Wednesday, July 24, 2013

small Tall

Overheard at the playground

A group of children are playing "soccer".  I use this term loosely because half of the kids are goalies standing inside the goal and a few are milling around and a few others are actually chasing the ball that rarely makes it near the goal.

A 3 year-old girl  approached the kids guarding the goal and announces, "I want to be a goalie."  Another girl (a 4 year-old) rebukes her, "You are too small."

"I can too," she defends, pointing one finger straight up into the air.  "I am THIS tall."  Perhaps she is referring to her aura?

Monday, July 1, 2013

a Rainbow opens the Lily Dale season

Opening weekend in Lily Dale ... we had rain, rain, and more rain.  The outdoor events were moved inside and umbrellas were the accessory of choice.

During a break in the rain on Saturday evening, I went out onto the porch with the baby in my arms.  Taking deep breaths of the fresh air sweetened by the rain, I observed the light sprinkle of raindrops along with a parting in the clouds and a burst of sunshine and said to the baby, "this is the perfect recipe for a Rainbow!"  So I gathered up the kids and took a stroll. 

At the top of my street (North Street) we saw it - a fantastic Rainbow arcing across the sky above the tall trees of the Lily Dale woods behind the Picnic Pavilion and extending in a southerly direction.  As we followed the Rainbow, we walked along East Street.  Other people were also stopping to gaze at the beautiful phenomenon. 

As we arrived at the Lily Dale Children's Acre, we saw the Rainbow's other side flowing down in the vicinity of the Inspiration Stump.  The children played in the last rays of the evening on drippy slides and swings without complaint.  And the Rainbow lasted for over a half hour. 

There was a general consesus of oooohs and aaaahs over the Rainbow along with happy comments, "what a wonderful spiritual sign to have opening weekend of Lily Dale's season!"