Thursday, April 30, 2009

Class Tonight - Positive Affirmations

I will be teaching a special class tonight at Jamestown Community College on "Positive Affirmations" from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Join us if you can!

Learn how to use affirmations - statements of desirable intention that are deliberately meditated on and repeated in order to implant a positive outcome in the mind. This is a powerful means of reprogramming the unconscious mind and banishing negative thought patterns.

At a personal level, it may transform your life, your health, and renew the joy and passion you have.

For more info, visit

Monday, April 27, 2009

Angels are among us

The angels have been out today. (They are always out, but I took notice of them in special ways today.) Sometimes angels come into our lives at unexpected moments and they make our day brighter.

1. The Parking Angel: We arrived at our destination and pulled into a metered parking spot flashing "expired". A lady in a bright neon yellow shirt walked briskly down the long row of metered spots along the street and stopped in front of our vehicle! She unlocked the meter box, removed the change, and announced that we were now all paid up for the next two hours!!! Our parking angel then spun round and briskly returned back up the street.

2. The Swimming Angel: We arrived at my son's baby swim class early. Because my husband took our son to get ready in the men's locker room, I got ready in the women's locker room in no time flat and entered the pool area well ahead of them. A water aerobics class was in progress. The swim instructor smiled at me and I explained, "I'm just waiting for my husband and baby. We're here for the baby swim class, but I guess we're early." She continued to smile and invited me to join their water class while I waited. So I did! It was great!

3. The Door Angel: I'm at the grocery store standing in front of a freezer door. I open the door and remove a bag of Alaskan salmon (or so I thought). You guessed it --- I caught the wrong fish bag. I try to reopen the freezer door and it is stubbornly stuck. Tug and tug again, no luck. I look around for someone to help me, but I am alone in the aisle. I return to tugging with some pauses, then tugging again. [The fisher-wannabe in me just wouldn't let me give up I suppose.]

After about five minutes of wrestling with the freezer door, I sigh and resign myself to the wrong fish bag. Turning away, I say aloud "The door is stuck and won't open" to the universe. At that very moment, a lady with a shopping cart charges toward me [she actually looks like she trying to play "chicken" with me and I brace for head-on collision]. As she manuevers away from me at the last moment, she says "Try the door again", then continues her breakneck speed away. So I do try again and the door opens, I exchange the fish bags quickly and the door shuts. Something in me [curiousity perhaps?] makes me try the door again. You guessed it [again] --- it was stuck!

Today has been a lesson in synchronicity and joy. And I am thankful for my awareness of Angels.

Tell me ... have you been aware of Angels in your life lately?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What is a Medium?

The word MEDIUM derives from Latin and usually means “in the middle” or “an intervening substance through which signals can travel as a means for communication”.

For our spiritual uses, medium refers to a person who connects with spirit people to receive and give their messages.

A professional medium specializes in spirit contact. The objective of a medium's work is to prove survival of the human personality after death and thereby help the bereaved come to terms with their loss.

Sittings with mediums are not for fortune telling, but are experimental sessions to provide communication with those in Spirit.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Making Music

My son and I have just returned from a children’s music class. And the sights and sounds of 20 children and adults singing and playing music are still fresh in mind.

Imagine a place where small children and babies express themselves musically and learn to keep a beat. Where bright souls in little kid bodies eagerly reach for instruments. Where parents sing songs and experience music with their children.

The teacher keeps the beat, but it is barely heard over the cacophony of children and adults clinking woodsticks, beating drums, crashing tambourines, tinkling triangles, and shaking bells.

This is such wonderful stimulation for my son. He grasps a rattle and deftly bounces it a few times off a drum and onto the tambourine. He is smiling. And I am struck with the realization that my child is making music and his soul is growing in this experience.

And while we have enjoyed music in the past, our family is making the conscious decision today to make music part of our everyday life at home, in the car, at church, and wherever the music takes us.

