Monday, September 24, 2012

Cookie monster saves the day

One night, not long ago, my son (age almost 4) was having trouble going to bed.

My husband and I took turns trying to settle him into his bed. That night, our son got not one but TWO books, TWO performances from stuffed animals (complete with voices and laughter), TWO tucking-ins, and eventually TWO parents doing their best to coax him to stay in his room AND SLEEP.

"You have to sleep in your own bedroom," my husband said firmly.

"I don't want to go to sleep. I don't want to sleep in my room alone. I'm scared! NOOOOOOOO!" This last one was said as he burst into tears, made a mad dash to our bedroom, clamoured up on our bed, and staged a lay-in. "I want to sleep in your bed!" he insisted.

He doesn't usually give us this level of difficulty, so we were a bit out of our element.

My husband and I looked at each other in frustration. Were we going to have to resort to time-out? I decided to ask our son why he didn't want to see in his own room/bed. He repeated that he was scared. I hugged him close and asked him gently, "What are you scared about?"

"I'm scared of the Monster."
"What monster?"
"THE MONSTER." This sounds serious, I thought. So I took the path of reason, hoping to resolve this quickly. "Welll, monsters aren't allowed in our house, so you don't have to worry. They can't get in. You are safe."
"But I'm scared." [Ugh, that didn't work.]
"Have you see it?"
"I haven't seen it, but it's still scary."

He described a fearsome creature in great detail (including eye color), that almost scared me.

My husband got a tender look on his face and our eyes met in mutual understanding (as they so often do when we are sharing parenting moments). And then my husband went to our closet and came out with with a different shirt on.

It was a Cookie Monster shirt that someone had given him as a gag gift one Christmas and he now wore it occasionally as a night-shirt. Googly eyes and a goofy smile with a background of blue covered his whole torso.

Then, my amazingly brilliant husband (just in case you're reading this honey) said, "All monsters are scared of the Cookie Monster. Do you want to wear my cookie monster shirt?"

"YES!" our son said gleefully. He was very excited to wear Daddy's shirt and he got off our bed as fast as a jackrabbit. He was practically swimming in blue, but he was so happy he went off to bed without another peep. It worked! I still can't believe it worked. A Cookie Monster shirt (or should I say my husband?) saved the day. It was either a stroke of luck or a stroke of genius, maybe a little of both. *smile*

The next day, my husband went shopping and found a Cookie Monster shirt in our son's size.  Our little boy was thrilled and wore it to bed that night.

The moral of the story: a happy Monster trumps a scary Monster. And with the Cookie Monster, you have the bonus of the whole yummy cookie thing, too.

This is not meant to be an advertisement for Cookie Monster or Cookie Monster clothing, but if it works for you and/or your children, use it!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lily Dale Experience 10-3-2012

Would you like to visit the Lily Dale Assembly, the world‘s largest center for the science, philosophy, and religion of Spiritualism?

Now is your opportunity! On Wednesday October 3rd, I will be facilitating the:

"Lily Dale Experience"

This class is sponsored by the Jamestown Community College Continuing Education Department & the Chautauqua County Visitor's Bureau.

Learn about spirit communication, spiritual healing, Spiritualism, Lily Dale, and more. This fun informative class will be followed by the experience of attending a public demonstration of mediumship and spiritual healing, with a brief Q & A afterward. This is an excellent opportunity to explore facets of mediumship and healing and to visit historic Lily Dale, now celebrating its 133rd year.

For more detailed class descriptions, see my website's Coming Events page at:

I strongly suggest that your REGISTER EARLY for these classes. Call JCC at 716-338-1005. Hope to see you in class!

Monday, September 10, 2012

9-26-2012 seminar "The Power of Embodied Prayer"

On Wednesday September 26, I will be teaching "The Power of Embodied Prayer", a non-credit course sponsored by the Jamestown Community College.  I am very excited to be offering this class and hope you will be able to join us that evening!

Class description
Would you like to learn more about how our actions and movements can be expressions of prayer using the spiritual practice of Embodied Prayer?

During this uplifting seminar, Embodied Prayer will be defined and explained by spiritual medium and teacher, Willa White. She will share ways to express active recognition of the Presence of God through Embodied Prayer, including some of the techniques she personally uses in her spiritual practice.

Join us as we explore the ways our bodies can embody prayer and recognize how our bodies can be places where prayer is actively happening.

Register early, call JCC at 716-338-1005

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Season is over

The 133rd Lily Dale summer Season is over.  And there is a hush in Lily Dale.

As I walk past the Maplewood Hotel (now closed), I see the empty porch rockers where many a guest has rocked and talked about a plethora of spiritual subjects as they admired the view of beautiful Cassadaga Lake.  The restaurants are closed and I'm already experiencing withdrawal. The benches at Inspiration Stump and Forest Temple are empty except for a random person meditating among the trees.  And the bells announcing the start of workshops, lectures, and services are silent.

I see an occasional visitor still strolling the grounds.  Some are staying on in guest houses.  Some are here for the day or for a reading. 

And today (the day after Season) we gather as a community for a Labor Day picnic of fellowship and food.  We celebrate the summer and enjoy seeing all of the familiar faces that in the hurry and scurry of the Season we saw only as glimpses during our service to others.

For more than two months, we gladly shared the peace, the energy, the joy of this special place.  And now we have Lily Dale to ourselves again. I suppose it's the way one feels after having company... glad for the visit with them but now ready to have some time with your own family. Each one feeling the peace of this moment of after-Season.  Each one grateful for the fun and high energy of the Season and the restful energy of the off-Season.