Sunday, January 18, 2015

Private words for your ears only

Often, I will say to a client: "These are your spirit loved ones private words for you.  You may not wish to share them with anyone else." 

After her reading today, one of my clients told me that she had a reading with me six years ago and she enjoyed it very much.  She went on to share with me a surprising feature of her recording from that reading. 

Back then, I was still using audio cassette tapes.  She says when I began the reading I tested the cassette tape in front of her, then rewound the tape back to the beginning, and recorded the session.   

After the reading, the person she had traveled to Lily Dale with wanted to listen to her reading.  She didn't feel comfortable but she let them pop the tape into the car's cassette player.  The tape didn't work.  It was blank!  She felt enormously relieved.

She knew that tape functioned because I had tested it in front of her.  So later on at home when she was by herself, she tried the tape again alone and it played beautifully!!!  My client is delighted that when she listens to it alone she can hear it, but anytime she tries to play the tape for someone else it is blank.

I guess her spirit loved ones really want their words to be private (and she does as well).  After all, the way spirit speaks with one person is not necessarily the way they speak with another member of the same family or group. 

Bottom line:  A mediumship reading is a private session for a client to have a special time of connection and possibly a very personal conversation with their loved one(s) in Spirit.  Honoring the private nature of the conversation is important for the client, the medium, and the loved ones in Spirit.  Please keep this in mind if/when you consider allowing another person to listen to your recording.  Some things are for your ears only.