Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seeing spirit in side vision

Q: Have you ever caught a flash of something out of the corner of your eye? And felt it was a spirit loved one, but when you turned to look POOF it was gone?

A: Yes, frequently. This can be frustrating, but I think I understand some of the reasons why this happens and what we can do about it.

First, peripheral (side) vision is supposed to be blurry or not clear. After all, with normal sight we see one focused area clearly at a time (called centralization). When we attempt to see everything clearly the physical eyesight becomes diffused and strained. Locking on one point or staring is not healthy for vision, attitude, or spirit contact. A person with clear vision is constantly moving from one point of interest to another, centralizing as necessary.

Second, seeing spirit in peripheral vision seems to engage the intuitive self. Normally, looking head on at somone or something engages the logical mind. This can make spirit go POOF! in physical eyes. How do we blend this experience?

I believe we can retrain ourselves to experience spirit contact clairvoyantly. Here is one way I have retrained my mind to work with spirit and peripheral vision:

  1. When I see spirit in my peripheral vision (instead of whipping my head around to look face on), I sit back and record the experience. I don't want to engage my logical mind at this time. I will have time to think about it later.
  2. Slowly, by small degrees, I shift my head. As long as spirit is still there, I allow the experience to unfold.
  3. The next time, I shift my head more, keeping spirit in sight mostly.
  4. After a few times of doing this, I am able to see spirit face on. I guess my logical mind is finally convinced.
  5. After many times of doing this, I am able to shift easily with spirit whether the spirit is in my side vision or in my central vision.

Eventually, after practicing this a few (or many) times, you may see spirit better too. At all times, I encourage you to practice good natural vision habits. Enjoy seeing spirit!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting Ready for Wonderful

Opening Day of the Lily Dale summer season is always exciting (sometimes frantic) and wonderful. Lily Dale officially opens at 12:00 p.m. noon with a flag raising and that's when all the summer program of events are set in motion.

In the few hours before the opening ceremony, the grounds of Lily Dale are peaceful, but there is a different feeling in the air --- a sense of anticipation of getting ready to begin something new.

It reminds me of the first day of school or the first day of a new job or getting ready for a first date. And random questions and thoughts arise:
  • Gratitude to God for this day
  • Better have a good breakfast to set me up right for the day.
  • What does my family need?
  • What should I wear?
  • Do I have everything I need?
  • Take another look at the schedule.
  • Take a walk to clear my mind and energy in the morning air.
On my morning walk, I pass by neighbors and friends getting ready for the day. Happy smiles and greetings for opening day are exchanged.

The gate house is up and running with tickets and information for visitors. The hotels and guest houses are ready for boarders. The restaurants are open for hungry and thirsty patrons. The registered mediums (the only ones allowed and approved by the Lily Dale Assembly to do readings on these grounds) are meditating and getting ready for their clients and for the public message services. Others are sprucing up their gardens and hanging flower baskets.

People are doing last minute home repair projects and the occasional sound of a hammer or a saw can be heard faintly. In order to maintain a tranquil meditative environment during the summer season, residents put their major house renovations on hold until the autumn. At noon, sounds of machinery and equipment will quiet.

And I am reminded of how often we hurry up and wait, how we plan (or don't plan), how we look forward to something, and how we hope for the best.

Here's to a great summer of learning, growth, and inspiration. Let's get ready for something wonderful!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mind Focus Exercise: The Braid

As I mentioned in my other Mind Focus blog posts, training the mind can be an important key to meditation.

Now, we come to the mind focus exercise called The Braid.

A braid is a complex structure or pattern formed by intertwining three or more strands of flexible material such as textile fibers (rope, yarn, & ribbon), wire, or human hair.

Braiding also occurs in nature when rivers and small streams join together and redivide in many places.

How does this help us in meditation? Braids are often used figuratively to represent interweaving or combination, such as in "She braided many different ideas into a new whole."

