Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reaching the next space of Light

This morning, I pulled on my long johns for the 47th time this winter, bundled myself and my son in hats, mittens, scarves, and snowsuits, and went for a walk in the wide wide world.

Crisp and cold, the ice and snow snapped under my boots. The sky was blue and clear. And the sun was shining. Actually shining. Life giver and life sustainer, the Sun is greatly missed on gray days of winter.

Grateful for the warmth of the sunshine, I stood for a moment basking in the beams. The light kissed my cheeks and eyelids. And I smiled. "I miss you," I thought. "I have missed you, Sun." It was like saying 'hello' to a dear friend.

As I continued my walk, I saw the Sun winking at me from sparkling icicles and diamonds in the snow. Icy puddles became mirrors in the light. My walk became about walking past the shadows of houses and trees to reach the next space of light.

Life is like that sometimes --- walking past the shadows and walking thru the shadows to reach the next space of Light. We walk thru crisis, grief, despair, loneliness, and discomfort to (re)discover the amazing brilliance of hope, joy, and peace.

Sometimes it feels like the Light will never come. I know what that feels like [and not just because I live in a northern clime *smile*]. But eventually, with the practice of patience and right intention (and especially if we ALLOW), we see the Light again. We feel the presence of God.

Today, while in the depths of winter, I long for the days filled with sunshine, but I also know the importance of the seasons in a year and in a lifetime. We have rich soil because of the snows and the cycle of the earth and Sun. We have a rich life because of the other kinds of weather, aka emotional weather.

When we discover ways to lovingly and honestly communicate with our own Souls and to lovingly and honestly relate with other people (other Souls), we feel the Light and Glory of the Divine in our lives.

May you discover YOURSELF in the Sunlight of Today!

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