Friday, August 7, 2009


Here's a funny tid-bit for you . . . this happened during a reading recently.

After I had brought thru spirit loved ones and they were talking about the people and situations around the client, I sensed and tasted olives. [More fun with clairgustance. Yay!]

So I told my client of the impression and asked her, "Who is the olive fanatic?"

My client looked at me quizzically for a minute, then said slowly, "I have a very good friend who loves olives." I said, "She LOVES olives and spirit is teasing about how she has to have olives. The olive bar is one of her favorite places."

Then my client suddenly exclaimed, "YES! We even went on an Olive Tasting Tour together recently! And I had forgotten about this, she just got a dog and she named the dog Olive!"

"Well, now you know what to get her for a gift," I joked. "Olives!" she laughed back.

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