We can use braiding to help focus our minds with the following technique.
  1. First, get something to braid with. Three pieces of string or yarn will do. My suggestion is to start with a length of 12 to 18 inches. You can always upgrade to a longer length later.
  2. Tie the strings together at the top and attach securely to something so you can have tension on the strings as you braid.
  3. As you braid, chant “Peace on Earth” (or another phrase that inspires you).
  4. Unbraid every time you lose focus, start again until you get to the bottom. The goal is to maintain focus on what you are doing from start to finish.

Some other interesting tidbits about braiding that you can consider figuratively for this exercise and other spiritual experiences:

  • Braiding creates a composite rope that is thicker and stronger than the non-interlaced strands of yarn.
  • Braided ropes are preferred by rock climbers [and now this blog's meditators] because they do not twist under load.
  • Braiding is used in many industries (electricity, plumbing, automobiles, hairstyling, art, etc) and there is even a mathematical braid theory.
I would be especially interested to hear from those who work in repetitive ways with braiding or knitting or weaving or some of the other industries/ways mentioned above. Have you experienced a focused mind and/or a meditative awareness while working this way? I suppose this could be another meditation gateway similar to my last post Sanding for the Soul.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sanding for the Soul: A working meditation

My husband and I are in the thick of renovating an old home. Along with the many other tasks that go along with improving and creating a liveable space, we have been putting up new drywall. If you've ever worked with drywall, you know about the seemingly endless mudding, sanding, mudding, sanding you do. So it is with some grumbling that I took up a sanding block and began to diligently sand the drywall.

As I was sanding the walls, I started to 'zone out'.

I think I left my body a few times and floated above the cloud of dust. My body was on automatic pilot while my hand and arm spiraled the sanding block along the dried plaster. Occasionally, a fraction of my attention returned enough to shift to another section of the wall.

While my body worked to slough off the bumpy imperfections and smooth the wall, my spirit was in a space of contemplation and meditation. And a few of the spaces in my life that needed smoothing out also gave way under this 'Sanding for the Soul'.

I remember watching a movie called 'The Karate Kid' [you may have heard of it]. It made a big splash in the 1980s and it was about a boy was learning karate from a old Asian man named Mr. Miyagi. At first, Miyagi gave the boy odd jobs to do around the house such as painting the fence, sanding the wood deck, waxing an old classic car, etc. Eager to learn karate, the boy at first submitted to the tasks, but eventually he was so bored and frustated at being a laborer and not learning anything about karate that he confronted the old man.

Mr. Miyagi showed him that all of the moves he had performed methodically while painting, sanding, and waxing were the basis for defensive moves in karate. Miyagi also illustrated that the movements put the boy into a mental space to prepare him for the learning and doing of karate.

This is an example of how sometimes in life we must embrace the tasks that bore us to find the beauty and lessons in the journey.

So here I am sanding and sanding and sanding until I am standing deep in white powder, pondering the intricacies of the Universe, meditating on my wax-on wax-off mode . . . finding a place of gratitude.

And while I do not recommend that you allow yourself to go into meditation when operating machines or equipment, I do hope you will see along with me that mundane tasks can be spiritual tasks.

Whether I am washing the dishes, weeding the garden, or sweeping the floors, I will try to remember that beyond the grumbling there is a place of peace. I am washing, weeding, and sweeping away the patterns that I no longer need to make room for new and clean thoughts.

I encourage you to keep this purpose in mind with your own spiritual journey. Sometimes the process can seem slow or boring or frustrating until we understand our role.

Whether you are Practicing the Presence of God, Listening to Your Inner Guide, doing Mind Focus exercises, or enjoying your Meditation Station, enjoy the journey and the experience.

And especially when you are 'lost' in a mundane task, remember that by occupying your left brain with the physical activity your right brain can prepare for some awesome karate ... er, I mean meditations.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going with the flow

One of my clients yesterday was a wonderful woman who was truly "going with the flow." That morning, she decided to hop into her vehicle and see where the road would take her. She ended up in Lily Dale with the whole day ahead of her, sitting on my porch waiting for a reading with me.

