Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lessons from a Child: Learning to Read (books)

My five year old has been learning to read.  Gone are the days of my husband and I spelling words in an effort to have private discussions about matters pertaining to playgrounds, toys, p-i-z-z-a, and other fun things.  He finds words everywhere and reads them.

This year, we have focused on increasing his understanding of the word sounds and sentence structure.  It is a delightful process of choosing books from the library that will positively challenge his growing reading abilities and then reading those books with him, encouraging him to increase his reading fluency and word recognition. 

I enjoy hearing his observations about language and the written word.  He grasps many of the 'rules' and defends his pronunciation along with the rule.

"Mommy, why is it .... when it should be ...."  Words such as:
  • what - looks like w-hat such as you wear on your head, but we pronounce it w-hut such as a dwelling place
  • great - appears like it should be pronounced greet, but we pronounce like grate
  • right - appears like it should be pronounced rig-hit, but we pronounce it r-hi-t
  • write - the w is silent in a wr combination, to a 5 year old this seems w-rong indeed
As many of you have also noticed, the English language has many inconsistencies.  Such is life.

Thankfully, he looooooves books.  He has always enjoyed being read by us and also paging through the books studying the pictures with rapt attention.  It is normal for me to walk into his bedroom and find a pile of books he has pulled off his bookshelves and 'read' one by one. 

When I think back, I recall when he was 7 and 1/2 months old and he crawled over to my bookshelf and pulled off a bunch of books and started looking at the book covers and paging through them.  Maybe that is when I knew he would be a Reader.  I shared this with you all in a blogpost at the time.  I admit to a large amount of Mother Pride over this, perhaps amplified because of my own Love of Books and Reading.

Chapter books here we come!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

4/30 'Your Inner Guide' class

This month, I will be teaching a spiritual development class at the Jamestown Community College (JCC) Jamestown NY campus:

"Your Inner Guide" - Wednesday April 30th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
There is a power in each of us which gives us strength, comfort, and peace. We use this power to some degree in our daily lives, yet few realize its full potential.

In this class, learn how to use your intuition to receive guidance, wisdom, and daily upliftment; focus on your goals; understand events from a spiritual perspective; and increase awareness of your personal inner journey of enlightenment.

In-class exercises will include a guided meditation and examples of how to develop your conscious spiritual connection.
For more info, see my website's Coming Events page at:

To register, call the JCC Continuing Education Department at 716-338-1005. See you in class!