So forget your images of perfect performancs and music for the talented few ---get your pots and pans out of the kitchen cupboard, pick up whatever musical instrument takes your fancy, and rediscover your relationship with your soul through music!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mind Focus Exercise: Timer-Count

Mind focus and concentration techniques are extremely helpful when training the mind. This series is devoted to nullifying what I call "Monkey Mind".

Before doing the following mind focus exercise, please read the other posts Mind Focus and Mind Focus Exercise: The Rose.

For those of you who enjoy achieving goals, this one is for you!

  1. Set a timer for one minute.

  2. Hold one thought in your mind (such as the Rose image from the previous mind focus exercise).

  3. If any thoughts other than the image intrude, return to the image. Each random thought that enters the mind is given a number.

  4. When one minute is up, see how many random thoughts you had in those 60 seconds.

The goal is to have a very low number. As you practice, you may go from 25 random thoughts, to 14, to 2!!! It’s difficult, but it works!

To make this easier, let your logic space of the brain do the counting. [It will be like a little gnome off to the side recording your random thoughts with hashmarks on a chalkboard.] This allows your visualization space of the brain to hold the image.

This exercise is way for you to gage your unneccessary mental chatter, so you can fine-tune your mind focus skills.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part 4

...continued from Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part 3

As I mentioned in Part 3, when you feel a sense of peace and power coming over you, you are now in contact with your inner guide. Keep that in mind as read the following.

As you begin to listen to your inner voice, you may hear TWO or more "voices." (And no, I'm not talking about those kinds of voices!! *smile*)

Inner voices are not any different from those we hear when we talk to ourselves --- basically an inner dialogue. Because we are taking two sides of a conversation, we seem to hear two voices. When we ask ourselves what to do about this or that, the answer we hear is our "voice" speaking. Usually the stronger and first to respond voice, expresses fear about the situation. It pre-judges the situation and may include logic. The second voice is usually calm and quiet. Offering reassurance, telling you to be patient.

Let me give you an example. It's a very simplistic model, so work with me here...

Let's say that you're traveling overnight and you didn't make reservations at any of the hotels in the area. So you're trying to decide what to do about finding a hotel for the evening. You may ask yourself "Is this the one? Often, the answer will come right away. "Yes. Stop at this hotel. This is a good one."

You can see it's a good hotel, but it's not enough. Is this the right one? So you wait and ask again, "Should I stop here?" You then hear a second voice speaking more slowly and not giving instructions. It would probably say, "Why do you want to stop here?" You would most likely answer, "Because this hotel is nice, and I'm afraid that I won't find another."

Then the thought comes from the second voice, " my decision based on fear? What do I really want? Do I really want to drive a few hours more? Am I tired? Am I hungry? Is this really where I want to stop? What is my real reason for wanting to stop here? Fear? Peace? Compromise?"

When you decide that fear WILL NOT be the basis for your decision and continue on, the second voice will say..."You will now find a better place." And you will!!!

After practice, and as you continue in this process, the first voice starts to be quiet most of the time and the second voice will become more evident. The Number 1 voice will be only an occasional interruption, and the calm-sounding, gentle, number two will always be there. Eventually, the second voice becomes the primary voice!

You now have some ways to discern the difference between fear and your TRUE inner guide. Isn't this exciting?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Sleep Smiles

My baby son is normally a good sleeper, make that a great sleeper. But last night, he was restless and kicking his blankets off and sputtering his I'm-tired-but-teething-hurts cry.

To a mommy, this is like receiving the Batman signal, so there I was 'Mommy to the Rescue'. I would hold him and nurse him into sweet dream oblivion. And just when I had saved the day [or night], he would wake again. Poor little one.

Like most of us when we are feeling fractious from pain, my son felt entitled to be comforted. And he was a fixture in my arms almost all night.

