Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lessons from a Child: Table grace

So often throughout the day, I find myself in awe of our son.  At age four, he is an entrancing mixture of creativity and sweetness. And tonight is no exception.

In our home, we say table grace at meals. We randomly take turns offering the prayer with no set rotation. And tonight, my son wanted to say it. He offered this beautiful prayer at dinner:

"Now I know my soul.
When I wake up in the morning,
I can't wait to be alive.
God bless this food,
God bless this family.

After grace, he ate a few bites and said, "I don't know if I will remember the prayer that I just said.  But I hope that I do remember."  Then, he smiled what I call his 'little angel smile' and the joy I had felt during his prayer continued to expand to every part of my being.

Often, he is the one who helps us to remember to say grace at meals. I think he enjoys those brief moments of bonding with our family, friends, and the Divine.

Along with giving thanks for our food, he frequently throws in a special reference to a recent event or an item or a person, but I especially love the simple gift of divine understanding he offered up tonight. And I decided to share it with you.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday speaker at LD Spiritualist church service 11-25-2012

This Sunday, I will be the Featured Speaker and Medium at the Lily Dale Spiritualist Church. Church services are held at the Healing Temple in Lily Dale, NY at 11:00 a.m.

For those of you who are not familiar with a Spiritualist church service at the Lily Dale Spiritualist Church, here is a basic outline of events:
10:30 a.m. (before the official church service) - Healing time - opportunity to receive beautiful, channeled energy from one of the healers

11:00 a.m. - service begins
  • Lecture from the featured speaker (me, this Sunday)
  • Messages from Spirit - demonstrations of mediumship are presented by the medium (me, again!) giving short messages to those in the audience
  • Music - songs with live music accompaniment
So there you go - if you are coming to church, you will see me!
For more info, visit and

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Water water everywhere

A couple of weeks ago when the effects of Hurricane Sandy were sweeping through the East, we experienced some high winds and rain (very mild compared to other areas).  And it was enough rain to create the most flooding I have ever seen at Lily Dale.

During a walk, we were able to see the extent of the flooding.  It was a case of "water water everywhere".  Cassadaga Lake was still high from the summer rains, so with the additional rain the "cup" was brimming over.

Lily Dale's beach was under water.  The swans walking on the swimming pier looked like they were walking on water.  The pavilion on the water (commonly referred to as the boat house) was under water too.  It's flooring had become a glassy mirror.  Various boat docks were also hidden under the water.  And a section of floating dock was stuck under the bridge. 

Outside of Lily Dale... Schools closed for the day.  In the upper Cassadaga Lake, a boat was floating free and the decking of some docks had disappeared into the depths.  Further down the road (about five minutes) away a big white farm house was completely surrounded on all sides by water, like someone built it in the middle of a lake.  Creeks and rivers were swollen and pounding water furiously.

We walked around surveying the territory and we were grateful that the effects here were minimal.  People were cleaning up debris and tree branches.  Children off-from-school enjoyed splashing in the larger-than-normal puddles in the street.  Amidst the gratitude and cleanup, everyone was sending out prayers for those in other places who had been effected tremendously by the weather.  And we knew the waters would recede in time.

Today, the lake is back to normal, but there is still a line of autumn leaves about a foot wide that marks where the water came up to.  In some places, this is 10 feet inland. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Help from those in Spirit

Is there anyone in your life who is now dead who attracted you because of their goodness and kindness?  Or who supported you and took a special interest in you and others?
Maybe this person was your aunt, uncle, parent, grandparent, teacher, or friend.  And perhaps you were inspired by their example and wish to also embody similar qualities.
  • Do you ever ask that person for help now that he or she has passed?
  • Do you wish to emulate their warmth, kindness, generosity, and talents?
  • Do you sometimes feel their loving support and presence around you?
The loving bonds we establish here on the earth plane carry onto the next space of consciousness because LOVE NEVER DIES.  And we can continue to connect with our loved ones in Spirit because communication between all planes of existence is a reality.  For more info, see Where are they? post.
My clients frequently share stories of their own communication with their friends and family in Spirit.  They feel comforted by the experiences and often become more spiritual in their understanding of life.   After all, spirit contact reaffirms that we are each souls and part of God. 
And it is truly amazing the ways our loved ones find to tell us they still care.  Sometimes we get little nudges in a certain direction and/or impressions of their opinions and thoughts.  Perhaps we are aware our loved ones are with us in a physical presence way. 

Regardless of how YOUR spirit loved ones chooses to communicate in the here and now, please know they are supporting us as we continue to progress.  Respectful and loving spirit contact is a great way to continue your bond with your loved ones in Spirit and feel the Divine Presence in your life.