Saturday, October 31, 2009

Costumes, shapeshifting, and the truth

My mother stopped by to visit with us today. While we were talking, my little boy walked over to me and handed me his Halloween costume. As I accepted it, I said in that sweet-but-condescending-tone-that adults-use-on-children-they-love, "oooohhhh, yes you're going to be Tigger for Halloween." Then, I turned to my mother and said, "look Grandma, he's going to be a little tiger."

My son gently tugged the costume from my hands and deposited it on the floor. Then, he stepped on top of it and stood there patiently waiting for the costume to magically *pop* onto his little baby body. (I guess my little guy believes that things manifest because we wish them to be.) It was sooooooo cute!

Because it wasn't working, he looked down at the costume, then walked off of it. Convinced in the clothing's ability to jump onto his body, he picked it up again, repositioned it on the floor, and stepped onto the orange fabric for another try.

At this point, I assisted him into his Halloween garb. When he was finally zipped into his Tigger attire, he smiled a big smile at us. He knew he was in special clothes. Gleefully he pranced in his best tiger way as we laughed happily.

And I started thinking, "Someday he's going to be disappointed. Someday he's going to realize that clothes don't do that."

I believe in miracles and that 'magical' wonderful things happen every day, but I don't believe that clothes magically *pop* onto our bodies or that we can take on any physical form we wish at a moment's notice. My son does. He believes. He knows it is possible. Why shouldn't I BELIEVE and KNOW too?

How sad that I have convinced myself of this illusion (and many other illusions). I want to be part of my son's reality. It's more fun.

More importantly, I don't want him to feel limitation by the so-called "rules" of this physical universe. I imagine that every parent at some point along the way doesn't want their child to experience something, such as pain, loss, gravity (ouch!), fear, hunger, illness, and despair. But I'm going one step further, I don't want him to accept the false illusions and limits that exist in my mind and people's minds. I want him to be whoever and whatever he wants to BE.

How can I help him to continue to experience his Truth? I don't know. Yet. When I figure this out, maybe I'll let you know. But I think I'll start with helping myself to experience the Truth as he knows it.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Q: What happens to people who pass by suicide? I have read your blog and I am really interested in your thoughts. What is your opinion on suicide? What happens to individuals who commit suicide?

A: I shall share some of my understanding regarding those in Spirit who have committed suicide.

Everyone at sometime in their life experiences anxiety, pain, loss, and sadness. That’s normal for human beings. Life can be bitter-sweet, but the darkness that can lead to suicide is much deeper. It is a profound dark night of the soul --- an all-encompassing hopelessness.

Many of the suiciders I have connected with explain their circumstances (ranging from chemical imbalances to hypersensitivity to depression to drastic life changes and so on) with depression being the more common reason. They think they will escape their problems by ending their life, but they are wrong.

As I explained in my Where are they blogpost, every soul has to learn from, grow from, and overcome their issues. In fact, suiciders have just put yet another issue to be resolved in their own path. And more often than not, they have left behind a world of hurt for their family and friends who are stunned, shocked, grieving intensely, confused, and/or angry.

Usually those who choose suicide have turned their back on faith in the Divine, their faith in themselves or others, and/or their faith in their path as a learning path of evolution. This is a dark emotional and spiritual state of consciousness to be in. Whatever state of consciousness we have here on the earth plane, we take that same state of consciousness with us to the next plane. And we learn and grow from that place. So if a person was full of depression, anger, or fear and they choose to commit suicide they will NOT escape their spiritual lessons.

Thus far, most of the suiciders I have connected with have expressed regret for the extreme action of ending their own life, and state they are working diligently on their spiritual understanding of events and emotions leading up to the drastic decision. In the next plane, they are working toward Divine consciousness.