So there I was pulling Mom-duty, thinking about how I was grateful that he didn’t do this every night and thinking about how early humans dealt with their babies. After all, one ill-timed cry when a predator was nearby and goodbye next generation. Seriously, how did we as a species survive teething babies?

When I gingerly ease him back onto his bed and I remove my arms from him, he intuitively and instinctually knows this and objects. [Doesn’t he know that he’s giving away our location to the saber-toothed tiger just outside the cave?]

And the routine starts again. I comfort and hold him until he looks like he’s asleep again [finally]. As he nestles against me with his eyes closed and body half-limp, I am thinking about various things.

I eventually notice that when my thoughts are negative and self-pitying he frowns and squirms in his sleep. And when my thoughts are positive and understanding, he smiles. To test this, I alternate my positive and negative thoughts randomly and his expressions correctly correspond each time.

Wow! This is Spiritual Natural Law at work right before my eyes. There is a higher intelligence eavesdropping on my inner dialogue. The universe is paying attention to the quality of my thoughts and so is my sleeping [and supposedly unconscious] child.

And then I remember what I had recently explained to someone: As a mother I am connected to my child on a cellular level and especially on a soul level. His body and soul have developed and grown in harmony with my body and soul and we are vibrationally linked--- my light and his light unite.

This is another reason he sleeps best when he can feel the thrum of my heartbeat under his head and my breath softly kissing his head. He can reach his hand out and find me, find comfort. He knows this and reminds me that my job [and my joy] is to comfort him.

And in his sleep, he smiles. That little son of gun, he knows that I’ve figured it out.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meditation Station

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who has a creative and inquisitive mind and who supports my blogging endeavors and other work. Occasionally he offers some very definite opinions about them.

For instance, he thinks I should have a cool and catchy name for my blog. (I suppose 'Willa White's Blog' is a bit plain-Jane, but it works for me, for now.)

My hubby has suggested many possible names --- sparking off some very interesting and humorous discussions. But yesterday, during one of his blogname brainstorming sessions, he asked, "What do you call the place you go when you meditate?"

"My reading room," I replied dryly. He said, "No, the place. Like nirvana. Like a heavenly space." He paused and then with great excitement he declared, "Meditation Station."

Now, I'm not quite ready to call my blog "Meditation Station", but I love his suggestion of what to call the place we go to in meditation. And more importantly for you blog readers, his suggestion has inspired me to write a blogpost about it.

Whether it is a physical space or an astral space, having a meditation station is important to the regular meditator.

For a physical meditation station, options may include a room, a chair, a rug, a bathtub, a hammock, or a kayak. Some people add to their physical meditation space with one or more of the following:
  • candles

  • incense

  • crystals

  • visual representions of a spiritual figure (pictures, sculptures)

  • music

  • flowers

  • meditation beads

  • books

  • personal journal
For an astral meditation station, a meditator may establish places to visit regularly for a peaceful state of mind or a heavenly space to connect with spirit guides, spirit loved ones, or higher learning. Some of my favorite astral places are:
  • floating in cosmic consciousness

  • a white sand beach next to aqua blue water

  • a bench in a lush garden of flowers

  • a tropical waterfall

  • flying in the sky

  • running with wild horses

Whether you create an elaborate zen den for yourself or keep it simple, the possibilities are infinite!

Where is your Meditation Station?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Experiencing Energy 1

Here is one of the ways I have experienced energy.

As a small child, I began watching energy flow. I would focus on a small section of the room and I would perceive groups of extremely small and almost transparent circles [like atoms] floating, mostly downward. In my childlike understanding, these energy particles resembled Cheerios pouring out of a cereal box.

Initially, I saw these energy particles around light sources [mostly natural light sources such as the window]. Then, the energy would shift and flow through the room or space.

Over the years, I have wondered if am I seeing light change as it moves. The energy particles usually flow in one direction. Sometimes the rate of flow changes and the energy particles fall down like raindrops in slow motion.

