Friday, January 22, 2010

Live joyously and gloriously

Time and time again in mediumship readings . . . those in Spirit confirm: they love us and they want the highest and best for us.

And they want us to be happy. Truly happy.

Oh, they like being missed. They like knowing that they were and are special. Who doesn't? *smile* But humor aside . . . They don't want us to be so mired down in grief that we don't live our lives.

They especially don't want to be the excuse for someone not progressing in life. That's a lot of sadness to lay on them. So take personal responsibility for your Happiness and Unhappiness and find ways to express Joy.

Honor them and their memory by realizing how precious Life is, how amazing this opportunity to experience Life is, and share that Joy with Others.

Our loved ones in Spirit want us to live joyously and gloriously.

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