Now, let's take this discussion into the realm of numbers. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the statitistics on suicide --- that ONE MILLION people commit suicide each year. That's more than those killed by murder or war. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, suicide is a leading cause of death worldwide.* Here is some more info to consider . . .
  • It is estimated that each suicide in the United States leaves an average of six people intimately affected by the death, either as a spouse, parent, significant other, sibling, or child of the deceased person. These people are referred to as survivors.**

Some of these "survivors" are my clients. Many times, they are grieving deeply and feel an immense guilt. These survivors are doing the best they can to understand their loved one's actions.

  • It is estimated that 80% of all in home suicide scenes are cleaned up by a close friend, significant other, or a family member. Those that clean up a suicide scene of a close friend, significant other, or a family member are 75% more likely to commit suicide later on in life.***

Case in point: One of my clients lost his mother to illness at a young age and at the tender age of 13 his brother was the one to discover his father's body hanging in the living room. Their father had committed suicide. Three years ago, his brother attempted a suicide of his own. This heartache lives with my client everyday. At times he has contemplated a suicide of his own. And EVERY DAY, he consciously works to remember his Divine connection and to live joyously with his wife and children.

Death is inevitable, but of all deaths suicide is the most difficult to comprehend. All of us should try to understand it -- and prevent it. Whenever we can, we should help guide our loved ones and ourselves out of that deep darkness which leads far too many to end their lives.

After considering the above info, I hope you better understand the consequences of suicide for you and your loved ones. Not just the numbers, but the spiritual components of progression.

If you feel you or a loved one need IMMEDIATE help with suicide or suicide prevention, please call: 1-800-273-8255. This is a loving, caring, professional helpline with information, referrals and crisis intervention.

It is understandable if some of us are feeling overwhelmed during this transitional time. The winds of change blow through our life, sometimes gently, sometimes like a hurricane. As you know, hard times are not all there is to life, but they are part of life, growth, and moving forward. What we do with hard times, or hard energy, is our choice. We can use it to fine-tune our skills and our spirituality.

Remember: A new energy is coming. A new feeling is on its way. Each day is an opportunity for growth and renewal.

Footnotes for info:
* From article "WHO: Suicide Leading Cause of Death Worldwide" by Lisa Schlein 9/10/09
** From, numbers from 2001
***From "When a Suicide Happens" on the International Suicide Prevention website

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Barbershop quartets

I love music! Pretty much all types of music speak to me. And I recently went to a concert of a local chapter of Barbershoppers.

This particular group has almost 40 members so it is essentially a men's choir with some highlights on quartets. They sing acapella (without musical instruments) and create a unique sound of vocal harmony.

It was impressive to see the range of voices in complete harmony --- the high, the low, the in-between. Each individual voice is important because it adds a special quality to the group dynamic. Singing in a quartet or a choir offers the opportunity to flow with the energy of a group, to feel in harmony with a team, and still take responsibility for your individual part.

In a standard barbershop quartet, there are four essential roles:
  • the lead guy sings the melody
  • the tenor harmonizes above the melody
  • the bass sings the lowest harmonizing notes
  • the baritone completes the chord
Somehow along the way in the history of music-making, people discovered this formula. When all members are in sync, a wonderful harmony is produced. This takes practice and the intention to attain perfect pitch and timing. The dedication of these men to a common goal was obvious that night.

At some moments during the concert, I was swept up in the incredible hummmmm of male voices. "How beautiful," I thought. "I can feel my soul responding to the tonal vibrations. And a little later came the thought that I should write a blogpost about Toning, so look for this in a future blog.

Then I thought "Barbershop quartets --- that's a good experience to file away as a possible spirit identification symbol." After all, someone in Spirit may have belonged to a barbershop group at one time.

After the show, I mentioned this point to a friend. He said that his father had been a barbershopper before he died. So there you go, folks! Every experience helps to advance mediumship and intuitive skills.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Q: Are my loved ones in Spirit at peace?

Q: Are my loved ones in Spirit at peace?

A: This is a frequent question from clients. They are asking in order to make sure their loved ones are finding some happiness in the next life, and also probably checking on whether they might have Peace as an option when it is their turn to cross over.

