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Q: I don't personally know anyone who has passed over

Q:  Hi Willa, I have never known a personal friend or family member to pass over. Would spirit guides and other higher spirits come forward instead or would no messages be delivered? Please post to your blog. Respectfully, Tia

A:  Thank you for your question, Tia.  Because I am a Medium, the focus of a mediumship reading is spirit contact with family and friends who have passed.  I tend not to purposely connect with a client's spirit guides because that is not the focus of a mediumship reading and is not (usually) verifiable by the client.  So I have two questions for you: Why would you book a mediumship reading?  What kind of information are you seeking?
  • If you want to connect with loved ones in spirit, schedule with a Medium (such as myself).  See my blogposts on The 3 Main Constants in a Mediumship Reading and Your Job during a Mediumship Reading for more info.  If you don't want spirit contact with loved ones who have passed, please do not schedule a Mediumship Reading.
  • If you want information about your future, relationships, etc, then schedule with a Psychic OR better yet learn to understand your own intuitive abilities, your connection with the Divine, and the function of Spiritual Natural Law in your life.
  • If you want information about your spirit guides, attend a class on spirit guides and/or meditate so you can get to know them yourself.
  • If you want information about past lives, read about past-lives and/or schedule a past-life regression with someone who specializes in this technique.
Decide first what kind of information you want, and then schedule with the appropriate practitioner or learn more about your abilities.  Perhaps a Teaching Consultation is what you are seeking.  If so, see my website for more info.


If you have a general question whose answer would benefit many people, you may submit a question any time and watch for the answer in this Blog. Email me at

I am unable to answer emails that involve requests for feedback or personal advice about a situation. If you would like guidance in your spiritual or intuitive development, please book a consultation with me, and if you need to connect with a loved one in Spirit, please book a reading.


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