Friday, February 27, 2015

Cultivating the spiritual path

Our lives are so busy in modern society.  Our appointment books are completely full and we're always running here and there. 

We often complain there isn't enough time for cultivating the Spiritual Path.  However, whenever we have a spare moment, we work more or fill in the gap with other activities. 

We have time for many other things, but we hardly ever have time to nourish ourselves spiritually by attending spiritual development classes and meditating.  This is a common refrain from my students, clients, and peers.

As a wife and mother with a young family, I understand this.  Right now, I am in the child-rearing phase of life.  And my time is largely taken up with mundane living.  I must "chop wood and carry water." 

Occasionally, in the midst of a task of drudgery, I sigh and look longingly at my book waiting for me on the table.  Or I will think about the church service or spiritual class I would like to attend but can't because my family needs me.  Or I will dream about the world traveling I would like to do and the spiritual cultures I would like to see first hand. 

And then, in the next moment, my husband or one of my sons reminds me with a smile, word, or action how special and sacred this "mundane" experience is.  What a wonderful feeling it is when I remember to glory in my experiences with family life and when I remember they are part of cultivating my Spiritual Path!

It also helps that in the few spare moments I have when I am not working or tending to my family, I am conscious of nourishing myself with Spiritual Food.  Frequently, I feel hungry and thirsty for spiritual words and experiences.  I will snatch a few minutes to meditate, check in with the Divine, read a spiritual book, or do yoga.

I know that even with all I "must" do to facilitate my young family's growth, I am also working diligently to know my own Soul more, feel connected with the Universe more, and feel the Love of the Divine in my Life.  And I am teaching them how to do the same, just as they are teaching me.  This phase of life is so precious and I don't want to miss these moments with my family.

My human frustrations are temporary, my Soul is forever.  My life is an embodiment of Prayer.  So I will continue to Cultivate my Spiritual Path as I can and where I can and as directed by the Divine.