In telling you about this way of experiencing energy, I am reminded to take time to see energy in this way more often.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Remote Viewing Exercise w/ the 5 Cs

This next exercise is a visualization exercise. Please keep your eyes open. I will do a brief intro meditation to get you into it, and then we will EXPERIENCE!

Please take a few deep breaths...inhale...exhale...relaxing...Breathing in...breathing out...enjoying this moment...relaxing... Feel your body relaxing…….

Now, in your mind, picture your front door…. As you look at your front door, view what color the door is….

What is the door made of? Is there a window in the door? Does it have a knob or handle?

Now, you are opening the door...

Does it swing to the right or left? What do you see first when you open the door? A hallway, jackets and shoes, your pet coming toward you to greet you... if not, what do you see? What smells greet you? What do you hear? What do you feel? after taking these moments to recall what you experienced... return slowly to the now...

Many of you probably visualized either the doorknob or handle in your hand... and felt the knob or handle turning in your hand as you opened the door... that was clairsentience.

When you saw and observed the color and visual look of the door... that was clairvoyance.

When you heard a dog barking, or the door opening, etc... that was clairaudience.

When you smelled cookies or candles, etc... that was clairscent.

We didn't get a chance taste anything, but I bet if I asked you to taste your favorite food in your mouth right could....that is clairgustance.

Very good everyone! Remember this is something to be practiced and expanded upon. It is image and experience recall, and connecting with Spirit and/or intuitive information feels remarkably similar.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Conversations with Spirit 1

When I was little girl, one of my friends died. Not long after that, I began having conversations with her spirit.

Upon waking in the morning, I would lay in bed with my face buried in the pillow and in my mind's eye I would see things. I would see her.

We would talk about what it was like being dead. More importantly, she explained the process by which souls who had passed would communicate with their family and friends (just as she was doing).

For me, it seemed a natural and comforting thing to do. And I noticed that it was easy to do when I was half-awake. If I waited until I was fully awake, I would have to almost fall asleep again to get into the zone.

After a few weeks, I stopped doing this as part of my morning routine. I suppose because we both got busy with other things. I was a little kid at the time and easily distracted by people, toys, and mudpies.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trailblazers 1

When I first began my serious study of mediumship, I read about various old-time mediums and psychical research. These mediums were true pioneers. They blazed a trail through previously unknown and largely unacknowledged spiritual territory and have made it possible for mediums to be what they are today.

Their stories have been inspiring to me and remind me to never stop learning, never stop growing as a medium. And I hope they will inspire you to new spiritual heights as well. This series will be called ‘Trailblazers.’

So let us begin . . . this blog’s first featured Trailblazer: Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772)

Swedenborg was a well-respected Swedish scientist, astronomer, and engineer of international repute, who, at age 55 developed mediumistically and conversed daily and at great length with evolved spirits, had experiences with ectoplasm and did astral travel in the spirit realms.

He wrote several books describing his experiences, and explaining the philosophy taught to him by his spirit teachers. They gave much information regarding the spirit world and it's occupants, which was to be substantially confirmed by the later revelations of mediums.

Some of his mediumistic teachings include:

  • The Spirit world is in a number of concentric spheres, each with its own density and inhabitants.
  • Life in Spirit is similar to that on the Earth plane, with houses, churches, schools, etc. The process of death is aided by Angels (good spirits).
  • The process of ‘death’ does not change internal nature.
  • There is no such thing as eternal punishment. Those who find themselves in ‘darkness’ after death can work their way towards something higher.
  • Marriage is a form of spiritual union which is continued in the Spirit world (if both souls desire it).
  • Those who die old or diseased regain their youth and health in the Spirit world.

Although I don’t agree with all of Swedenborg’s philosophies, I feel that he had tremendous impact on the study and practice of mediumship. After all, he was the first to present a modern cosmological description of the various planes of spirit. Also, because of his social standing, integrity, and education, he was able to bring spirit teachings to a great number of people, especially during a time period when such teachings were unheard of.

