Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wonderful tidbits from Spirit

Early in my mediumship development, I noticed that it was sometimes the things that seemed inconsequential to me that had the most meaning for my clients.

To further explain, I am referring to the wonderful little tidbits of information that spirits share during a reading that cause a client to exclaim, "Yes! I know what they're talking about!" These statements are usually accompanied with either a fantastic laugh and/or grateful tears.

During a mediumship reading, I focus on bringing through the Essence of a Spirit. This establishes who we are connecting with in Spirit by either physical traits or conditions, personality, or other information.

With these identifiers in place, a conversation (of sorts) emerges with those in Spirit. Symbols, events, visual or other sensory cues, or funny circumstances may be mentioned.

For example, this might take the form of a vision of keys followed by the smell of dog food and the sense that the person in Spirit is laughing at my client. When I convey these obscure (to me) pieces of information, the client explains that she dropped her keys into the dog food dish that very morning. This is a prime example of how spirit loved ones have a sense of humor and how they are demonstrating their presence.

Another example: we were communicating with a client's husband in Spirit. At the very tail end of the reading, the husband showed me a "dark-colored bird" and was insistent that I mention it to her. So I said to my client (my voice dripping with doubt, afterall how could this bird have ANY meaning), he says that you should understand why he is mentioning "the dark-colored bird".

She was amazed! (so was I) This bird reference had great meaning for her. She explained that in anticipation of her reading with me, she had watched a home video just yesterday of "the dark-colored bird". She further explained that this bird was the last thing that her husband had filmed before dying and that during the film her and her husband kept asking each other, "what kind of bird is that? a black bird? it has a dark color." This was something special that her and her husband had shared and, because of our session, they were sharing again.

Sharing those kinds of moments with our loved ones is so uplifting. And although I am sometimes surprised at the wonderful tidbits that Spirit decides to share, I feel happy knowing that I am helping clients connect with their loved ones who have passed. And that the special things that make us "us" persist after so-called Death.

Here's another tidbit.

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only a movie said...

I love this. Have had this experience many many times and it never ceases to amaze me.