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The Essence of Spirit

As a medium, my specialty is spirit contact. In fact, the main reason clients book a reading with me is for communication with their loved ones in Spirit.

With that purpose in mind, I focus on bringing the essence of a spirit loved one through (ie. physical characteristics, personality traits, messages). This may include a few of the following things:
  • what they were like when they were here (personality traits)

  • how they interacted with people, especially the client

  • what physical conditions they had before they passed

  • how they passed

  • what they looked like (physical appearance)

  • what it was like to be them and 'walk in their shoes'

  • some of the things they thought or did

  • what they think about the client's people and situations (their opinion/message)
Sometimes the confirmation of identity happens immediately - there is something the spirit does or says that lets the client know without a doubt that this is their Aunt Margaret or their father. Sometimes the clues are subtle, and the spirit's identity remains uncertain until the client has time to think about the messages.

Clients often happily report that the spirit(s) and info they wanted to link with came through "right off the bat".


SUZIEB55 said…
This happened for me Willa described my Dad and things we had done that no one could know but us. It was an awesome experience. I hope to be able to do the same for people. Willa's talents are beyond belief.
Anonymous said…
This sweet lady with the soothing voice has remarkable clarity in spirit contact. So many members of my family and my husband's family communicated with us through Willa. Details were also given regarding a great-grandfather I'd never met. I didn't understand or recognize any of the information. When I verified it with an uncle who is the family historian, we were all astonished and in awe of Willa's incredible gift and the gifts from the spirit world.

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