Monday, January 4, 2010

Crisis and hope

Sometimes clients and friends contact me because they are in emotional crisis. When they are in the deepest parts of their misery, they typically refer to it as "a deep, black, and scary hole". This hole seems endless and horribly traumatic.

Frequently, they are so locked in a painful loop of their own mental and emotional anguish that they cannot embrace Hope. Many times their feelings are a reaction to:
  • the death of a family member or friend
  • divorce
  • job insecurity or loss of a job
  • financial hardship
  • health concerns
  • and so on
The most used word is "crisis". And in response to the "crisis", they are contemplating extreme actions and are seeking external validation of the "right path". Sometimes in mediumship readings, their loved ones in Spirit offer their opinions about a client's situation, but I encourage clients to take time to listen to their own soul.

Cultivating a conversation with your soul is vastly important in life. Whether you are experiencing a time of crisis or a time of peace, your soul is your constant connection with the Divine. With right practice and intention, you will be prepared for times of crisis and be able to have a rich and abundant spiritual life that will sustain you always.

A crisis can be a turning point in a life and an opportunity to follow a new path of spiritual understanding. When we understand this, we can embrace Hope. Hope is not a physical feeling; it is a spiritual grace.

To embrace hope, explore ways to listen to your inner guide and practice the presence of God everyday. And have faith that, as you seek the truth within your own soul, you are expressing divine grace.

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