Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The 3 main constants in a mediumship reading

Mediumship is a interesting process, especially because we have little to no control on the outcome of each session. Each reading is unique and has it's own special personal earmarkings. No mediumship reading is alike and you will not experience it in the same way even twice.

Mediums are as almost as varied as their readings. Each medium has their own unique personality and style of working. But there are some constants in mediumship that you should be aware of.

SPIRIT CONTACT: True mediumship establishes communication with those in Spirit --- family and friends who have passed. See what is a medium blogpost here.

VALIDATION : True mediumship seeks validation from the spirits that come through and share their essence and opinions. You, as the client, have a very special job during a reading (ie. confirmation). This shows proof of spirit contact.

CONTINUITY OF LIFE: True mediumship uplifts, comforts, and shows that there is no 'death' and there are no 'dead' because we and our loved ones live on. Mediumship frequently proves the continuity of life.

These are the three main constants that are usually present in a mediumship reading or message.

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