In fact, one of the most common phrases that appears on headstones is "RIP" or "R.I.P.", an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "Requiescat in pace". In English, this translates into "Rest in Peace".

Through my work as a medium and as a human-being sharing this plane of existence with a vast multitude of people and their personalities, I have found that Peace is a subjective term. After all, peace is different for different people.

For some, peace means being quiet and restful. The image of an angel floating on a cloud, having the occasional harp concert, and basically enjoying oblivion comes to mind. A little cliched, if you ask me. But let's not underestimate the benefits of restful peace. Some hectic days we all yearn for it, right? For most, that kind of peace is too boring to have all of the time. [too much like vegging out in front of the television for the next eon.]

The vast majority of souls want a little bit of excitement to keep it interesting. They want to progress, to think, to do. These folks find Peace is learning and doing, so they grab hold of the educational opportunities of the next plane. And they usually pay attention to the events in the lives of their loves ones on the Earth plane. They might even be better at being a parent, spouse, child, or friend now.

For yet another group, they are still in Life Review. And they may be having a difficult time understanding any kind of peace. But I have faith in spiritual evolution, and I know they will achieve more and more Peace as they move forward.

The door to reformation is never closed. Whatever stage or version of Peace our loved ones are in, please know that they are experiencing Divine consciousness directly proportional to their desire to vibrate at higher frequencies.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life Review

During a lifetime, we may go through periodic reviews of our life. We may take stock our progress, witnessing where we need to course correct to be more in harmony with Spiritual Natural Law and thereby the Divine. When so-called death occurs, we are given opportunities for further soul growth and reflection.

After crossing over, the soul goes through Life Review. This is when the soul takes an extensive look at his/her life from birth to death --- the good, the bad, and the otherwise. We're talking extreme detail.

Some common themes during life review are:

  • How did I treat my family, friends, and other people?
  • What did I learn from these interactions?
  • Understanding the roles of archetypes in our life and soul contracts with other souls
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • What can I learn now from my spiritual lessons while on Earth plane that I did not see/accept/process when I was there?

Each soul progresses through Life Review at their own rate. Some progress rapidly, others take a while. [It's not like you have only six months to graduate or they kick you out.] Spiritual progression is eternal and infinite, so it takes however long it takes.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


A year ago, I fell. It was a simple matter of a misstep. Long story short, I was going down a three-step stair and I stumbled a bit, tensed up and tried to catch myself, and ended up pulling a muscle. Funny how in one moment the way you feel can change. My back was tight for many days and weeks and months after. In fact, if I think about it, I can almost feel where it hurt. [gosh, I sound like a big baby pointing out my boo-boo.]

And exactly one year later to the very day, I found myself up on a ladder outside painting the second story of the house. As I carefully manuvered my way up with a paint brush and can of paint, I was VERY aware of gravity and I kept thinking ... "I don't like heights, I fell one year ago today, ugh, this is high, the ladder is shaking, yikes!" Fear, fear, fear.

In between the fear thoughts, I also kept thinking ... "this needs to get done, the house needs to be painted, I'm going to be fine, so what if I fell one year ago today." Stiff upper lip and all that. I also called upon my spiritual reasonings ... "If I fall," I told myself, "I'm okay, if I plummet to my death I'm okay, my people know I love them, I'm a soul and I am eternal, and I like to fly and being on this ladder is like flying really still." Started getting a little desperate at the very end there, I suppose.

Then, I remembered a friend telling me a story. When she was a girl, she wanted to learn how to ride a horse, but she was very afraid that she would fall off. So she practiced falling off that horse again and again and again. And she would get right back on the horse again and again and again. The result: she learned how to fall off a horse safely and she conquered her fear.

Well, I eventually got to the place that the Universe was giving me the opportunity to go with this ladder work. I started to truly release my pain, my body memory, and my anger at myself for falling. The failure, the misstep, and the tension melted away. My mind was relaxed and focused and I was listening to my soul again. A consciousness of new physics (almost zero gravity) was created to zen me out enough to finish painting for the day.

