nutrient-rich goodness into the soil.  We are looking forward eating the healthy results!  People talk about canning their extra veggies, but our family always eats everything.

And when we aren't working, we are walking and biking to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.  My 7 year old son zips along on his bike with ease and grace.  My 3 year old has just transitioned in the last month from his little red tricycle to a two-wheel bicycle with training wheels.  He is a student driver so watch your toes!

Other exciting news:  A new coffee-shop Lucy's has opened up where the Cup O Joe coffee-shop used to be (on the corner of Cleveland Ave & First Street). 

Renovations:  The Auditorium has new cement steps and bleacher seating.  Also, the Inspiration Stump no longer has the fencing around it because the stump has been re-cemented and many of the benches have been remounted in the ground with new gravel.  These two very important historic areas will be able to more comfortably accommodate Lily Dale's thousands of Summer Season visitors.

It will be another exciting Season!  Hurry scurry, get things done.