Several writers were influenced by him --- including William Blake, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Blake, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, August Strindberg, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Charles Baudelaire, Balzac, Immanuel Kant, William Butler Yeats, Goethe, and Carl Jung. The theologian Henry James Sr was also a follower of his teachings, as were Johnny Appleseed and Helen Keller.

“I am well aware that many will say that no one can possibly speak with spirits and angels so long as he lives in the body; and many will say that it is all fancy, others that I relate such things in order to gain credence, and others will make other objections.” --- Emanuel Swedenborg

Monday, April 6, 2009

Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part 3

...continued from Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part 2

Now, here are just three simple steps to train our minds properly... to help get our left-brain logic out of the way and let our souls express through the right brain creativity.

  • Let go of trying to solve the problem with the conscious mind.

  • Trust that you have the power within you to solve the problem and strengthen that belief to the point that... you are willing to let go of all your "worldly" efforts to find a solution, KNOWING that you will be guided only by your "inner guide".

  • Take the plunge. Do it. Calm your conscious mind of all its busy chatter and worry, all its attempts to find a solution, and go deep with yourself---beyond the noise---to the quiet and peace that is within you. Some may prefer to meditate or be in a quiet place, but these are not necessary.

When you feel a sense of peace and power coming over you, you are now in contact with your inner guide. You begin to realize that you are being taken care of in all things, and you will be told if and when actions are necessary.

The purpose for achieving this sense of peace is not to be told how to do something, but to realize that you are safe, cared for, and at peace. This is really just Natural Spiritual Law at work in your life. be continued in Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part Four

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part 2

...continued from Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part 1

There is a power in each of us, which is of the Divine. It gives us strength, comfort, and peace. Each of us uses this power to some degree in our daily lives, yet few realize its full potential. By going inside of ourselves and LISTENING we can gain awareness of our inner guide.

What is the inner guide? Well, as you can imagine, it is NOT a spirit guide, a spirit loved one, or any other external voice (although these are all valued communications). In point of fact, it is our SOUL.

At this time, I ask you to open your mind to the part of your being that is constantly in touch with your highest expression. To reach our TRUE inner voices, we must give up our attempts to solve problems with our conscious, intellectual, busy minds. We must be open to all possibilities and access the strength and wisdom deep within us.

Thankfully, the process of inner listening is not mystical, magical, or even difficult. It's all about practice. be continued in Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part Three

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part 1

We all search for answers.

When we are children, we look to our parents, our teachers, and others to tell us how to move forward in our lives. As we mature, we ask our coworkers, our spouses, and our friends "What should I do about such-and-such?"

When we embrace our spiritual nature, we ask our pastor, priests, or spiritual teachers "What should I do?" We may turn to prayer, meditation, rational thinkings, and logic... The answers seem to be outside of us. But I assure you, you have only to listen to your own inner guide to know how to progress.

Think of an issue in your life right now that you can't seem to solve. You may be frustrated with yourself, with someone else, with the Divine... whatever the issue is, most likely you have been warring between your head and your heart... now ask your SOUL.

...continued in Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part Two

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Inspiration - Breath of God

The wind is strong today. It blows against my body with breathtaking force. I am walking in the sunlight and I am grateful for this day.

The Breath of God is cleaning house today --- sweeping the dry leaves into piles, combing the dead branches from the trees, and stirring my soul. I am inspired to perform an internal spring cleaning. I am sweeping away the remnants of doubts and fears that cluttered me.

Each step into the wind is a step into freedom. My mind releases its tight hold on unnecessary thoughts and allows the wind to blow them away like the dust.

It will rain today. And like tears of relief and joy, the rain will wash it all away.

I am free.

Breathe on me, Breath of God,
fill me with life anew,
that I may love what thou dost love,
and do what thou wouldst do.

From one of my favorite hymns - “Breathe on Me, Breath of God”