Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon - New Year

I just found out that New Year's Eve is on a "Blue Moon"!

A blue moon is the second full moon in any month. According to a friend, it doesn't happen too often. And the second full moon in December is the 31st! Not only that, but it is a lunar eclipse day too. AND it is the beginning of a new decade.

I'm not sure how often a blue moon with an eclipse would occur on New Year's eve, but I'm sure it most likely won't happen again in our lifetime. Seems very, very special to me.

So I was thinking... let's embrace the 'once in a blue moon' opportunity, using Spiritual Natural Law and positive affirmations!

For many people, the beginning of a new year is traditionally a time of taking stock of life and committing to a lifestyle change in the form of a New Year's resolution. These resolutions usually are a topic of great interest and declaration on New Year's Eve and normally go into effect on New Year's Day.

A resolution is basically an affirmation (a statement of intention), so it seems to me that we can apply some of the same suggestions for crafting good positive affirmations to manifesting effective New Year's resolutions.

So here are some of my suggestions:

  • Read my Positive Affirmations 1-4 blogposts (this link starts you with the first one).
  • Take time to reflect on what you really want to achieve thru Spiritual Natural Law.
  • Make only ONE resolution, so you can channel your energy into successfully achieving it.
    If appropriate, make some mini-goals.
  • Write the resolution down and place it somewhere prominent in your home.
  • Be persistent. New habits take time to learn. Be kind to yourself.
  • Practice and intention are important.

With the amazing energy of the Blue Moon, this is going to be an incredible time!

So whether you are making a spiritual resolution (meditation, mediumship development, ministering to others, etc) or a standard resolution (lose weight, be better with money, take a trip), the MOST important suggestion I have for you is:

Trust in yourself, trust in the journey, and allow events to unfold in Divine right timing and Divine right order.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year and New Decade! And embrace the opportunity of the Blue Moon!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blessings of the Holiday Season

Just a quick blog to wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

This is a busy time of year for most people. And like many other bloggers, I won't be blogging for a week or so.

I hope that you are:
Enjoy the spirit of the season!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Glee

Laughter in large quantities is good for you. Everyone knows this. But children seem to know it best.

As my son explores the world, he is discovering joy in all the pockets, folds, and ripples of life. Each new object and place is fascinating.

When he is especially delighted, he gets this extra special tone in his laugh that I love hearing. I call it GLEE. The glee burbles up from inside of his soul and spills like sunshine into the room. I can't help smiling when I hear it and laughing with glee myself.

His eyes meet mine and we feel the connection. We witness each other's joy and our joy doubles exponentially. He is beyond excited to be in this moment with me. And I with him.

I feel so very blessed to have this experience with my son. And I am fortunate to have felt this kind of shared glee with many others. It's wonderful and special and a flash of beauty in the day.

I believe that when we recognize shared glee moments with others we are expressing Divine consciousness. I encourage you all to witness those moments of profound glee with others. And listen for that amazing joy in laughter. It will enrich your life.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lessons from a Child: Climbing

My little boy is going through the CLIMBING phase. Many of you may know what this means, but let me tell you what it means to me --- constant fear for his life and limbs.

We've done our best to babyproof the house, but he still manages to find ways to put himself into peril.

He is climbing onto chairs and standing precariously on their edge to reach for tabletop contents, light switches, and the computer. Like a curious monkey, he wants food, salt shakers, napkins, pencils, envelopes, the computer mouse, the candle, and my water glass. And he will reach for them with no thought to physics, gravity, or support.

He is climbling on bookshelves. [Mostly his favorite bookshelf that has (thankfully) only two shelves, three if you count the very top.] As he scales the shelves, he clears away any books or toys in his path with quick pushes of his feet and hands. He wants to reach the top of his Everest and survey the landscape below and NOTHING and NO ONE will stop him. Obviously, he doesn't know about not standing on the top step of a ladder and he doesn't think about the possibility of falling.

I'm thinking about it.