It is useful to respect heights; it is not useful to be scared of heights. We all fall at one time or another. And we get right back up.

Now, get me off this ladder! ;)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Many lives, many masters - Synchronicity

I was speaking with a friend yesterday and he mentioned a certain book to me: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss [which I read four years ago]. We discussed some of the topics of the book and then our conversation progressed to other things.

When I got home, I saw a book on the floor. Imagine my surprise when I bent down to pick it up and saw the exact book mentioned earlier. My little boy strikes again!

While I was away, he had extracted this one book from the bookshelf and left it conspiciously in my path. He usually goes for other books. See my blogpost My baby can read for more info. Pair that with the fact that I didn't even think this book was on that particular bookshelf and it's even more synchronistic.

I decided to flip the book open to whatever page would present itself. Imagine my non-surprise when I found myself on the page where Dr. Weiss describes doing regression work with a patient who began channeling specific information from Weiss' father in Spirit (there are probably only one or two references in the book that directly relate to spirit contact).

And I thought to myself, of course! I opened to that particular page because I share vibrational frequency with mediumship. Also, because I realize the role Spiritual Natural Law of Attraction plays in my life, I recognize that I attract to me that which I bring my attention to, namely spirit contact.

So today I am [again] acknowledging the synchronicity of life. The universe is listening to me and I am listening to it. Paying attention to these cues often assists in spiritual development. I affirm my receptivity for spiritual messages and soul growth.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Dancing the S-pirit Way

My little boy is dancing! Not long ago, my baby son started walking and now he has progressed to dancing. [soooo cute!]

He has always expressed a strong affinity for music. Keeping the beat with his hand, banging pots and pans and any other objects he can find, happy smiles when he listens and creates music, and singing "ba-ba-ba" with songs are great evidence of his love of music. But seriously, a dancing one year old?

For the past few days, when he hears music he stomps his feet in a quick clogging style reminiscent of tap dancing or perhaps a flamenco style. Then he spins in a slow circle. His body masterfully completes the circle and returns to clogging. And then he sways. Although his movements are slower and more deliberate, my husband and I almost miss it because we're busy chuckling about our "riverdancing" son.

When I watch my son, I see some of the activities of indigenous cultures. And his dancing cements it for me. So natural and freeing, dancing is a wonderful expression of unity with one's physical body, of the story of life, and of the joy of the moment.

And then I recall, ecstatic dancing! Ecstatic dancing is a wonderful way to commune with your own soul for it offers the opportunity to experience amazing grace. My understanding of ecstatic dancing is as follows:
  • No talking
  • Close your eyes and begin swaying
  • Flow in the inner journey
  • Let go of thoughts that may be impeding your awareness of your soul or Divine path
  • Move as you feel moved
As I think more on this, ecstatic dance most likely shifts your state of mental consciousness. My best guess is from beta (alert/working) to alpha (relaxed/reflecting). Some people might even go into theta (drowsy/daydreaming).

This could be used as a meditation with music and movement. As you are dancing, you can visualize healing light surrounding you, deepen your intuitive senses, develop a practice of spirit contact, etc. Mainly, just sway and be.

I suppose another way to look at the word "sway" is the S-pirit Way. Swaying is such natural, wonderful way to experience gentleness and peace. Peace like the way I felt as a mother-to-be as I danced from side to side with my baby in my belly. And now, my husband hypnotically sways our baby to sleep and most days I baby-dance with him in my arms.

I'm so glad that our son has reminded me of this outlet. So turn on some rhythmic music and enjoy the S-pirit Way sway.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Where are they?

"When people die, where do their souls go?" This is a frequent question from clients. Over the years, I have developed a sense of this from my conversations with those in Spirit and from my own spiritual unfoldment. Here are some of my thoughts about it.

As a person's soul releases from the physical body, it continues existence in the next spiritual plane. Rather than Heaven and Hell being physical places with exact physical locations (such as up & down), I believe these are states of consciousness.

Whatever state of spiritual consciousness a person had when they were on the earth plane, they take with them. And they learn and grow from that consciousness.

