Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lessons from a Child: my Superhero Son

I am chuckling because I just got done untying a knot in a blanket.  While tidying up the living room, I discovered a tangled mess that is supposed to be a large rectangle suitable for covering the top of a bed. 

My older son enjoys making his blanket into a superhero cape.  He ties a good knot, so even with the thickness of the blanket material I have trouble tugging the ends apart. 

As I pull and wheedle the blanket free, I envision my wonderful boy dressed for the part: my Superhero Son.  He jumps from his bed with purpose.  He enters the room with confidence.  He delights in his role.

Sometimes he uses a camouflage blanket for added stealth.  He cloaks himself for full body invisibility by tucking the 'cape' and becoming a lump on the floor or couch. 

Other times, he goes about his normal business of playing and he is his normal Clark Kent-self.

And as I manage to return the blanket to the bed in its' normal flattened shape, I recognize something in myself.  And I wonder in my journey as a Mother and a Medium, which one is my Superhero role and which one is my Clark Kent role?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lessons from a Child: Talking about Life and the Soul

Last summer, I served on the Lily Dale summer Season platform with my father William White at the Afternoon Auditorium Service. 
We are often paired together and we both enjoy this.  He was the Featured Speaker and I was the Featured Medium.
My father spoke about the importance of the development of the Soul.  Those who only view life from the Five Senses are missing important experiences and understandings.  Materialists live from this standpoint and ignore the Web of Existence.  Living from the standpoint of the Soul helps us to exhibit altruism, to experience the beauty of the 'unseen', and to be open to Infinite Intelligence and more.
Dad also mentioned something about me.  *smile*  When I was five years old, as he was tucking me in bed for night, I asked "can we talk about life, Daddy?"  From a young age, I was interested in understanding my Soul and Life. 
I find this to be true of my older son. In fact, he asks spiritual questions and participates in meditations with me.  He enjoys exploring various spiritual aspects
This summer, he overheard my mother and I discussing the Thought Exchange.  She was preparing to be the chairperson of the event.  He asked what a Thought Exchange was and I explained it is a meeting where people discuss spiritual Truths, subjects, and concepts by submitting questions and then people from the group that night volunteer their thoughts to answer the questions.  I gave him examples of possible questions:
  • Does the Soul exist?
  • How can we speak to those who have passed/died?
  • Do animals have Souls?
  • How many days did it take God to create the World?  And is Time (such as a day) the same for us as it is for God?
Once he realized he knew the answers to those questions, he decided that he would like to attend the Thought Exchange and help others to know the answers to these questions. 
Never one to get in the way of my child's spiritual education, I hesitated only a moment [mainly because he tends to be shy around strangers and I also thought he might get bored], and then I said, "you will have to ask Grandma if you can attend with her."  And he did!  He called her up and made his request. 
My mother explained to him that he would have to sit still and not fidget.  Also, if he decided that he wanted to leave the event, he would need to tell her and then he could head home.

According to my mother and a friend who attended the event, my son sat calmly, submitted his question (which he also answered), answered other questions intelligently, and at one point in answer to one question, he spoke about a lake in South America the size of the country Luxembourg with over 200 species of animals.  A few minutes before the event ended, he decided he was done and he told my mother he was heading home.  By then, he was bored. 

I am surprised and proud of my son.  At the ripe old age of six (almost 7), he has attended his first Thought Exchange and knows his Soul.  He can speak with confidence on spiritual subjects and apply spiritual truths to his Life Journey.  He is open to learning and discussion about the Soul.  Yay!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lessions from a Child: Precious sleeping baby

I am fortunate enough to be a Mother.  Every day, many times a day I am reminded of this blessed fact.  And in this rare moment when I can write a blogpost (currently during a naptime), I find myself thinking about my children. 

For you see, silence takes on a whole new dynamic when you have children.  Quiet moments are marked by naps, bedtimes, and times they are out of the house under the care of someone else.

When my children were babies, I would enjoy (for many reasons) the time when they would fall asleep. 

Usually, they were in my arms and they would drift off after nursing with blissful smiles on their faces.  Nestled in my arms, their eyelids would flutter closed, breathing slowed, and time stood still as I watched all their muscles relax into trustful slumber.

On days when I had pressing obligations and responsibilities to attend to during their sleeptime, I felt this tug to stay in this precious moment with my sleeping baby, wrapped up in love.  Often with some measure of regret, I would lay them down in their bed and tiptoe away.
The peace felt like no other kind of peace.  Love and contentment washed over me.  My soul blended with my baby's energy much the same way it blended during gestation.  This little piece of joy was mine to hold onto.