Monday, July 26, 2010

What language do spirits use?

Q: Hi, Willa,

I saw the documentary "No one dies in Lily Dale", and was fascinated by it. I'm doing my research online, and read your blogs. I have a silly question, but it's kind of important for me. What language do spirits use? Does it matter if the passed one does not speak the same earth language as the medium?


A: During readings, sometimes spirits come through who spoke a different language (meaning other than English) while on the earth plane.

If I am experiencing spirit contact with them clairaudiently, then I may hear the different language pattern and indicate this to the client. The client will then confirm, "Yes, my father spoke Greek. Literally." Quite honestly, it sounds like gibberish because they are usually talking too fast - so I tell the spirit to give me information another way.

Spirits convey information in a multitude of ways using the 5 Cs. This means that impressions and information can be conveyed in other ways than verbal speech. The primary language of spirit is symbols. And I am also strongly clairsentient, so I feel impressions and feelings from spirit.

Bottomline: It is not necessary for the loved one in spirit to speak the same language as the medium. Mediumship is a soul-to-soul connection.

Additional note: I have clients worldwide and their loved ones in Spirit come through without issue - no matter what language they speak. Language is not a barrier for spirit contact.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spirit lights & fireflies

On a summer evening, you've probably seen those sparks in the night called fireflies or lightning bugs. These flying insects offer a tantalizing flash of light as they search for a mate. Nature's bioluminescence teases us with "now you see it - now you don't - there it is again".

During a walk one evening, my husband and I pointed out these curious creatures to our son. Eventually, we found a big group of fireflies having a party down by the lake. It was wonderful to be in such proximity to this beautiful display of light.

Spirit lights are often like fireflies in summer. Flash-flash-gone, flash-flash-flash-gone. Quick as Peter Pan's Tinkerbell, spirit is onto other things.

Sometimes I notice spirit lights around a client. To me, it looks like all of a spirit's light has been condensed visually into the space of a firefly's glow. Very cool.

And although I see this condensed form, I know it is their father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, etc because of the other impressions offered at the time.

Of course, not all spirits manifest using spirit light flashes. Many show themselves in other ways or using the other 5 Cs.

Have you seen spirit lights this way? Perhaps in side vision?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Featured Speaker 7-16-2010 Auditiorium Service

On Friday, I will be the Featured Speaker at the afternoon church service in Lily Dale.

During the summer season, the afternoon services are held in Lily Dale's historic Auditorium starting at 2:30 p.m. The Auditorium platform has been a place for speakers of spiritual philosophy, social causes, and Spiritualism for 127 years. Several big names have spoken there - Susan B. Anthony, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and more! I have had the honor of speaking on the summer platform for over a decade.

For those of you who are not familiar with this service, here is a basic outline for this one hour event:

  • Lecture from the featured speaker (me, this Friday)
  • Messages from Spirit - demonstrations of mediumship are presented by the medium. This Friday, Patricia Price (one of my favorite people) will be the medium. She will give brief spirit messages to those in attendance.
  • Music - songs with live music accompaniment (hopefully from our very historic and beautiful pipe organ)

So there you go - if you are coming to the service, you will share sacred time with me!

For more info, visit and

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wait time between readings

Q: What is the suggested wait time if any, between readings?

A: It is my policy that my clients wait at least six months before scheduling another mediumship reading with me. Here is my reasoning...

I have several repeat clients and some of them want readings regularly. In fact, if I permitted, some clients would have a reading once per month. So I began this policy many years ago in order to protect us from using spirit contact as a crutch or entertainment. Even though mediumship can offer solace during some of life's most difficult times, it should never take the place of listening to one's own soul.

In addition, frequent readings don't make sense because no new information would be given in such a short space of time. For example, if a client had another reading in one month, some of the same information would most likely come through.

For me, spirit contact through mediumship is an empowering and sacred experience that can offer comfort and guidance during life's challenges. Thankfully, the vast majority of my clients understand that mediumship is a conversation with their loved ones and (while those in spirit may offer suggestions and/or guidance) ultimately they must listen to their own souls in order to navigate their lives --- so they appreciate my policy.

Six months is a good amount of time for people to have absorbed the information from the previous mediumship reading, verified many of the impressions given by their spirit loved ones, and shifted into a new phase in the understanding of their lives and spiritual awareness.

Bottomline: Any time after that six month mark is fine for many clients - for some it is a year or two or longer between sessions. Listen to your own soul and you will know the if and when to have another reading.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Between us

I did it. I finally looked at my husband and said, "Someone has come between us." [*gasp*]

Thankfully, my husband chuckled and said, "She's mine, buddy."

We looked down at our son wedging his small body between us. We were dancing to a song on the radio and he was 'cutting in'. Our little boy was looking up at us with urgency in his blue eyes and tugging on our legs.

We both sighed "Alriiiiiiiight" and lifted him up to join us. With a happy grin, he swayed with us for awhile, but eventually squirmed down to run off and play --- just enough time for the romantic song to end.

When our son joined our circle of love, the dynamic of our love relationship changed. Suddenly we were parents with new responsibilities and new joys. Having a third (albeit small) person nestled between us was/is wonderful, but we're finding out:
  • we can't dance without a certain someone cutting in
  • we can't cuddle on the couch without a certain someone climbling up and perching between us
  • we can't kiss without a certain someone interrupting and wanting a kiss too
  • we can't sleep without a certain someone taking up the whole middle of the bed
  • we can't share a meal and give each other undivided attention
  • we have so many responsibilities between parenting, work, and other commitments that most days we don't have time for us

When I pointed this fact out to a friend, she said "Marriage is work. Marriage is a lot of work. Children make it even harder." Well, I don't like that. Loving someone shouldn't be work. And children should (by and large) add to the experience of marriage.

I think that marriage needs attention. My husband wants/needs/craves my full and undivided attention at times. My attention is a hot commodity with a two year old in the room. And I admit that I want/need/crave my husband's full and undivided attention at times.

Between our jobs and family life, it's sometimes difficult to carve out time for us --- to find time to just sit, talk, share and reconnect.

Marriages often fall victim to the same behaviors that wreck our bodies, our friendships, and our dreams --- we don't dedicate focused time to our most important priorities.

So I am making the affirmation that I will carve out that time (even if it's only five minutes). Every day, I shall joyfully and easily create the time to talk, share, and reconnect with my husband, giving him my undivided attention.

I know that the time and attention I give to my marriage will pay exponential dividends in joy, companionship, and teamwork. And more importantly, I will not look on my marriage as work --- I shall look on my marriage as a beautiful dance between us.