I also believe that the door to reformation is never closed. Spiritual progression is eternal and infinite, so it takes however long it needs to take. [It's not as if they only have six months to graduate or they get kicked out. *smile*] They go through life review and they take a good look at what they did when they were on the earth plane (the good, the bad, the otherwise). For some, life review takes a while. For others, life review is fast.

Souls also learn more about their connection with the Divine and gain spiritual understanding. Some folks learn about healing; some learn to let go of resentments and fears. They 'recover' from physical, emotional, and mental illness by consciously evolving spiritually.

Most souls learn to communicate with their loved ones on the earth plane. They recognize the energy signatures of their family and friends and shift their vibrational frequency to achieve spirit contact in readings and visitations.

Although they are evolving, those in Spirit usually keep a lot of their personality, many of their opinions, and their love for their family and friends. They share that in mediumship readings with me when I focus on connecting with what I call the Essence of a Spirit. Occasionally, clients report visitations from their spirit loved ones, either in dreams or during their waking hours. Visitations and/or readings can be healing experiences to make amends and assist them in their spiritual evolution.

Many spirits experience reunion with their loved ones who have already crossed. This is achieved by resonating at the same vibrational frequency. And this is usually dependent on both parties mutually desiring reconnection.

One of the best descriptions of progression after passing and example of the states of consciousness of the spiritual plane (that I have found so far) is presented in the movie 'What Dreams May Come'. In this film, a family deals with death and meeting with/recognizing each other after crossing. Each person creates their own reality and space. They pursue their own spiritual paths and activities with the help of guides, angels, and loved ones.

In fact, those in spirit are engaged in so many pursuits, that the list seems infinite. I get lost in the endless quantum physics of it all. Suffice it to say, I have met many spirits who are quite happily probing the secrets of the earth plane and investigating those of the spirit world.

By now I'm sure you realize, "Where are they?" is a multi-faceted question with many answers. As you expand your spiritual awareness, you may have confirmation of that written above. Or you may have other experiences. As always, seek the answers with your own soul. Perhaps we need to answer this question first "Where are we?"

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Roof of the Mind

If you live in a Northern clime like I do, autumn is the time to shore up the shelter and batten down the hatches before the snow arrives. Similar to squirrels selecting, collecting, and storing nuts for the winter months, my husband and I are rushing to accomplish a long list of outdoor home renovation projects. Roofing is a top priority.

Last winter we endured ice jams on the roof that caused leaks in one section. [It's funny before this I thought of a "leak" as a small drip drip of water, perhaps a small trickle, and very minor. I have since learned that a "leak" can involve a steady rush of water, a vertical stream that might be able to sustain aquatic life. Quite alarming!] So roofing repairs are a must.

To prepare that small section of roof for the brutal onslaught of ice and snow of winter, it was necessary to start from scratch. This involved removing the existing roof of shingles, a large quantity of stubborn nails, and plywood. Ah, the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you are scraped clean of the old!

Then, the new [and improved] roofing layers could be put down. Our stack of roofing materials consisted of new plywood, new and wellplaced nails, iceguard, new shingles, drip edge, and flashing. With these ingredients, we feel more secure for the coming weather.

As with roofing, every couple of decades [or more frequently depending on the severity of the weather] we must sometimes remove old false beliefs from our minds.

Perhaps you have unnecessary doubts and fears regarding your situation. These false beliefs may be allowing "leaks" to occur in the Roof of your Mind, undermining your best efforts. These false growths cause hurt and erode your happiness. Rip them up! Positively affirm that you are releasing the past easily and gracefully. Feel the clearing and the clarity of thought that seeking with your heart and soul bring you. Choose your new thoughts wisely and lay them down with intention and practice.

Acknowledging the leaks and doing something positive about them can restore hope and faith in your connection with the Universe. The powerful and awesome experience of walking on the Roof of your Mind gives you respect for gravity and God, restoring faith in spiritual heights and your Divine path.