Admonishing him with words like 'NO!', 'Be Careful', ''You could Fall', and 'You could get Hurt' seem to have zero effect on his desire to climb. Hypervigilance doesn't help. It just makes him want to climb even more. If I prevent his climbing then I'm a mean cruel mommy who doesn't understand and I've thwarted the next great mountain climber.

It doesn't help that many times my fears of him falling are unfounded. And he climbs up and down bookcases and chairs with amazing agility. No falls, perfect dismounts, and scores a 10 from my [imaginary] Olympic judge.

But sometimes he falls. Those are the times that I hate being right.

When he bonks his head and it hurts, he cries. And I feel like the worst parent ever. I run for the frosty bear and hold it to his head to prevent pain and swelling, but he pushes it away. All he wants is to be held. And in a few short minutes he isn't crying, he's off and running (sometimes climbling) again. Like it never happened.


If I fell like he does, I would probably still be blubbering about it and too scared to go near a chair or bookcase for at least a month. You know what happened when I had my eye poked. For those of you who need to catch up, see this post. But back to the case at hand.

Everytime I see him teetering even a fraction of an iota, my mommy heart screams NOOOOOO! And here comes my internal struggle . . . I don't want to program my son to be afraid --- to be afraid of heights or to be afraid of climbing or to be afraid of falling.

I don't want him to not climb for other goals in his life. If I tell him 'no' now, will he be scarred for life? I know this may seem silly, but this is what has been going through my mommy mind.

I've talked to other parents (those currently with toddlers and those whose toddlers are now grown ups) and they tell me, "I don't know how children survive this stage of growth, but it's perfectly normal." Then, they share their own horror stories of their toddlers climbing and falling.

One parent said, "I thought if I cleared away most of the furniture my daughter would be safe. We were living with only the most necessary and softest pieces of furniture imaginable. Boy, was I wrong! She managed to climb on the overstuffed couch and swan-dive off of it, landing on one of her plastic toys. Her face looked bruised and battered for a few weeks."

Another parent said, "I even started putting the chairs on top of the table, but my son reached up and pulled the chair onto himself. Kids find a way. And don't get me started about the bookshelf."

Even my own mother told me about how she caught me climbing a floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelf and I was almost to the very top. She was shocked!

I suppose this means I should take comfort in the fact that this is somewhat of a rite of passage --- for my son as a climbling toddler and for me as a parent learning to parent.

Until I find a version of peace about his climbing, I will try to remember that we are spiritual beings experiencing the physical plane. Even though there seem to be physical limitations, they are either temporary or something to be overcome. I will remain watchful of his climbing and MY behavior toward it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Weather prediction 2

At this time of year, weather is the hot topic (um, COLD topic). We're talking snow, sleet, rain, and the many other weather conditions that Old Man Winter can pile upon us poor souls in western New York State. Throw extremely high winds into the mix and you've got yourself one heck of a storm.

And now, a 'Big Storm' has been making it way across the country, hitting people from Arizona, the Mid-West and others, and heading to my place in the world. Friends and family kept calling and giving weather updates. "Over two feet of snow coming our way starting Wednesday night into Thursday morning." [Yes, I wrote two feet.]

I had somewhere to go first thing yesterday morning, so I was being extra vigilant about the weather. As my husband kissed me goodbye, he cautioned me to drive carefully.

As I drove, I kept thinking, "what a beautiful day!" The roads were clear and sunshine was beaming all around me. I started allowing my imagination to play and I began calling it 'Sunshine Snow'. This must be how it is for those folks in Florida, aka the Sunshine State. I found myself thinking, "Where is the storm that everyone is talking about?"

And I admit that I started to mock the weather guys, again. Just a little bit. I love making fun of weather prediction. People get so excited about it.

Let's face it --- as human beings, we love future prediction. We like to be able to control and prepare for events. Special radar technology that tracks storms will tell us the path. No one is right 100% of the time, but we still expect them to be.