When I apologetically told her that she would have to wait over an hour until I would be able to do her reading, that I had another client before her, that she could wait on the porch or talk a stroll around the Dale, she gently brushed my concerns away saying, "I have the whole day ahead of me with nothing planned. I have the whole day." She was perfectly happy to bliss out on my open porch.

After an amazing reading, she asked for directions to a nearby lake about 30 minutes away. I told her that the quickest way is to take the backroads but she could get lost. She said, "GREAT!"

She is a fantastic example of what I have been blogging about recently . . . Listening to Your Inner Guide.

What a gift she is to me. Her act of fearless adventure this day reminds me to let go of fear and control of the moment.

So often in life and in our intuitive development we are looking for the fastest, most direct route. This lady's enthusiasm about whatever comes her way reminds me not to apologize for the roundabout journey and not to avoid the bumps and to enjoy the scenery along the way.

It is a reminder to allow the day to unfold with acceptance, patience, and joy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Throwing stones, blame, & accountability

One morning, my husband and I were driving along chattering happily about our plans for the day when something happened.

Two children were standing outside by the road waiting for the school bus. A little boy and a little girl. Cute kids with backpacks who (unbeknownst to us) were enjoying some early morning target practice.

As we passed by them in our vehicle, the little girl gleefully hurled a stone at us! Her joy at hitting her target was obvious.

My husband and I were stunned at this unfortunate turn of events. It took us a few more yards down the road to react and determine to turn around and confront our 'attackers'.

As we returned to the scene, my husband rolled down the window and spoke to the children. "Is your mother home?" At that very moment, she came to the door.

"She threw a stone at our vehicle," my husband explained as he pointed to the little girl. With shocked concern, their mother apologized, "I'm so sorry. Was there any damage?"

"No! No damage." The little boy piped up nervously. "Get inside right now!" their mother declared.

Realizing that punishment was coming, the girl quickly passed the blame and pointed at her brother. "HE did it!"

"NO! SHE did it!" the boy countered, pointing at his sister.

My husband and I continued on our way, but I couldn't help thinking that this event reminded me about the Law of Personal Responsibility and the role accountability plays in our lives.

I suppose that almost everyone at some point has blamed someone/something or at least wanted to. I know I have. In fact, there are moments in life when we point our finger like some little kid getting in trouble with their mother. Just ask my husband who is to blame if the baby wakes up. [Whisper: he is.]

But seriously, we do it a lot in our lives.
  • "I was late because someone decided to take another five minutes getting ready." (accompanied by long suffering sigh.)
  • "I am driving angry because someone just cut me off in traffic." (said with teeth clenched.)
  • "I ate a whole carton of icecream because I am depressed-mad-angry-upset about my life."
  • "My spouse/parent/child/coworker did or said something to me and now I am unhappy."

Sooner or later (whether as children or adults) we learn that we must take accountability for our actions. We learn cause and effect. We learn that we are each responsible for our lives, actions, and reactions to events.

Taking personal responsibility doesn't always have to be about BAD things. Personal responsibility also works for manifesting GOOD things and GOOD responses.

Bottomline: We each create our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey Natural Law. So affirm to take personal responsibility for your actions and reactions.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Acting authentically in marriage

Relationships are wonderful gifts given to us by the Divine. Unfortunately, relationships today are under more cultural and interpersonal pressure and stress than ever before in our history.

I heard recently that about 90% of people get married. That makes marriage the most important intimate relationship most people will ever experience. The current figures indicate that over half of marriages end in divorce. But it doesn't have to be that way. How can we can make a long-term difference for healthy relationships and marriages?

I have noticed that people can be compatible on many levels, but the most important point of compatibility is spiritual.

I'm not saying a husband and wife need to both believe in Jesus or Buddha or Mohammed, but they do need to be on the same page regarding Spiritual Natural Laws, such as the Law of Attraction, the Law of Personal Responsibility, and so on.

Recently, my husband and I watched the movie "Fireproof". We were impressed with its messages regarding romantic love, especially marriage. Already in our relationship journey, we have navigated the joys and hurdles of a new marriage and a new baby, and we have many more steps to go. We fell in love and wish to stay loving, so we both are consciously committed to working on our relationship every day. Some days it is hard work.

