Thursday, May 26, 2011

Death Vigil versus Sudden Death

Q:  Is it easier on those still here (on the earth plane) if a person passed suddenly or if a person passed after a long illness?

A:  My answer is: It depends on the person grieving.

So often, clients who have lost someone suddenly to a car accident or a heart attack will say, "I didn't get to say 'goodbye'." They are falling apart because they feel they didn't get closure. And they want their loved one back.

Just as frequently, clients who have lost someone after a long illness will say, "I got to say 'goodbye', but it was painful waiting and watching them fade away in front of my eyes." Many say that they are angry because they couldn't make the illness stop. And they want their loved ones back alive and healthy. Sometimes, they are missing the habit of the death vigil because they became accustomed to that life.

Not everyone fits this criteria, of course, but the above question is still interesting and seems to only have a subjective answer.

And of course, this leads us to another question: What level of understanding/faith/experience does the grieving person have about the afterlife? 

If the grieving person understands/knows/feels that they will connect with their loved ones in spirit again and that love never dies, then grief is experienced differently.  The death event is looked upon as a step on the loved one's spiritual journey and accepted more as the cycle of life.  This is one of the gifts of Spiritualism.


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

the Third Eye

Development of the "third eye" is strongly associated with intuitive unfoldment and clairvoyance.

The third eye is located above the physical eyes in the middle of the forehead and is also known as the brow chakra.  The third eye is often referred to as "the Eye of Knowledge". And many Hindus wear a tilaka to represent the third eye and some Hindu women wear a bindi.

With third eye clairvoyance, visions show internally in the mind's eye (like on a movie screen).  For me, this manifests occasionally as still pictures and mostly as extremely-fast moving pictures (sometimes as 3-D images - which I think is funny because it's the "3rd" eye).  Clairvoyance helps me to see spirit.

In the beginning of my intuitive and mediumship development, I would occasionally feel a tightening in my brow chakra area, akin to a sinus headache.  I eventually realized this was my 3rd eye getting used to being operated on a frequent basis.

This led me to understand the following about development of spiritual gifts:
Just like our physical muscles are trained thru physical exercise, our spiritual muscles are trained thru spiritual exercise.  With consistent training and right practice, we can rely on our physical muscles to benchpress an impressive amount of weight and we can rely on our spiritual muscles to do amazing things too!
Applying this understanding to my 3rd eye, I began to do meditations and spiritual exercises to:
  • bring my awareness to the 3rd eye area
  • practice opening and closing the brow chakra (much like stretching)
  • clear the energy of the brow chakra (energy can become congested in energetic or physical ways sometimes)
  • set right intention to utilize the 3rd eye with right practice for the purpose of clairvoyance
  • regularly practice clairvoyance to keep the area toned (regular exercise)
One of my favorites ways of preparing the 3rd eye is an East Indian method.  You lick your thumb and place the saliva on your 3rd eye.  This immediately brings your awareness to the area so that you have a physical reference and you can begin to clear the energy of the brow chakra and start stretching. 

Please be gentle with your self as you begin this process - start slow and build your endurance over months and years of practice.  Remember that right practice and right intention are essential for good and consistent development of your spiritual gifts and the 5 Cs.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heightened Awareness

Perhaps it's because I am a "sensitive" but I regularly go through phases of (what I call) "Heightened Awareness".  During those times, I have increased sensitivity to my external environment, especially to the vibrations and emotions of people, places, and energies.

When I am in a phase of Heightened Awareness, I tend to be easily stirred up energetically and emotionally.  I FEEL intensely.  This can serve me well in my work as a medium and spiritual intuitive, but in everyday life it can become exhausting or jangling.  This is why I diligently strive for balance with my energy.

For when I feel energetically jangled, I can easily move into a state of Hypersensitivity.  Noises, loud voices, and bright lights can overstimulate me.  The least little thing can upset my apple cart emotionally.  I crave silence and solitude.  I suppose it's like having a migraine without the physical pain. 

This is another reason I strive for balance and right practice of my spiritual gifts.  And this is also why I monitor myself so closely so that I don't get overloaded.  Thankfully, I know how to recognize my particular signs and have coping measures in place.

I am blessed to live in Lily Dale where we have beautiful Cassadaga Lake and many trails in an old-growth forest.  So when I am overloaded, my number one coping stategy is walking alone in nature.  I hit those trails and it's just me and the trees. 

Like a zooming telescopic lens, I see the minutest details of leaves, spiderwebs, rocks, treebark, water ripples, etc.  I hear the soft thud of my footfalls on the trails, the sweet whoosh of the wind through the trees, and the geese honking and flapping over the brilliant lake waters.  I let my thoughts and feelings tumble out of me. 

With each step, I feel a release, and I become calm and enamored with Nature.  I am refocused into BEING.  And I move from a hypersensitive jangled state into a place of Peace where I can joyfully and compassionately respond to God and others. 

I hope that my sharing this in a blogpost will help you and others move through your lives in a more peaceful (and centered awareness) state.  For easy reference, here are some of my other coping strategies that I have blogged about in the past - including Spiritual Food, My Affirmation of Peace, Giving Thanks, Practicing the Presence of God, and many more.

Wishing you a centered awareness and much peace! ~W

Monday, May 2, 2011

Seeing history

Because I am teaching a class on Lily Dale History, for the past few months much of my time has been spent on the computer typing or with my nose in a history book. 

I have become obsessed with sifting through many tidbits of information relating to the creation of, maintenance of, and history of the special community I call home, Lily Dale.  I have been so immersed in my subject that I am living and breathing the history.  Like a good cup of tea, I have been steeped in it.  For with each new fact, I find myself looking at Lily Dale and the surrounding area with new eyes. 

As I drive home to Lily Dale on Glasgow Road, I see the space where the trees are not growing (the large swath cut between the trees next to the road that I thought were for power lines) and know now "that is where the train rumbled on its tracks toward Lily Dale, bringing people from far and wide to experience spiritual upliftment."

Turning the corner onto Dale Drive, I envision the train depot on the left where only trees and tall grasses stand now.  I clairvoyantly see its long platform big enough to accommodate eight traincars and its occupants.  And the boat launch transforms into the three story Iroquois Hotel brimming with life, dancing, and laughter.  As I cross the bridge over beautiful Cassadaga Lake, I see the old planks that were there for crossing to "the Island" where so many picnicked and enjoyed Alden's Willow Lake Grove before Lily Dale was officially established.

I pass through the current Lily Dale Assembly gate and see the "C.L.F.A" sign and the "City of Light" sign arch overhead.  And I enter into a world of bygone days, of Victorian men and women celebrating the pioneering spirit --- working with hands and bodies to clear the land and build houses, working with minds and souls to create a space for Spiritualism and spiritual learning.  They were paving the way for us, for mediumship, for spiritual healing.

As I slowly drive the streets to my house on North Street, the tall old trees of the Leolyn Woods whisper and I hear the voices of the past sharing their visions for the future and my heart lifts in glorious song to meet it - I am Home, in a place between the worlds and of the worlds. 

For those of you who are coming to class on Wednesday night, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history of Lily Dale too!  May you be inspired and illuminated to share in the joy of this place!!