Saturday, March 9, 2019

Passive Balance

I recently saw a flock of live flamingos and I began wondering... "Why do flamingos stand on one leg?" Theories have ranged from conserving body heat to muscle fatigue reduction. But let's explore what happens when a Flamingo Stands on One Leg...

A flamingo's leg is very stable. A flamingo can passively support their body weight on one leg without ANY muscle activity. If fact, it takes more active effort from muscles for the birds to stabilize a two-legged stance than a one-legged one.

Even better, flamingos sway less as they become less active. According to scientists, when the birds close their eyes and fall asleep on one leg, presumably with very little muscle activity, their postural sway is SEVEN times LOWER compared to when they were very active.

This brings us to more interesting questions... can the rules of Passive Balance be applied spiritually? Can we stabilize our lives with the least amount of effort (at least temporarily)?

Many people try to achieve balance through sheer force of willpower and strategy.

But for anyone who achieved a Zen-like bliss while engaging in the Yoga Tree Pose (standing on one foot with the other foot raised and pressing into the inner thigh of the standing leg, while your hands are in prayer pose over your heart) this idea of Passive Balance begins to make more sense.

With practice and patience, the Tree Pose improves posture and focus. You calm your emotions and find your Center and trust yourself to hold the posture with eyes closed. You enter a state of Passive Balance and Flamingo-like Focus. *smile*

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Waves of Life

How do You surf the Waves of Life?  Some waves are little ripples, some pull you into the undertow, and some feel like tsunami level 30 feet waves that can swamp you.

When you are learning to Surf, your surf instructor says:  "Look only where you want to go.  Don't look at where you don't want to go.  Find that sweet spot on the board and Look Forward."

If you look down at the water or the board, you're going to end up in the water.  Kersploosh!

Relax into balance and enter into the stance of the Relaxed Warrior.  Keep your focus on the end result of the land ahead and you have a better chance of a smooth ride.

So keep trying, find that sweet spot, and LOOK FORWARD to riding the waves.  Happy surfing! *smile*