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Lily Dale: The Season

"The Season". *** To those of you are not familiar with Lily Dale, this phrase may seem to indicate the time of year (winter, spring, summer, fall). But for those who know and love Lily Dale, it's so much more. And I shall attempt to describe some of "The Season" to you now.

Running from usually the last weekend of June until the day before Labor Day, "The Season" takes place during the summer months in a spiritual community called Lily Dale.

Whether summer visitors come for a day, a week, a month, or a season, they mention that they feel "an amazing peace when I enter the gate". For many, "The Season" has been a time for spiritual pilgrimage and renewal, education and fellowship, evidence of spirit contact, and healing.

During "The Season", there is plenty to do every minute of the day. The schedule is abundant with healing services, spirit message services, thought exchanges, lectures, circles, seminars, and classes. In my opinion, Lily Dale offers a wealth of educational opportunities for the student/developing medium.

Many visitors during "The Season" are seeking contact with their loved ones in spirit. This is done usually in a session (aka reading) with a Registered Lily Dale Medium [like me]. Currently, there are approximately 40 Registered Mediums at Lily Dale. They have each been tested and approved by the Lily Dale Assembly. Each medium has their own distinct personality, has their own way of connecting with those in spirit, and keeps their own schedule. Appointments are strongly suggested. You may see the list of Registered Mediums by visiting

Visitors may also hear from their spirit loved ones in the form of brief greetings at the message services (Inspiration Stump & Forest Temple) or in the form of mini-readings at other events (Monday Nite Circles).

If you are looking to connect with some of the ancient ones, Lily Dale has a beautiful old growth forest full of some of the oldest species of trees in this region. Some of the message services are held under the canopy of tall trees in a sort of outdoor cathedral. Their green majesty adds to the uplifting experience of feeling at one with the world.

There are also places to eat and stay in Lily Dale --- there are hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and gift shops. Or you can enjoy walking the trails, swimming at the beach, or sitting on a bench. Lily Dale is situated on beautiful Cassadaga Lake and many times the lake is like glass mirroring the trees, hills, and the gorgeous sky above.

As you can tell, there are plenty of opportunities at Lily Dale to seek the truth within your soul and see the reflections of your heart.

If you want to visit the world's largest center for the religion of Spiritualism during "The Season" or the Off-Season, check out for more info.

*** = I am capitalizing the first letters of the words 'the' and 'season' to emphasize the phrase's importance to me.


Unknown said…
" seek the truth within your soul and see the reflections of your heart."

I like that.

Unknown said…
I read, enjoy and learn from your blog. Thanks! Keep on posting.

Unknown said…
I read, enjoy and learn from your blog. Thanks! Keep on posting.


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