Saturday, May 23, 2009

A life in a nutshell

Sometimes it's a challenge to get information and impressions from a person in spirit because I'm having to get to know them in a few minutes. And I'm trying to gain the spirit's trust and information at the same time.

So I ask the spirit to tell me about themselves with some basic questions:
  • what did you die from?
  • what did you look like?
  • what is your relationship to my client?
  • what was your personality?
  • what is a good way they will recognize you?
  • is there something you like to do?
  • something you want to say about your life, the client's life?

They may answer a few of them. Occasionally, all of them. Essentially, I am trying to encapsulate their life in a nutshell. Not an easy task for some.

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