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Developing Symbols with Spirit

Many times during readings pieces of evidential information are given to me in a symbolic short hand.

Let's say for example . . . the client's father is here. I see the symbol for father. Next, I may feel the sensation of tightening around my heart and pain down my arm, so then I know the father died from a heart attack. Then, I see the number three (numbers are symbols) and say "I see the number three and I assume your father passed three years ago from a heart attack." "Yes," the client replies.

I continue, "He worked with his hands and he is showing me the symbol for farm. Now, I'm seeing big farm machinery and tractors. He also smells strongly of grease and dirt and sweat." "Yes! that's him," she says. "That's my dad."

I keep asking the father in spirit for more information, more identifiers. "He shows me a green pickup truck. He's showing me the symbol of ownership and then points to you. You must have his truck now." Client confirms this. "Now, he's making me feel like I'm sitting in the truck --- I guess you like to sit in the vehicle because you can feel his spirit very strongly in there sometimes." The client confirms this excitely. And so on and so forth.

The above is a scenario of how symbols can help convey information quickly, but every session is different. Different people, different experiences, different personalities. Thank goodness I have some common symbols to refer to, right?

By playing this game of charades (pantomime, gestures, and symbols) a full impression is formed. Usually, the spirit shows me the appropriate symbols for career, relationship, family, healing, etc accompanied by feelings and impressions.

So now . . . think of some symbols that spirit could show you.


Anonymous said…
Holy Cow Willa, that was like a mini-reading. You just desribed my Dad and his green truck and it was like you were reading just for me! wow.

Anonymous said…
Hmmmm, what per say is the symbol for father? Or. Mother etc. It would be nice to have a reference to these symbols commonly used. I've seen things that have spot on, but have also scared me. For example, being at the cemetery where my mom is to be buried and seeing a date where there is none. I don't want to believe, but do I? Yes and no! I got messages that happened so fast I'm not sure even what they were, but what I said and or thought was true or came true. I'd love to advance my sensitivities. I was unable to find a connection when clicking on your links though. Any help please? Would love to make an appointment.
Willa said…
Happy summer! In response to your 9/5/2016 Comment..

If you would like to understand Symbols more and you live locally, you may be interested in my 10/26/2016 'Clairvoyance & Symbol Interpretation' class at JCC. See my website at for more info on how to register.

If you would like guidance in your spiritual or intuitive development, please book a Teaching Consultation with me, and if you need to connect with a loved one in Spirit, please book a Mediumship Reading. For info on how to schedule, please visit my website at

Working with symbols is a wonderful way to understand the language of Spirit!

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