Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time flies by

The summer Season is flying by!  We have less than two weeks left.  It is incredible how fast the Time goes by. 

Whether I am in readings with clients or snatching moments with family, Time seems to be rushing at warp speed.  I blink and hours have gone by. 

A friend relayed a Sufi story to me recently about Time, so I am sharing what I recall with you.  Forgive me if I botch things in the retelling :)


One day, a king asked a Sufi master, "What is Time?  Help me to understand it."  The master said, "Come over to this pool of water and I will show you."  As the king leaned over the water, the master grasped him by the neck and held him under water. 

When the king surfaced, he was alone in an open sea.  Eventually, he spotted a fishing boat and swam to it.  The fishermen pulled him from the water.  When he tried to speak with them, he discovered they spoke another language. After a few weeks, he started to understand bits and pieces of the language and also began helping with the fishing. 

By the time the boat returned to shore, he was familiar with the nets and the boat and everyone on it.  The king's life became that of a fisherman and he was happy.  He married a woman from the village and they had children.  Life continued in this way until one day when he was fishing he fell into the fishing nets in the water.  Struggling against the nets, he was horribly tangled. 

When he eventually surfaced, he was kneeling beside the pool of the water and the Sufi master's hand was holding his neck.  Water streamed down the king's hair and face, as the master asked, "Now, do you understand Time?"

Time has flexibility at times and a firmness at others.  The pacing of Life seems to be directly determined by attitude.  Enjoy this moment!  Blessings to you All!