People think that I'm going to tell them the future. This is not what I do. I am a medium. And sessions with mediums are NOT for future-telling or fortune-telling. Mediumship readings are for spirit contact with those who have crossed over. As to what comments your spirit loved ones may make on your present circumstances and future, see this post Spirit loves ones & the future.

There are higher probabilities of outcome based on past history and the energy of the present moment, however, nothing is 100% certain. We should not give into the idea of a bygone conclusion.

We each have free will to choose our reactions to events, people, and situations. Our reactions create our reality (past, present, AND future). This is part of living in accordance with Spiritual Natural Law. We create our future. We contribute to the weather, the world, and to each other.

Update on the storm: It spent extra time visiting in Buffalo NY before making its way to my town. By that evening, snow had begun falling from the sky in great swooshes.

While the veil of snow obscured the sky, I slept. And this morning, I shoveled snow 13 inches deep off the sidewalk and out of my driveway while more snowflakes poured from the sky. Blizzard conditions achieved. Just on a 24 hour delay. That's how future prediction can be sometimes.

As the storm continues to make its way across the United States, I am reminded of how dust from the Sahara Desert blows across Asia over the Himalayas (the rooftop of the world) and the breezes eventually carry it around the world to you and to me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Intense prolonged grief

In my profession, I see a lot of grieving people. Not everyone is in a state of intense grief, but many clients are dealing with the loss of a spouse, parent, child, sibling, pet, and/or friend.

Mourning for loved ones is a normal process, but occasionally I meet clients that are in a state of intense prolonged grief. For instance, with one client, it had been two years since her husband died and she was barely leaving the house. She was:

  • feeling emotionally numb
  • feeling that life was meaningless
  • bitter/angry over the loss
  • experiencing difficulty moving on with life
  • feeling that a part of her had died too

She was in deep and paralyzing grief. She was severely depressed and she kept saying "I want to be with him."

During our session, she was so grateful to be connecting with him. For the first time in over two years, she was hopeful and excited. Many of her questions and concerns were answered and addressed. She felt uplifted by the experience. In fact, she said that even though part of her still wanted to be with him, now she could see living out the rest of her days happily on the Earth plane. The comforting knowledge that he was okay, that he loved her still, and that she would see him on the other side helped her immensely.

I feel that mediumship assists in helping people cope with the death of loved ones in a healthy way. As I frequently explain to clients, I feel that grief is not something to get over --- it is something to move beyond. Many times spirit contact is the necessary catalyst for intensely grieving people to move forward in their lives.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homemade bread

Sometimes in life I set myself a challenge for fun. Sometimes it includes the process of making food from scratch. And recently, I've been learning the art of good bread making.

I LOVE BREAD! Fresh homemade bread, that is.

Call me the carbohydrate queen, I don't care. The taste and smell of fresh baked bread are mouthwatering. Add some real butter and I'm in bread heaven.

In my efforts to master the art of good bread making, I have experienced frustrations and joys. And along the way, I've studied the bread. It's a process of balance --- you must have just the right amount of movement, heat, and ingredients. Or else you end up with:
  • messing up the chemistry experiment of yeast multiplication (sugar is your friend, salt kills the process)
  • too much/too little flour
  • overworking the bread
  • bread not rising
  • bread sticking to the pan

Who knew there was so much that could go wrong with bread? I sure didn't.

As you 've no doubt noticed from some of my other blogposts, I enjoy finding the lesson in almost everything I do. So keeping that in mind during my breadmaking, I became aware of how 'hard knocks along the journey' make good bread.

Think about it --- bread takes a few punches and gets right back up. It is kneaded and squeezed. It has to endure the fire (heat, that is) --- a warm place for rising two or three times and a hot oven for baking.

These are necessary for making good bread.

When I experience 'failure' in my breadmaking and other efforts, I will do what bread does --- RISE AGAIN! I will use it as an opportunity to witness how some of the figurative 'punches', fire, and other events have shaped me into pretty good 'bread'.