When two people are acting authentically in a relationship there will be times of conflict. After all, two honest people cannot agree all the time. He will want to go out and she will want to stay home. He may want to visit family and she may want to take a trip to a new place.

What do I mean by acting authentically? It's important to be truthful on the “being” level. This level may never get talked about, but it will be vital to the health of the developing relationship.

Marriage by my definition is the commitment of two souls to remain loving, adaptable, steadfast,and true on a united life path. Adaptability seems to be a key word in relationships that work well.

By practicing adaptability, we can dissolve the areas of friction. That way when disagreements emerge (minor or major) if both partners are committed to sitting together and saying, “How can I give on this, and how can you give on this, so we can be together on this?” the relationship will strengthen and grow with each resolution.

When a person gets pressured to be something he or she is not, the relationship is sure to suffer. Personal decisions that are made out of timidity or coercion represent a surrender of one’s integrity and commitment to a false self. Emotional blackmail, anyone?

But those actions and attitudes that emanate from authentic parts of yourself strengthen and fortify the relationship.

Bottomline: Tell the truth, behave the truth, and be the truth. Under these conditions, a relationship is sure to thrive and flourish!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Inner Guide Q & A

Q: I am studying to become a medium. The more I practice these exercises of knowing my own energy field and inner guide, will my Angels and Spirit Guides be able to communicate with me more effectively?

A: Absolutely! The more you become aware of your inner guide and soul ... the better you will be able to communicate with your Angels and Spirit Guides.

Q: Why then is so much attention put on Angels and ascended masters, when our true channel is our inner guide?

A: All of it is important, but I feel that knowing your soul is the greatest connection you can have with the Divine. We have such ability, such strength; we have only to tap into it. We have knowledge and creativity and power that allows to connect with all that is---both seen and unseen. Learn all that you can to foster a better knowledge of your soul and others souls. God Bless.

If you have a general question whose answer would benefit many people, you may submit a question any time and watch for the answer in this Blog. Email me at willawhite@hotmail.com. I am unable to answer emails that involve requests for feedback or personal advice about a situation. If you would like guidance in your spiritual or intuitive development, please book a consultation with me, and if you need to connect with a loved one in Spirit, please book a reading.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part 5

...continued from Listening to Your Inner Guide, Part 4

Our inner guide is our connection with God and therefore our connection with all knowledge and peace.

Here are some ways to strengthen your process of inner listening:

1. Still your mind. Let go of your ideas of what you THINK you need, and CREATE a clean slate in your mind, so that you can hear your SOUL.

2. Listening becomes more difficult when we want a certain answer or confirmation. We end up closing our minds to receiving the REAL answer that is right for us. Many of our questions are just calls for confirmation of what we already believe.

3. God's will is not dependent on our ability to hear, act, or listen. Instead of making judgments about what should be happening, the only real request becomes "Show us the blessing or the lesson."

4. You might not get the answer you think you want, but it will be the right one. Be patient. The answer will come at the right time. As Spiritualists, we often say DIVINE RIGHT TIMING and DIVINE RIGHT ORDER. This concept can be tough to swallow. Especially if we don't want to hear that we have to wait.

5. The true inner voice is always known to those who desire the truth. We will recognize the truth because we are at peace. (I always pray for the people on my healing list...that they seek the highest and best and that they find it. Here's a secret: If you seek it, you will find it.)

6. We don't have to ask our inner guide for permission to do absolutely everything. That would make it more about fear than trust. Constant questioning may be just a lack of trust and avoiding personal responsibility.

7. Assume that your inner guide is always on duty and will let you know if you need to do something. Feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you are being taken care of.

8. Write down the guidance that you receive. You may start to notice patterns of fear that you are breaking through or patterns of guidance.

At first, you may see listening as a way to get answers to a problem that is troubling you, and that's okay. Next, you will listen because of all the wonderful insights this experience gives you, and because it offers a path of peace and joy. I hope that you all realize how intuitive and wonderful you all are.