Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dentist's office

Yesterday, I had my six month visit to the dentist for my dental checkup.  It seems that most places I go people wish to share their spirit experiences with me and the dentist's office was no exception.

While she was cleaning my teeth, the dental hygienist told me about her recent experience of spirit contact with her grandmother.  The hygienist was in the hospital recovering from surgery and her roommate was a consummate complainer.

One day while the roommate was complaining, the hygienist felt her grandparents in spirit around her.  Before passing, her grandmother had spent some time in the hospital recovering from a surgery herself.  By all accounts, she was in a great deal of pain, but she was a trooper who had a good sense of humor.

"I didn't complain THAT much did I?" her grandmother in spirit joked.  "No, grandma, you didn't," chuckled the hygienist.  It lightened her heart to feel connection with her grandparents again during a time of low energy and in an unsavory space.

Our loved ones enjoy visiting us during our times of crisis and our times of peace.  Have you felt your spirit loved ones around you offering comfort and/or humor?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lessons from a Child: Fort-building 101

Well, perhaps I should say "Housebuilding". 

My little guy likes to build little houses inside our house.  His preferred building material:  throw pillows and cushions.  Like an industrious beaver, he searches the house for pillows, carrying them back to his selected location with glee. 

He usually chooses a space that is already somewhat enclosed, such as between two pieces of furniture along a wall.  Then, he uses the pillows to fill in the gaps to make a front barrier, reminiscent of a retaining wall of sandbags set vertically.  Sometimes he props the pillows up to make a roof or lays a blanket on top to create a tent effect.

Creating the space and being in the space are so enjoyable to him that he can play for long periods of time.  Sometimes he is an animal in his den and he playacts various scenarios.  It is so cute to overhear his chatter and to see his imagination at work.

Invariably, a pillow shifts or falls out of position.  Or the roof caves in.  He does his best to shore it up and sometimes has to ask for help with the repairs.

Many times, I have encouraged him to build his "houses" with other materials or in easier locations. I even pointed out the parallel between him building a house out of pillows and the efforts of the three little pigs. To my mind, pillow houses are much less durable than straw and stick houses - and we know how that worked out, the wolf was able to blow those houses down. When you walk by a pillow house or let's say breathe, there goes a pillow falling down. "Try this cardboard box," I urge him. But while he appreciates the location suggestions, he will not be swayed from using the pillows. "No thank you," he replies. "I like the pillows."

In fact, one day he noticed the throw pillows on the chairs in my reading room.  My reading room is off-limits and I typically keep the door shut at all times, but as I was retrieving something he came in.  He began to carry off my pillows without so much as a by-your-leave!  [It would seem that his building and nesting instincts are as strong a bird's.]  I gently stopped his pillaging and reminded him that this room and its contents were off-limits.  His disappointment was papable. But as quick as a flit of wings, he was off to construct another homebuilding project with his usual array of pillow materials.

As I watch him build yet another cushiony dwelling, I reminded of how often other people put their energy toward to a project that we rationally know is not built on a secure foundation or with durable materials.  And we shake our heads. 

Years ago, during a charity mission to hurricane-affected Yucatan, I stayed at a clinic in a Mayan village where many of the Mayans lived in thatched huts and I learned about how they deal with the regularity of storms.  A hurricane sweeps through and their thatched hut is either gone or the worse for wear, so they rebuild.  However because of their culture and religious beliefs they cannot replace the palm tree leaves until after the fronds have been collected in a special way and laid out under the full moon.  This causes a substantial delay in their home repair.  They obviously have a good sense of honoring impermenance and acceptance of it.

For my son (and others), the process of construction is a joy.  Constant renewal and design improvement are not seen as insurmountable challenges, but rather opportunities to explore. What do you choose?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Even when we're sleeping...

The other night I woke up in the wee small hours of the morning and I couldn't get back to sleep.  I woke up with an intense urge to take a class in a certain subject and had a series of visions regarding it.  This desire came out of blue and I couldn't figure out where the idea came from. 

It was so undeniablely intense that I eventually got out of bed, booted up the computer, and researched it.  I hunted up the class info, structure, times offered, and the nearest location that offered the class.  And the whole time, I was puzzled. Why would I want to learn about this and immediately?  I felt obsessive in my need to complete this research task.

Satisfied that I had hunted up all the pertinent info regarding a class, I left the info up on the computer screen and returned to bed, tired and very confused.

As I crawled back into bed, my husband stirred and I could tell he was half-awake.  Because I was stumped about why I would wake up with this interest and I couldn't wait until full-fledged morning, I took the opportunity to say to him, "I really feel like taking a class in ______ and I have no idea why!  I just spent the last hour researching it online.  Isn't that odd?"  He sleepily announced, "I was thinking about taking a class in ______ all day." 

Now, I had my answer.  Sleeping next to him at night, I had picked up the vibrational energy of the thought forms he had created throughout the day about this class.  In my eagerness to be helpful to my husband, my unconscious self passed on the message to my conscious self to complete the task of researching all necessary info.

"Well, now I know why I was obsessing about it.  I did ALL the research for you and I left it on the computer for viewing," I told him proudly.  Relieved of my task, I could now return to sleep.

I wonder if other wives/husbands have this happen to them. In the process of blending our lives with our spouses, we become so 'linked' with them that sometimes we connect strongly with helping their vision come to pass (or have a better understanding of a feeling they are having). Even in the unconscious state, we love them and are united.